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  1. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday my friend. I hpe you have a great dinner with Chris tonight and she drives so you can enjoy those margaritas!
  2. Stevebo's 2017 Big Show Pictures

    I agree Steve, these boys look happy.
  3. Trying to sell 82-83 Work Horse GT-1142

    Rich, I believe the location is also required in for sale posts. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
  4. taking out the 953 for a spin

    Your perseverance paid off in the end. Way to stick with it. You corralled and dandy little Philly right there!

    Prayers for a complete and timely recovery Bob. You know by now that the only cracker you should pay any attention to is MJ when she cracks that whip on ya. God bless old friend.
  6. Our dear member has gone to Wheel Horse Heaven

    Prayers for Jim and his family.
  7. 3/12 attention

    That's a dandy looking worker and I love the look of those deestone ags. Sweet!
  8. Hold My Beer and Watch This

  9. Auction

    This August 24th I will be having an auction at my home in Garrettsville, Ohio at 5pm. I am selling a lot of my tools that I am no longer gong to be able to use. I'm also downsizing my collection of tractors from four to two I will be selling my C85 with the transplanted Oh140 Tecumseh and my 68 Commando 8. The Commando is torn down and has been power washed in preparation for a restoration that I am unable to complete. I have everything for this tractor The C85 has a snow plow on it and will be sold as a unit. I also have some decks for this and other models. Some are complete and some are shells that need finished. I know most of you can't possibly attend but I thought I would post this for those members in the area and anyone who would like to come. If you do come I would be most pleased to meet any or all of you. I will be easily identifiable as I will be the guy crying his eyes out on the sidelines. Ha ha, just kidding folks. I will admit that it's going to be a sad day for me but I recognize that it's time to let go. I hope some of you can attend. It would be nice to meet some more members. Thanks for your kind attention. ( Sorry for posting this in the wrong section. I forgot where I was when the light bulb came on to post this)
  10. Hi

    I hope you enjoy the site!
  11. 10 Cars You May Not Know About

    Some really cool cars. One of them strongly resembled the Rambler.
  12. Who would have thought..

    As with your group, we are doing this primarily for our own entertainment and enjoyment. I'm having a great time just as you did. Gloria, Hang on Sloopy, Who'll stop the rain., Wild Thing, Mr. Tambourine Man, Not your Stepping Stone, Take it easy, Lodi, Turn the page, Have you ever seen the rain, House of the rising sun, Love is all around, Beg Borrow and Steal, Hanky Panky, Proud Mary, Just like Me, and a few songs written by The lead singer, set to music by the rest of the band.
  13. Who would have thought..

    that at the tender young age of 65 I would be singing in a rock and roll band? I will eventually be playing guitar also Lord willing and the creek don't rise. This band is comprised of seven members of my graduating class in 1970. They have been playing together for a couple years now and recently asked me to join in as a backup singer because our lead singer said he needed some help. This was very nice of all them but especially Curt, the lead singer. I know their real reason was to get me out of the house and using my voice to hopefully strengthen my breathing. So I am now getting out three times a week, once for our Wednesday breakfast and twice for band practice. I know this had nothing to do with my singing ability as I couldn't carry a tune in a dump truck. I suck and they don't care. It is a true testament to a great class, ( the largest in our school history with 93 students) and the best friends a guy could ever ask for. I am blessed. I just wanted to share this with all my great friends here. We don't play any gigs but will have a little show at the band leader's home with a picnic and his local family reunion on August 5th. I hope I have the nerve to do this.
  14. Happy Birthday Glenn

    Many happy returns Glenn!
  15. Mob Mower

    With a deck on the Horse it would have taken less time than it took to hook all that up.