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  1. Pay attention

    You must have really been using a lot of force on that blade to do that much damage - did this while working with vinyl ?? It should heal pretty good , be glad it didn't get into the bone or a tendon . Your hands will retrain themselves , so that's a plus - hoping for a speedy recovery . Sarge
  2. The world of Big Red Fred

    I'd like to know why they always pull that crap when it's cold outside ? Worst part is fixing the truck in a cold shop after the deed - did that twice with the same idiot , same door . Sarge
  3. It's ok BRF - as long as the same driver hasn't taken out the same door more than once - we finally had to ban a guy from our shop for trying to destroy the stupid shop , he took the door clean off twice . I hear the other day the same guy rolled his semi hauling rock - figures as that's the second one he's done . No idea how some of those clowns got into the industry and they really give others a bad name . I had one years ago start his truck up with me under it while standing on the ground outside the cab - with the transmission in 3rd gear . Out the door we went and finally got it stopped halfway across the gravel lot when I broke some of the air lines and set it's brakes - I nearly beat him senseless with a grease gun... After that I took the keys out of every unit that came in and hid them in the tool box to prevent stupid from showing up . Sarge
  4. Better gas available?

    The higher octane fuel might be pretty tough to fire off , may have to adjust the timing a bit being these are such low compression engines . They really only need 87 octane at most , I've never ran over 91 in mine but 110 is pretty extreme . I say try it - you could always go up a couple heat ranges on the plug as well and maybe use a hotter coil . Sarge
  5. What pays for your Horse addiction

    Worked for quite a few years at several different shops turning wrenches on everything from small cars to diesel trucks and trailers and even some welding . Worked in a custom cabinet shop for a few years until they ran it into the ground and moved on to being a Utilities Locator running 5 counties and 5 different utility companies we contracted for - then they sold out the company . Figured out real quick that was a dead end industry with too many changes so I went in the Laborer's Union - almost got 20yrs in now as a Journeyman . Mostly heavy highway and used to do a lot of the local Nukes and other power plants . Will probably retire out at the end of next year and move on once again - depends upon the politicians and if they actually ever put any money into our crumbling roads . Last range of years since '09 has been really lean with a lot of time off so been doing as many others have in the Trades a lot of side work with welding and repairs to keep us afloat . Might go to a local small welding shop that always needs help but my eye sight is going to keep me limited to basically a shop rat - I guess it could be worse . Doubt I'll ever really retire as our pension funds have taken such a bad hit over the years and our membership is dwindling - but who knows ....I'm sure ready for it . Sarge
  6. A flat piece of rubber and some of that acrylic artist's paint in a tube and a plastic scraper . Put a dab of paint on a clean , thick piece of rubber - then smear it out with the plastic scraper . Those body filler applicators work good to smear the paint - takes a bit of practice to get the layer of paint just right on the rubber but it works great to do raised letters . I did a plastic dash that way , works sort of like a stamping pad but hard enough to only touch the top surface . Get the paint too thick and it will look uneven - you can always let it dry for a bit and apply a fresh coat . Round surfaces are the hardest but it's still easier to use a pad than to paint it by hand . I've done this with spray paint as well , just a few light passes onto the rubber but you have to be quick to transfer it to the letter/raised portions . Just make sure that rubber is clean and find something to practice on - that acrylic stuff will spread a lot if you try to rub it off and make certain it's compatible with whatever other paint you're using as a base . Sarge
  7. 1973 18 Auto Voltmeter Mod

    Yep - most times like that unless you get really lucky - sometimes they just burn out or lose the link across the contacts . Other times , they can burn down a piece of equipment , vehicle , ect... Sarge
  8. 418a kohler m18 spark plug replacement

    I have had luck with one engine running those quad tipped plugs - but it's a modern Briggs vertical 22hp that are known to have notoriously weak ignitions and a common miss throughout the rpm band - the E3's seemed to really help and it also fires up easier now . Otherwise , those types of plugs are not designed to fire rich mixtures that are required in these old L head machines . NGK's have lasted far longer than anything , but eventually the carbon buildup will get to the best of them . We had used Autolite for years but then started running into bad batches and I haven't tried them lately... Sarge
  9. Pay attention

