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  1. Hi. Personally I used the hot air gun to melt the glue. Use it on the back of the fender / piece of metal, on the low heat. Spread the heat around and under the decal allways from the back . Don't stop the mouvement and not too hot as it will melt the decal. Once the metal is warm enough and using a fine blade, slowly lift at corners and then across the edge of the decal. Pull slowly but without stoping. It worked for the decal on my mowing deck . My 2 cents. Ltr, Didier
  2. Need Help!

    Hi all, Are the blade free to spin? Seems to me that it might be the accumulation of grass / debris under the mower. When did you clean it "properly" underneath? My 2 cents. Ltr, Didier
  3. 5Xi wheels

    @ Bitten. Thanks for the quick reply. At least the bolt pattern is right! Didier
  4. 5Xi wheels

    Hi everyone, I have 1 question concerning the interchangeability of wheels on my Toro 523Dxi. I would like to know if the John Deere wheels (back) will fit the Toro? I doing this the other way around: I bought the wheels with tires on Ebay and am wondering if I did wrong? Tire dimension are the same: 23X10.50 - 12. On the Toro they are turff on the JD wheels they are Agriculture type. JD wheels are 5 holes as well. Any idea or answers to keep me sane? Thanks to all in the know . Didier
  5. Hi all, Here is a few pics of the cars we (wife and myself) use at home. Obviously some are only used during the summer and as time permits. Which is few a far apart. Life could be worse. Everyday work horse: http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu33/AM...o523Dxi1999.jpg Wife's car. Was not imported onto the US. That's an A2 from Audi. 90% ? Aluminium. http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu33/AMG230/A2AVdroit.jpg Last 2 for pleasure. http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu33/AMG230/P6130011.jpg http://i631.photobucket.com/albums/uu33/AM.../575GTCcote.jpg Enjoy. Didier
  6. C195 Engine trouble

    Hi. Had something similar in the past. I resolved the problem by replacing the spark plug . It might be looking good but not enough "power" to light the fuel mixture. Cheap test since you have access to spare on the other engines. My 2 pence. Didier
  7. Hi everyone, Is there some web sites that you know off that sells chrome parts and tuning kits for our horses? Have seen something like that in the past but cannot remenber the address. It may be better asked in the puller section? Just need some nice address from all of you out there. Looking for bull bars and other chrome goodies. Bull bar to avoid pushing on the very quick to damage front!!! For your info my ride is the 523Dxi. Thank you for your help locating such places. Cordially, Didier
  8. My stable

    Hi guys. Will post pictures of the 575 later on. Can see that there are some ferrari fans around . The plow is not made by Iseki. Cannot remenber the name right now but will post as soon as I get it. Nowhere to be seen on the plow. Finally attached the restaured 52' mower deck on the 523Dxi. Got it assembled with the mulching kit and new Gator blade. Works fine but not really up to what the publicity around the mulching benefits says. Grass has to be cut twice as offen as it does not like tall grass. So what's the benefit? Use more gas/diesel and leave the small clippings on the ground or use bagger and get rid of grass once a week ? To be or not to be? What's your opinion ? Ltr, Didier
  9. Diesel Horse

    Hi everyone. Engine is a 3 cylinder Diahatsu diesel. 522447 is the code. It is, apparently, made for quite a few machine. Check google and do a search with the number above. Ltr, Didier
  10. My stable

    :thumbs: Thanx all. Even blue is nice!!!!! There's plenty of red at home.....and blue. The Iseki is a nice machine as well. Lots of power! 3 cyl diesel motor. 4 wheel drive and tractor attachments. Back and ventral PTO. But no mower. Too expensive for the one under the tractor. That's why the 5Xi is there!!!!! Ltr, Didier
  11. My stable

    Hi all, some pics of the other equipment used during summer and winter at my place. Wife and myself use the equipment only. The Iseki is used for plowing, towing, playing(driving around), and tilling. Was bought new in 2000 and has 243 hrs on the clock. The Honda mower is used as a finishing / small area mower. Was bought new in 2005. Fine machine, easy start but heavy too manoeuver and to hold going downhill. Aluminum body. The Toro is from 1998, reconditionned. Was bought in 2008 with broken engine and 341 hrs on the clock. Body was in top condition and kind of reflected the working hours. Engine over heated and a cylinder wall was cracked. Ltr, Didier
  12. Hi all, Some more pictures. Moving slowly . Awaiting stainless steel bolts and nuts. Spindles have to be prepared for painting. Baffles were installed last WE but had other things to do beside <_< . Will take some more pictures this WE. Hopefully!!! Ltr, Didier
  13. Hi all, Here are some pictures of the restauration process for my 523Dxi and the 52' mower deck. I shall post pictures of the finish product later on. Still working on the mowing deck. Ltr, Didier As it was when bought. The underside and top. Must have been well cared for!
  14. New guy in town.

    :drool: Thanks for the welcome. @Just Piddling: Thanks for the help and link . Ltr, Didier
  15. New guy in town.

    Hi all. Just want to introduce myself. Been nosing around for a while. Couldn't remerber my log on. That ought to tell you somethink!!! My name is Didier, 50 summers and still ticking! Writting from Luxembourg. I have been playing with wheel horse/Toro for a while. Decided to buy a Toro 268H about 3 years ago as I was getting tired of walking behind the mower. Sold it a week ago. Bought a Toro 523Dxi about a year ago and restored it. Was abused by the person using it!!!! Replaced the engine (diesel) and am currently rebuilding the mower deck. New bearings, rollers, etc... Got the deck sand blasted and metalized (do you say that?). Added a coat of anti rust paint and sprayed it with 2K paint. Ready for reassembly now. Just waiting on some stainlees steel bolts to hold the spindles and baffles. Tractor works fine with the new engine. The all setup was around 500hrs when I bought but was looking more like 5000!!!!I am driving around to reach 50 hours so can have the oil and filter changed. Run-in time. I tried to post pictures in the gallery but would not authorize. I am too dumb with computers!!! If someone could guide me thru it ???? Thanks for the help and hoping to be of help to others. Ltr, Didier