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  1. Timing maybe

    Ok will do
  2. Timing maybe

    Ok got to start up well turn key and fires right up turn of and no problems but when cold the gov acts properly and linkage out of motor doesn't get pined in full throttle mod but when engine get warm it than acts up the gov shaft out of motor forces in full power mode and locks motor right up and stalls can't figure out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Timing maybe

    When gov activates and asked for more fuel from carb could it not be a timing issue but a excess if raw fuel in top of piston Why I say this is because it won't start back up right away but than in a minute or less the starter can than turn it over and it fires right up just hope it's not internal gov issue Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Timing maybe

    One thing I didn't check was to see if I sheared the keyway but it starts and ideals after it dyes it seems like it has so much compression won't turn over and restart until I let it sit for two or three minutes than starts right up fine and ideals I moved pic up away and closer still same symptoms I will but the timing light on tonight and see and yes both pins are still there in flywheel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Timing maybe

    Hi there chuck from save old iron told me to give you a shout for some advice chuck got new job and has no time to help he helped me about two years ago redo a Tecky 12 horse and convert to Chrysler ignition I used the solid state pic up I didnt use a suburu pic up not sure what my problem is but will explan hope you can help though it might bea timing issue worked fine than one day when under a load seems like the governor shaft in motor activates very ubrubly and motor knocks and dyes like it's detonating I moved pic up on the tall pin both advanced and retarded and still when throttle up it goes bad I can't see that the governor set up went bad at idle it ok but can tell motor give shaft wants to advance I did looked at all linkage and spring looks right and acts right except I hope not the gears in motor did something any thoughts Can post a Video if needed Thanks Eric
  6. Wife working the horse

    ok great
  7. Wife working the horse

    Hey Mike ,Got a lot of sticks need a big trailer this time of year is the worst raking . Yes i am working out groton way not this week but next if that works for you
  8. Got the horse out of restoration and doing some spring clean up great feeling finishing the project
  9. C120 Restoration

  10. Picked up new tractor...

    Looks sweet I have a golf green and two tee boxes at my house i cut with a greens reel mower they are tricky to sharpen and set the bed knife i give mine to the local golf coarse . not sure how the wh unit is eather way the tractor looks really cool
  11. Exhaust Archive

    1974 C120
  12. Engine hunting

    No don't think so but it also ran really bad that is what started the restore come to find out it was my ignition thaat was bad i thought it was blown up but what i found out it was a combo of mis adjusted governer carb high jet and ignition after putting ignition in with the help of chuck from save old iron set the timming correctly i have tweeked the jets on the carb,and throttle cable, just hunts a little bit
  13. C-120 I restored ,sold and just bought back!

    You got a deal whats better than that Thank god he call you and didn't but it in the paper for me to find Lol
  14. Engine hunting

    I restored my c120 with a teky twelve horse ,I rebuilt the carb and if you have read my other post i installed a wells chrysler ignition system in it due to the fact you can't find solid state ignitions any more , i rebuilt the carb when the engine is at mid throttle it hunts but not at idle or full throttle i sprayed throttle shaft with carb cleaner it hunts when i spray it could this be my problem? just don't know why it only hunts at mid throttle other than that it fires right up easy and has great power any one have any idea's Should i take carb all apart and re clean really don't want to