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  1. Thanks much Save Old Iron. You helped me out once again.
  2. I brought out my 1991 520H to get it ready for blowing snow after it sat in the shed all summer. It started well and runs well but the parking brake and air filter lights stay "lightly" illuminated while it is running. If I lock the brake on, the light lights up full power but when I remove the brake lock it goes back to being lightly illuminated. Does anyone have any theories about what is going on?
  3. After reading a few posts, i believe I will stick with original Toro filters.
  4. Hello all. I have a Wheel Horse 520 H (1991) and was wondering what the engine oil filter (NN10143) and transmission oil filter (79-5270) would cross to in Fram or Wix or anything else. Does anyone have this information? Thanks much.
  5. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    SOI I'm interested to find out what they say. When you find out please post their response. Thanks.
  6. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    Save old iron It would make me happy if you would take all credit and call it in to Toro. My wife says I have too many t shirts anyway. Thanks again for all the help.
  7. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    Save Old Iron I think it is me who needs to thank you for hanging in there with me! I'm glad we (you) figured it out for me. There was a lot of head scratching on my part trying to figure this one out. Who would have thought a little dot would make such a big difference? Hopefully this will help out anyone else looking at the main wiring diagram. It appears that looking at the "function" diagrams will be the way to go in the future for me. There is a lot less going on with them. Thanks again, Jake.
  8. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    YES! That's what I was talking about. What do you think?
  9. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    You are right. I meant switch relay.
  10. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    Save Old Iron This is the drawing I am referring to when I say there needs to be a wire added. I didn't mean that there was a need to physically add a jumper wire to make the unit work. I was referring to the above wiring diagram that needs to have another wire drawn in it to be correct. I know it is small but if you look, there is only 1 wire coming off of the "I" part of the key switch. It goes to either the dead ended contact on the kill relay or to the IGN indicator light. I believe there should be another wire drawn in on this diagram to connect the "I" wire to the wire going between the seat switch and the top contact on the seat relay. As you have stated, the "function" diagrams seem to be OK but this main wiring diagram needs to be updated.
  11. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    Save Old Iron, I am sorry but I am a little computer illiterate and can't seem to figure out how to post the page I want. For those of you that have a demyst guide, revised on 4-03, please look at page 7-98. I have it saved in my documents electronically and it is on page 442 of 546. If you look at the "I" on the key switch you will see 1 wire coming off and going to the contacts side of the kill relay. This 1 wire also goes to the IGN part of the indicator light module. The way they have it drawn, there is no way for power to go anywhere else in the circuit as this 1 wire is going to the contacts of a non-energized kill relay which is "dead ended". There needs to be another wire connected to the original 1 wire at the kill relay contact and it needs to be routed to the wire that connects the seat switch and the contacts on the switch relay. With this extra wire connected in this way, power is allowed to go to the rest of the circuit, allowing it to function as intended. I am not the best explainer in the world but hopefully you can see what I mean by looking at the main schematic. I do agree that the "function" schematics do seem to be correct. Hopefully this will help someone else who is scratching their head as I was trying to figure out the 520H main wiring schematic.
  12. 1991-1997 520H demystification question

    Thanks for the very detailed explination. I don't think I stated my question very well though. While the starter motor circuit, spark circuit in start, spark circuit in run... are very clear in the demystification schematics, the entire wiring diagram page appears to be missing a wire. My demystification copy, which was revised on 4-03, needs to show a wire going from the right side of the kill relay contacts to the wire going to the right side of the seat switch. Without this wire, there can be no power to any of the switches or relays. I found this out by tracing the wires on my unit. Maybe there are newer versions of the demystification guide that have this error corrected. Thanks again for the detailed explination.
  13. I was looking at the demystification schematics for a 1991-1997 520H and it doesn't look right to me. The wiring diagram is shown on page 7-98 and the starter motor circuit is shown on 7-99. The starter motor circuit shows an orange wire going from the I on the switch to the seat switch. The wiring diagram shows an orange wire coming from the I on the switch going to the kill relay and then on to the coil if the kill relay is energized. I understand the starter motor circuit but the wiring diagram itself has me confused. Is the wiring diagram correct? If it is correct, how does anything get power in "run" when the only power coming out of the switch goes to the kill relay and then goes nowhere because the kill relay can't be energized? I am a pipefitter by trade not an electritian so please be gentle on me. Thanks.