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  1. I heard he got busted for loud pipes.
  2. There's 953Nut beginning his annual trip to Lake Dumberson for the spring log rolling event at the Dumberson Days summer festival.
  3. Happy Birthday Jim

    Well as luck would have it I spent my Birthday in the hospital. But I got out on Christmas Day so yeh to me, best present ever! Red cake, my fave. You know I'm gonna smack ya, right. Hey, you can count. Looks like 66 to me!.
  4. Kraynak,s display

    I think it is Mike.
  5. Kraynak,s display

    My daughter spotted this Elmo on a Wheel Horse on display at Kraynak's store in Sharon Pa. today. It's a popular store know widely for their In store Christmas displays. I was just wondering if this tractor belongs to one of our members here.And of course what exact model it is. My daughter was so excited to show this to me and she set it as my phone background pic.
  6. The time has come.

    Thank you all.
  7. The time has come.

    Well, I had the surgery yesterday and the Doctor told my wife and Sister that I came through it very well. He then went on to say that he was just as happy with how he did as how I did. So it appears it was a successful surgery. I woke up with a lot of and nausea in my abdomen . It subsided in the wee hours of the morning and I was finally able to get some sleep. Slept a lot actually even with the pain because I was just exhausted. They turned me loose this afternoon and I got home around 3:30 and went to bed for a few hours. There doesn't seem to be any confusion or other side effects other than a very dry mouth. A sip of water helps here and there. So again I thank you all for your support, good wishes and prayers. Prayer works folks. I firmly believe this. Thank you all again.
  8. New tractor...and new stable...it was a good day

    Nice Ford and shed, and Horses of course. I've wanted a ford 8 or 9N since I was a little kid and saw My Uncle Bob' New N at his farm back in west Virginia. I fell in love with it on the spot. Never found one when I had the money to buy it but found many when I didn't have the money. Isn't that the way it always works out? Good luck with both of your purchases.
  9. The latest purchase...

    She's a real beauty Mike, and she's in good hands.
  10. The time has come.

    Well, the procedure has been scheduled for November 10th. See you all on the flip side.
  11. The Big Man!

    That's a son to be proud of for sure. And many thanks to you for your parenting skills and developing such a fine young man.
  12. Looks like it needs grease!

    My B60 and B80 have no spindle zerks on the deck. They are sealed bearings that need to be replaced when worn out. Is it possible that someone may have changed that spindle somewhere along the line?
  13. The time has come.

    I'm sittin here with tears in my eyes being thankful for the wonderful people of this forum. I thank you all for your good wishes and especially the prayers. You have made me stronger just knowing you are with me in spirit. Thank you all, Jim D.
  14. The time has come.

    On Wednesday Oct. 18th I will have a consultation with a liver radiologist about having a shunt procedure done to alleviate the fluid collecting in my abdomen. As many of you know I've been having very painful weekly para centesis procedures to drain this fluid from my abdomen. This T.I.P. shunt procedure will greatly reduce or maybe even eliminate the need for the Para procedures. There are some risks involved however including forgetfulness, serious arterial bleeding, liver laceration, unintended organ punctures of the kidney, colon, small intestine and gall bladder, and possible liver failure. My liver Doctor has assured me that he believes I am an excellent candidate for this procedure based on my current liver function he says is actually pretty good, and my overall health. So after weighing the risks and benefits I've decided it's time to roll the dice and hope this can help me a lot. I have confidence in the Doctors and Nurses of the Cleveland Clinic and trust in their experience and ability. After the procedure I will stay in the hospital for one or two days for evaluation of the procedure. After the consult they will likely schedule the procedure as soon as possible. So wish me luck family and friends. I look forward to seeing you all on the flip side. Thanks, Jim
  15. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    Thanks for the heads up Rich. I fixed the boo boo in my original post, and thanks for your nice comment about me being back. Been going to lots of Dr. appointments and weekly treatments. Hopefully some of that will ease up a bit with the new procedure I may have soon. I posted it on facebook but just couldn't type all that out again here so I didn't post. It just dawned on me the copy and paste is one of the tools in my tool bag. Nope, didn't sell that one in the auction. (lol) I'll start a thread about it in non tractor because I could use all the support I can find.