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  1. 416-8 with bervac snowblower

    Are those Toro weights (for their zero turn mowers) or a different brand. That machine looks great. Oops. Just reread your original post where you said the counterweight kit came with it.
  2. Front Mount deck carrier

    find a swisher tow behind (they made up to a 60"), cut the tongue off and fab a mount to fit it to front of tractor. comes with its own engine so tractor hp doesnt matter. just add rear weight and you can have a 60" deck on an 8 hp tractor. I think it would be great to have a genuine W.H. brand front mount setup, but i'm cheap and those are not.
  3. I have what I believe is a 1961 wheel horse suburban 400 with a 32" belly mower. It's my first wheel horse project and I believe the previous owner never had the mower engage correct which is located on my right pedal. Could someone help me with this? Plus I'm changing my rear seals and would like to know what kind of lubricant to use in my 5010 transmission 

  4. 312-8

    hello. I'm using a 308-8 with a 14 hp kohler stock with a milled head. I still is a great stock puller for me with no ugly gremlins popping up yet. I have heard of the plate that the transmission bolts to can crack, at this time mine doesn't have that issue. I had to use a different fuel tank and location for it due to my pulling hitch interfering with the under seat-pan fuel tank.I enjoy pulling it as it just feels like it was made to do just that. Hope your son enjoys pulling it. Also this site can be useful: Introduction to the Sport of Garden Tractor Pulling! There is a lot of love for cub cadets there, but engine stuff is useful..
  5. Predator engines

    My Predator 6.5 uses a foam air filter. I don't know if the 5 hp uses a paper or foam element. Here are the directions for foam filter maintenance from the Predator engine manual: For foam filters: Wash the filter in warm water and mild detergent several times. Rinse. Squeeze out excess water and allow it to dry completely. Soak the filter in lightweight oil briefly, then squeeze out the excess oil.
  6. Ready to buy my 1st but ...

    520xi on ebay $1500 20hp kawasaki, snow cab, snow blower, wheel weights, and also parts tractor
  7. New Suburban

    I wish the rear turf tires that looked like that were still available, well at least my web searching hasn't found any.
  8. Kohler M-10 opinions

    instead of buying a new rod, check out Brian Millers website regarding putting an automotive bearing insert into your rod. " Bore your rod w/our bearing inserts installed: $42.00 labor w/bearing inserts each, plus return shipping & handling." there are also kohler specs there.
  9. Opinions please

    The predator engine is inexpensive, starts easy, is very compact, and has a nice amount of power. I bought one to put on my 308-8 and with some easy modifying, had things running well. My biggest complaint is that it rattled the teeth out of my head, wow. any piece with a small amount of play -like the rod that holds the front of the hood on-will make a lot of noise. I removed it and put a k series 14 horse on and was amazed at how smooth it was.
  10. 529xi info needed

    wow. if was closer i would be hauling it home. one way looks like 1200 miles
  11. Ethanol Fuel.... JUNK JUNK JUNK

    where i work, fuel cans and their funnels are the biggest source of contamination for our small engines. maybe some of the old varnish/crud came loose from it and found a new home in your carb.
  12. Ethanol Fuel.... JUNK JUNK JUNK

    lucky here also. for 14 years i have used the cheapest fuel possible, full/partial tanks sit all winter, always starts easy in spring, 25 hp kohler on exmark z turn. Last summer it had an issue with poor running. I assumed that it was from crap fuel for its entire life so i disassembled the carburetor to clean it. It was shiny clean on the inside. Shocked me. At the same time, i replaced the 14 year old original fuel filter as well. As a result of further troubleshooting, the issue was the spark advance module failing. Runs great, still burns 10% ethanol fuel like always.
  13. Build it. i think that would be strong enough of a framework. I use a similar idea with an adjustable hitch for my 1050# stock puller with 1" axles. definitely weight the front end down for control and safety, and i would add fluid to the rear tires, or those 25 pound weight lifting plates you can get from walmart so you'll have traction to push the scoop into the pile and get a decent bucket full of mulch/dirt. the electric lift will be a simple, no mess no maintenance and strong enough for that size tractor. Any ideas on what weight rating of the electric lift you have your eye on using.
  14. valve stem clearance in engine.http://gardentractorpullingtips.com/valvecam.htm ? Just a thought.