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  1. Some really cool cars. One of them strongly resembled the Rambler.
  2. As with your group, we are doing this primarily for our own entertainment and enjoyment. I'm having a great time just as you did. Gloria, Hang on Sloopy, Who'll stop the rain., Wild Thing, Mr. Tambourine Man, Not your Stepping Stone, Take it easy, Lodi, Turn the page, Have you ever seen the rain, House of the rising sun, Love is all around, Beg Borrow and Steal, Hanky Panky, Proud Mary, Just like Me, and a few songs written by The lead singer, set to music by the rest of the band.
  3. that at the tender young age of 65 I would be singing in a rock and roll band? I will eventually be playing guitar also Lord willing and the creek don't rise. This band is comprised of seven members of my graduating class in 1970. They have been playing together for a couple years now and recently asked me to join in as a backup singer because our lead singer said he needed some help. This was very nice of all them but especially Curt, the lead singer. I know their real reason was to get me out of the house and using my voice to hopefully strengthen my breathing. So I am now getting out three times a week, once for our Wednesday breakfast and twice for band practice. I know this had nothing to do with my singing ability as I couldn't carry a tune in a dump truck. I suck and they don't care. It is a true testament to a great class, ( the largest in our school history with 93 students) and the best friends a guy could ever ask for. I am blessed. I just wanted to share this with all my great friends here. We don't play any gigs but will have a little show at the band leader's home with a picnic and his local family reunion on August 5th. I hope I have the nerve to do this.
  4. Many happy returns Glenn!
  5. With a deck on the Horse it would have taken less time than it took to hook all that up.
  6. Awesome song, always liked this one.
  7. My opinion is that engines run on fossil fuels and motors on electricity. That being said I 'm satisfied that I'm intelligent enough to make the distinction myself. I'm not concerned with what we call them.
  8. Awesome video Steve and a great song. I think about that almost daily how lucky we all were to be born in such a great country. Hat's off America!
  9. Thank you Craig and everyone for you prayers and concern. Bob I would love to meet you too. Now for the latest update: I got back out of he hospital last Friday I very quickly began to improve just being here. It seems that when we get one thing back under control along comes another problem to solve. The latest was low sodium and blood pressure. Now that these are back in check for the moment I would be happy with a no new problems stretch. Again, thanks for all your support and rest assured, I'll be lookin' atcha!
  10. Thanks Mike.
  11. I thought it might be time for an update on my health status. The past several months have seen me in and out of the hospital for several issues, the latest being fluid retention in my abdomen. The problem has been that I can't get rid of this fluid which is caused by my malfunctioning liver and other organs leaking into the cavity. So far they have take fluid from me by paracentesis which is where they insert a long needle int the cavity then hook it up to vacuum bottles that suck the fluid out. The first time they took five liters. The next time they took ten which is all they can take at one time. The last time it was 7. I will have another one tomorrow. The reason for the most recent hospital stay was o try more aggressive treatment. Now they have upped my dose of lasix to 40 mg twice a day which should help greatly to take it away. This all seems to be working so they packed me up and sent me home yesterday. So there you have it. If you are interested I will try to keep you up to date better than I have. I intend to stay on as a Moderator as long as the powers that be will have me. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to help out. Thank you all.
  12. Great looking sign and a great find too.
  13. Happy belated Birthday!
  14. Look great on there.
  15. Look, I was offered the job of helping to moderate this forum. I can't differentiate moderating my friends and members I don't know. You have to be all the same to me. So I'm going to do my job to the best of my ability. The home spun pics seem to outnumber the show pics so I moved it back. But I will tell you this, wagging a finger and stomping a foot at me will get you nowhere. rmaynard you comments are right on with the bold type and capital letters. I don't like being yelled at either. I have corrected an action I took that I felt was justified because I jumped the the gun somewhat. My apologies for that. If we can't let this be the end of it the we'll close the thread entirely.