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  1. should it fit? Tiller help

    Tiller is sold... but not to me...
  2. should it fit? Tiller help

    The problem is I m from Luxembourg, Europe, here are not many tillers an no used parts for. But I have a lathe a grinder and a welder... I will make this work But the owner doesn t answer...
  3. should it fit? Tiller help

    the owner send me a pic of this. Anyway A have to build something because the seller don't have the pully set anymore, he sold it whit the tractor. I have to convert it but that will be no problem
  4. should it fit? Tiller help

    My Raider 10 is a 6+2 speed unidrive. Tillers are not that common im my region ... I think i have to buy it...
  5. should it fit? Tiller help

    I don't know, I will ask the owner... The tiller is 160 km far away, one travel. The owner says it's from a Horizontal shaft Wheel Horse. The logo is round about 67 when I m right...
  6. Hello. I'm a proud owner of a Raider 10. Now Somebody offered me a Tiller for 200 Euro. My questions are: Will it fit? The bracket for the axle is include What else is missing? What size of beld does i need to buy? What I have to check if I m buying it? I know that I have to fabricate e lever cable an the pulleys which are under the tractor.
  7. Hello from Luxemburg

    I don't sell my Horses... But I don't have that much time to work on the C-165 or on the decks. An I have an other Red thing to hold running(the one in front). Red is defently my favorit color!
  8. Hello from Luxemburg

    Actual Stand of the things: -Raider 10 running Perfekt. - C-165 with K301 not realy running , no plans for the KT17 -2 Mowerdecks 42" and 48", one working but bad, the other one in parts. -48" Snowplow - 1 WH Dumpcart Looking for a tiller an Blower... Pictures... uuhhh I have to do some...
  9. German ingeneering art from the 50's. Like a Wheel Horse, simple and Strong! The Red Porsche were all made out of aluminium like the cast engine and gaerbox!!! And they was the cheapest one on the market! Now they are the most expensiv... vYou were not that "far" away from me like 300 km.
  10. Look at my picture there are 2 of my 4 red vehicle, I think I can have anymore an other colour now.... Driving my Porsche trator is like drive one of my Wheel Horse. In reatity it's very slow and has not that much power. But I don't care! I love it!
  11. I google it. is the governor which doesn t work well... any ideas?
  12. I have mounted the gas cable on the engine. I bought the engine 1 year ago, but I think the speed controll(I dont know the English term) dont operate well. I don t think that it s broken because the previous owner had a broken axle. Does anybody know how to adjust it ?
  13. -i had phone to the local toro Dealer an ask if they had an Unisersal cable. Yes they have for a piece price of 4(!!!) euro!!!nice
  14. ok I will check it on monday
  15. oh an then you cutthe lever an fix them on the original lever?