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  1. Untitled Album

  2. Mid mount cultivator

    here is a pic of the rear section that i have so far
  3. Hello everyone, I am looking for the mid mount section of cultivators for my c-81 wheel horse. I have the rear part and in need of the mid mount "A" frame and lift bar. I also have the nine shovels or teeth. I would also be interested in additional teeth as well. I tried to post in wanted section, but I could not figure it out!
  4. Barn Find (Update Update) "The Horses Are Home"

    WOW that is awesome!!
  5. rear attachments

    yes any info would be great and also looking for the brinly adapter hh180?? Looks like it would work with the wheel horse slot hitch?? Thanks
  6. rear attachments

    Hello everyone I want to put an old wheel horse lift slot hitch on my C-81 8 speed tractor? what is is the best way to fabricate the cable to the hitch and what attaches the cable to the rock shaft on the lift arm?? any ideas will be helpful I do not have the small clevis for the hitch either.. Thanks
  7. c141 hydro

    but how would the hydro lever position change like that; the only way to get the lever to work is to take the auto centering linkage out. but I will not have a brake???? I am lost here I will have to take pictures and post them.
  8. c141 hydro

    an additional note when you engage the clutch it moves the handle or centers it about a half an inch in forward positions, but the tractor is in reverse!!!!??? weird
  9. Has anyone added a hydraulic pump to a wheel horse standard tractor, I like the 8 speed rearends, but I want to add a hydraulic lift to the tractor. Does anyone know an easy way that is not to expensive and can you use a power steering pump for this??? Thanks
  10. c141 hydro

    I checked the frame and I do not see any cracks or frame issues. I did tighten the four bolts that attach to the trans to the frame they were a little loose. I now have another problem that does not make any sense to me?? I can not move the hydro handle passed neutral into reverse. will not go in reverse. It is like the handle is hitting something. I took all the panels off and it is hitting the neutral centering lever?? but that is all connected and I have never changed the settings?? I am confused.
  11. c141 hydro

    Hello again, I can't seem to adjust the hydro it always wants to go in reverse when you depress the clutch which centers the forward and reverse lever? Is there a simpler way of doing this or am I missing something. and why is the cam so hard to turn shouldn't it just turn with a screw driver once you loosen the set screw. I adjust it and the wheels do not turn off of the ground and once I test drive it, the tractor wants to go in reverse once you put the clutch or brake??
  12. Pics of my homemade Trac-Vac.

    what are the numbers on the chute they should read something like 540-7?? thanks
  13. Pics of my homemade Trac-Vac.

    that is awesome is that a 42" mower deck and what is the number of the trac vac chute??
  14. leaf or trac vac

    I am looking to hookup a e-z vac to my C-141 with 42" side discharge deck. I have the blower unit and the trailer, I do not have the hose or the chute to attach to the mower deck. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? The parts seam expensive, I am looking for another way to attach the deck to the blower unit that might be cheaper and more readily available. Thanks and happy thanksgiving to everyone!!
  15. wow thanks for the info I will do that, does the flange come apart or do the bearing pound in?