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  1. Can you identify this Wheel Horse?

    Unless the frame and hood have swapped out, that is a pre-1970 tractor. It is a long frame tractor meaning it was made with that frame/hood combination, and with full length running boards from 1968-1969. The bulk of this tractor is either a 1968 or 1969 Charger or Electro 12. Can't quite make out the decal on the fuel tank housing.
  2. 37" deck?

    I have a 37 inch deck on a 520-HC. With the guage wheels set at lower cutting heights, the right guage wheel will rub the rear tire when the deck is raised to transport position. This can be aleviated by using a narrower guage wheel with a spacer or narrower rear tires. This is the only issue with using the 37 inch deck on a 520 with a "swept" front axle.
  3. Elmer Pond and Stow Tractor

    You probably mean Shaw Tractor Co.
  4. What's up with this ranger

    Not that it couldn't have been replaced, but if memory serves, that hood decal was only used in 1969 (last year before the vertical shaft/fiberglass Lawn Ranger).
  5. RJ-35 survivor

    55 RJ-35 came with a Clinton 1200 152 spec. motor. Do a search on this site and you will find posts discussing the specifics of this engine.
  6. All 1961 701 and 551 tractors had the two piece transmission while the 401 retained the three piece trans.
  7. unknown front bracket

    I have honestly never seen that bracket before, but the quality and matching patina with the tractor is very interesting. Perhaps some allied attachment mounting bracket.
  8. Wheel horse 754

    There was a document sent out to the dealers in a limited geographical area regarding this tractor. It stated the number of the tractors available.
  9. Kholer k91

    Original engine for a 1961 551 is a Lauson H55D spec. # 2113. The 1960 550 used a Lauson H55B spec. # 1170.
  10. Side discharge deck for Lawn Ranger?

    No....all Lawn Rangers, until the vertical shaft versions, came with a rear discharge deck.
  11. Models not made by Wheel Horse

    E-141 was made by Wheel Horse as were the electric rear engine riders. The other electric Wheel Horse models were just GE Electraks painted red.
  12. That's my understanding of the RJ pulley as well. I have a NOS one back in Alabama and recall a bearing co. name and number on the inner race.
  13. What's In Your Mirror?

    These wheels were used on the commercial duty 48 inch mowers such as model 05-48SC01 often paired with a 418-C or 520-HC tractor. The part number for the wheel is 111173.
  14. Dealer List

    Apparently Watson's just closed last year. http://www.baltimoresun.com/bs-bz-watsons-garden-closing-20160111-story.html
  15. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    Appears the last iteration of the 37 inch deck (produced after 1996?) replaced a v-idler at the mule drive and front of the deck with flat idler pulleys and used a standard v-belt. I'm sure the older 6-sided belt versions could be converted by replacing those 2 pulleys.