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  1. We'll be here waiting on you Jeff. Looking forward to your return.
  2. Happy Birthday Ed!
  3. Something to think about when the chicken dance song finally stops playing in your head..
  4. Any way ya like em, we can make em. Love me a good hot dog or three now and then.
  5. They all look to be very effective. I live just south of the snow and Amish country here in Ohio and my wife and I have seen The Amish plowing their driveway in the mornings while we were on our way to work. They were also using a wooden plow with some angle iron out at the ends to stabilize side movement of the the plow. It worked very well. They could also change the angle if they wanted to. So much power in those animals it was quite a sight to see.
  6. Many would want to restore this one to it's showroom glory but I really like your plan to use it and take it to shows. It's a first rate machine in its work clothes too. Maybe a nice clear coat to keep the patina in tact would be in order. So many things to consider with a beauty like this one.
  7. That is one awesome acquisition right there. Deal of a lifetime.
  8. I will sorely miss these posts. They have been fun, enlightening and informative. Please do post them when you feel the urge Richard. We' all be watching for them.
  9. Ed, I think we should showcase another one of your melon creations as a caption this topic. Send me a couple more if you have some.
  10. That should have been a prize winner Ed. Awesome job on that melon.
  11. Can't really advise you on generators but an interim fix would be back up battery power to keep it going for awhile. I'm sure you can find a lot of info about that on the net. I hope you get the solutions you need. Sparky might be a good guy to advise you on this.
  12. I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes. You helped make it a spectacular day!
  13. Steve yer a nut..