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  1. 520 Switch

    CT, Thanks for the advice. As a matter of fact I picked up the switch you mentioned above from my old Wheel Horse dealer today. Hope to get it installed this weekend. I did reach out to the maker of the original 3 prong switch today (Littelfuse). The local distributor is reaching out to the home office to see if the switch is available. Thanks again for your advice. Members of this site just rock.
  2. 520 Switch

    BaySide, Thanks for the info. I went to the Digi Key web site and was totally overwhelmed. Have no clue what I'm looking for. I 'm sure they have with I need, but an lost at trying to figure where to look.
  3. 520 Switch

    No The 528-8 is way different.
  4. 520 Switch

    Was going through all the safety switches on the 520-8 to try and figure where my issue is with the tractor starting. Previous owner had run a wire from the switch to the starter solenoid to bypass the lite blue wire. Seat switch tested ok. Pulled the clutch switch and tested. Appears to be bad. When the switch is not depressed It checks ok with a voltmeter. When I push it he switch in as if pushing the clutch in to start. Testing fails. Ok go to PartsTree to check for the part. Tracked it down to 119440. Oh no discontinued. Any one come up with a workaround for this?
  5. Finally got the 520-8 home

    Really pleased so far. Single owner and I verified that with the dealer it was purchased from. 930 hours and the meter is working. I couldn't help but mow the lawn with it tonight. Runs really well. Not a single tear in the seat. Thanks for all the comments.
  6. FINALLY....The Holy Grail....I got a 520!

    Nice looking 520. Congratulations.
  7. Finally got the 520-8 home today. Got some work to do to it. The norm - someone has messed with the wiring. Ran a wire off the switch straight to the starter solenoid. None of the gauges work with the exception of the voltage. Deck will need some patching. But the spindles are nice and quiet. Now the hard part of making room in the garage.
  8. Nice day to get the beasts out

    Looking good.
  9. New to me 416-8 with deck, about 75%

    Congratulations on the new addition.
  10. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Looking good
  11. Little Seat Time

    Got a little seat time in today. We got about 7". Just didn't last long enough.
  12. whats up with nascar?????????

    + 1 I used to go to both races at Dover, Martinsburg, Richmond and sometimes Pocono . I tried several times to watch it, but just can't get into all the changes.
  13. Wheel Horse on TV

    I saw it also.
  14. Tall Chute

    No problem. Thanks for the laughs.
  15. Tall Chute

    Thanks everyone for the advice. It'll be a couple of weeks before I have a chance to work on it. I'll keep you posted on the progress.