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  1. Sorry to say this guys, but sadly there was no snow or ice to blame this on, just my own stupidity. Nice dry ground. Turns out I'm just a Slew footed clumsy old fat guy. That makes it even harder to take.
  2. had a great fall. Unfortunately, his winter sucked! Was on the way out to a Doctor appt. when I fell in the driveway and broke my arm between the elbow and shoulder, or the humerus bone. Right now I'm failing to see the funny part. Took a ride with some nice fellas of Community Ambulance to RMH. Was there from from 1pm to 7pm. Results? Finger pic shows where the break is. Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with....... ME! (please, no music videos)
  3. I would err on the side of caution Mike and go with the weather guy" 18" figure and just be ready with the equipment fueled up.
  4. Hot soapy water and a scrub brush would be my guess. I would hesitate using rust removal products unless it gives a list of things it can be used on, looking specifically for rubber. Dawn dish washing soap is good for many uses. I use it for all kinds of things.
  5. Nice grab Steve. She's a dandy for sure.
  6. That's a very nice 606. You don't find a 51 year old tractor in that kind of shape very often. Keeper for sure!
  7. Yes, Rt. 82 does go through the center of town, and the dealership was Miller Lawn and Garden. Jim Miller did have a round hood in the window that had been restored. Sadly the dealership burned down in the tragic fire the took out the whole Buckeye block of businesses. It was a very historic building and can never be replaced. I bought many parts there when they were still in business and i miss them to this day. I would be curious to know if I knew any of the men you worked with.
  8. Best of luck to you Slim.
  9. Ed, , I'm going to assume you are a collector and plan to keep your 59 Fords. So in that line of thinking I will tell you this. Back in 1959 my Dad bought a new 59 ford. Somewhere along the line during his ownership of it he acquired a 59 Ford shop manual from the dealership. It was heavily used and in rough condition when he got it. I think I still have it. Would you be interested in having it? PM me if you are interested.
  10. My condolences to you and his family Don. Very sad situation to say the least. Prayers for all.
  11. It was suggested that I re-close this thread, but I would like to add this first. JAinVA and I have resolved our issues through open communication via pm's Thank you JA for your understanding and help here. It is good to be on good terms with you again..
  12. If you are implying that there is something wrong with my upbringing we can discuss it elsewhere. I never mentioned your name I only spoke in generalities, that is until I was engaged by a member by name and I responded. And now you have twice mentioned me by name so if you want to continue your tirade I will be happy to talk privately with you, but as for this thread, it has gone far enough and for the time being will be closed while the Moderators discuss it.
  13. Yes Bob, it is too much to "expect". It is not however too much to hope for. We just can't mandate that people give thanks for help they receive, any more than we can mandate that you soften your values and manners to meet others standards. The great beauty of this site is that is a wealth of collected reference material to share with all our members, and now thanks to all of you we now have reference material on this subject as well. I want to thank you all for your input and say that I realize this is not going to be the last we have of comments and threads like this. Every subject worth posting about is worth revisiting. We seem to forget that we all come from different backgrounds and are raised to many vastly different sets of standards. Who are you or I to say that someone elses upbringing was wrong. How dare we be so brash as to insult one another in such a manner. As for your comment that you're glad it isn't solely up to me whether these threads see the light of day, let me say that I'm equally as glad that it isn't up to you to set the standards for how we all should all live and conduct ourselves here. I just think we should live and let live. Further, problems never take care of themselves, problems are dealt with in almost every case. JA, it is not my intent to discourage disagreement or venting. We are all going to do it at some point, and when I do I hope you will remind of this post.
  14. While I understand that searching for your own answers, likes, and thank you's are much appreciated on this site, I also don't believe that any of of us has the right to force our values on anyone else. If you have better manners than I do, good for you, but when you post things like this you are disparaging other members. There are no manners in that. If it were up to me alone, threads like these would never see the light of day, but then I would be imposing my values on you. No good can come of this. Maybe it's time we all took a step back and started minding our own business. It is counterproductive to try and self-moderate the site to suit yourself. We have a team of extremely qualified Moderators to do that, myself not included in that statement as I am new to this and still learning the ropes.
  15. We'll be here waiting on you Jeff. Looking forward to your return.