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  1. 4 TORO Wheel Horse Plastic Hub Caps

    Changed Price to $55
  2. 4 TORO Wheel Horse Plastic Hub Caps

    Changed Price to $65
  3. Excellent condition set of 4 plastic hub caps off a 200 hr. TORO 520XI. Rears perfect, fronts very minor wear on horse head.
  4. 4 TORO Wheel Horse Plastic Hub Caps $65

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Set of 4 plastic hub caps off a 200 hr. 520XI tractor. $65. Excellent condition. Rears perfect, fronts very minor wear on horse emblem.
  6. 52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    I did find out your 52" deck is 60" overall and weighs 220 lbs. I have shipped a 54" John Deere mower deck on a pallet to Fl. and a 48" snow plow to the owner of the IH Cub Cadet website in Minnesota. I could use PayPal, CC or Postal Money Order what ever you prefer. I have personally accepted Postal Money Orders as they can be verified immediately and is a Federal Crime for scammers to try anything. To verify I am legit I could have it shipped to Floyd's Outdoor Power in Coopersville, Mi. and also Google my "furniture repair" business in Muskegon, Mi. Anchor Antique Furniture Repair 2567 Pennsylvania Ave. Muskegon, Mi. Ron Plosnak. Thanks and hope we can work something out. Ron
  7. 52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    Hi, Would like to buy your 520XI 52" deck. None in my area for sale. Found lots of different size decks for 520H that I thought could convert but found out belts and pulley positions are an issue. Could I bother you to find out what it would cost to ship your deck on a pallet to North Muskegon 49445? Or get me size and weight and I will research. I have used R&L Carriers before and have heard Fastenal does it as well. Pretty sure I could find you very nice 48" deck here in Michigan for your 518H. I assume your 518h does not have the swept forward axle? Let me know what ya think. Thanks, Ron

    Looking for a nice 52" or 60" deck for 520XI. Do you have either and how much plus shipping to 49445? May even consider one from 520H for conversion?
  9. 268H abrubt stopping

    Thanks to all for the info. Decided to remove old gas damper even though original owner said it was fine from day one. He just got used to the diminished performance over the 15 years he operated hydro. Gas shock damper was SHOT! Got a used one from Rust's Mower Graveyard in Penna. for $25. These guys are great source for used parts. With the proper damper it is still a sensitive and twitchy hydro release that stops the tractor quickly as a safety feature. 100% IMPROVEMENT over the worn out gas damper and no more face plants into steering wheel and tires screeching on pavement. NO JOKE, it was that severe and had a hard time accepting this as normal since new. Thanks again.
  10. 268H abrubt stopping

    Thank you so much for the input shallowwatersailor, and you are right about the limited knowledge of these. Sounds like you cornered the market on the 5XI Series! I THOUGHT I picked up a like brand new snow plow for a pristine 312-8, this past Sunday. Craigslist fellow told me it came with his 314-8 but never used it on his long dirt driveway. Once I placed it under my tractor at home, found it hanging out the back 'bout a foot!! I checked model and serial number of plow. It's for one of your 5XI's!! Pretty sure he knew all along from other things he said. Always someone on CL with an angle to play. Soon will be listing it for sale along with the 312-8 , making sure buyers aware it's for larger 5XI and that plow needs modifying to fit.
  11. 268H abrubt stopping

    Thanks raider9 for the info and only reply to my question. Will see if any adjusting on linkage. Spoke with owner and he said it was abrupt stopping since he bought it new in 2000. Says it is a safety feature and a person has to get used to and anticipate letting off the foot pedal gradually so as not to be sent over steering wheel. Local shop here says bad gas damper and replace for $200 +. Hard to imagine bad damper from day 1?? Could be/maybe?? Thanks for any other input as not crazy 'bout new damper if not the problem.
  12. Thanks to raider9 for my only reply even though his is a 6 speed. Will look into if any adjustment for hydro.

    Contacted owner and he says it was like this from day one in 2000.

    Local shop says gas damper cylinder needs replacing @ $185 + labor.

    Could/MAYBE?? gas damper have been bad since new??

    Original owner said it is safety issue and one just has to get used to not letting off foot pedal immediately under full throttle.

    Would hate to throw almost $200 away if not the issue.


  13. Just picked up an original owner 600 hrs. 268H with EVERYTHING. Have owned several of the 3 and 400 series hydro's but wanted to try this very clean package as snow blower only. Have an Ingersoll with 60" deck for summer. Owner was not mechanical and every year had dealer serviced and deck and snow blower swapped out. Is it normal to let off foot control and have the machine stop on a dime. Like right now. Did it unintentionally at higher throttle and it screeched the tires on my driveway. Thanks for any insight as I know these are sealed hydro units or any adjustments possible? Something to worry about? Did search for related prior threads but did not find any specific to my situation.
  14. I have a C-161 Hydro with single Kohler 16 throwing drive belt. Replaced new so far: idler pulley, spring tensioner, and 4 new ISO mounts. Belt is correct size at 84". 83" TOO small. Also when lever is pulled up to disengage hydro, it will STILL drive fwd and reverse!! Can someone provide photos of clutch/lever mechanism? Don't know if prior owner did something and got things turned around. Guy I bought it from said he put on new belt and the rubber burning smell was due to new belt being broken in! I found out belt was riding off the idler pulley and running between belt guard and side of idler. Belt completely flies off with guard and footrest off. Don't know where to turn now. Already put in a new/used transaxle that had bad seals. Owner said rearend was just serviced and was ready to go. Found out he had oil level down below the axle so as not to leak out! I don't want to give up on this one, and I know with the great help from this site, I can get this thing right.
  15. Thanks for the input so far. Nothing has worked!?? I have a WH 91-16KS01 1979 C-161 HYDRO. Kohler K341AS Spec # 71246A Original belt which was supposed to have been new earlier this year, was running off idler pulley. Found this this to be true because I smelled it rubbing on belt cover and wittnessed it running off idler. As per 4 suggestions I have received so far, nothing is working. Have new idler pulley, spring and 2 different size belts. NEW: 2 new belts. One 84" and one 82" as per conflicting numbers from dealer and this forum. Tried both sizes, 82" absolutely too SMALL. The 84" WALKS off New idler pulley and new spring. 83" goes on but will not allow disenagement of lever and walks off idler as well. Have tried every possible combination. New idler pulley IS installed correctly so as to line up with pump pulley. Linkage bars have all new spacers and shims to eliminate this as possible problem. Bought the tractor earlier this year for winter snowblowing only. So far new/used transaxle last month. Now while dealing with this belt issue I noticed it was getting hard to start after first start up. While banging my head on the wall behind me in "belt" frustration I have now noticed what appears to be a blown head gasket. Something else to be dealt with once "belt issue" is resolved. I certainly appreciate ANYTHING I may be overlooking on this belt issue.