    I've ground , cut , burned and exploded nearly every digit I own - so far haven't come up too short on any of them and I'm pretty good at stitching stuff up at home . I've gotten some epic butt chewings from the Doc , but he understood what I thought was minor compared to most folks - still got a chewing anyway . Worst one by far was when I first got the tig and wanted to push the machine to full power on both ac and dc welds to make sure that NASA looking electronics in it was going to hold up to stresses - forgot in my haste to hook up the ground and it used me instead to initiate the arc through the filler rod - 1/8" ER80ST6 rod , 1/8" tungsten and the Miller maxed out at 200amps . Blew one finger nail clean off and removed about half the dexterity I had in my left hand . I just sat there at the bench , wondering where in the heck that nail went and studying the underlying , burnt tissue . Put the stupid gloves on that I should have used in the first place and went back at it , no pain at all until about 4hrs later . Went to the ER and spent 4hrs in there as they scraped the burnt parts off and applied some sort of really stinky salve to it - that stuff was worse than the pain . 2yrs later - that stupid nail grew back and just one slight scar but the thing is still sore most of the time . There is still vaporized metal in it and it shows up as odd dots in x-rays , but otherwise only cold weather really bothers it . Since then , I've changed the hot start settings in the hidden programs on the welder , now it can only hit you with the 26,000 volt arc start - hurts about as much as a good engine coil shot instead of setting you on fire - lesson learned . I hate that time limit on stitching - it used to be 24hrs or less - now it's down to a few hours and they won't do it . As I've gotten older evidently something has changed - can't seem to keep cuts closed and a few have kept me from doing what I need to get done - hate that . Have used the glue and such , but most times it just cracks back open in a short time and doesn't seem to hold nearly as well as a bandage of sorts . I like that Nextcare tape that is more like rubber or silicone - it's thick , tough and won't come off even if you want it to - with no residue . Got rolls of that stuff everywhere and plenty of other supplies - but lost my source for suture packs...ugh . I hate razor knife cuts - nearly took off a big toe with one cutting sub mats for a liner job on a HAZMAT site - that took forever to heal and removed part of the cartilage at the main rear joint - dumb thing still hurts now and then . Worst part - it cost me a pair of fairly new boots , cut it wide open just behind the dumb steel toe cap...so much for safety shoes . Sarge
  10. Welding , melting metal with electricity and fire...stuff like that . Grandkids are becoming a source of entertainment quickly - few more years those twin boys will be needing some teaching from Papa - that will be fun . Sarge
  11. Far too many top of the line units end up on auction sites and CL - I'd never buy a new one again if it were me . I can find at least half a dozen for free in less than a week - just have to get some young'ns to move it , they are quite heavy . We got ours when my wife wanted to lose some weight and after I had the knee surgeries I used it quite a bit to get back in shape for work after being off for so long - now it just sits and I'm tempted to use that high power motor and controllers for a drill press as so many others are doing - it's a great upgrade and gives you variable speed with an amazing amount of torque . Whatever the case - no reason to buy new - humans are committed to these things for a very short time and give up , too many low priced or free ones available . If you came here - you could have ours , lol.... Sarge
  12. Yeah - I remember that tube well as it was quite stuck . The guy has used ethanol gas for quite awhile in a lot of his equipment - he's been highly schooled on that subject after I tore into the N series engine and it's fuel system . Took a day's work to clean the tank with a slurry of gravel and sand - it was horrible but the quality of the tin made it survive somehow . Lower section of the carb was not so lucky - it has some JB Weld repairs to make it stop leaking fuel . I know the fuel float valve and seat were pretty much gone - hence the carb kit parts to repair it and I do remember making at least one gasket out of high-temp material I have here , it was fun getting it to run again though . I set him up with a high strength pull cord from some smaller "550" cord to give it plenty of length - almost 8' long so you can just walk and tug it to life . Much easier on him - he's not exactly a young guy . I can't find the pics of that roller either , they are on one of my older phones I think... Sarge
  13. I'd make the decision fairly quick , hours and time will not treat it's value very well - these new lines lose a lot of money in a hurry and will never recover with age like the 400 series and others . Sarge
  14. 418a kohler m18 spark plug replacement

    That is very important - many interchanges at parts stores only match physical sizes of the plugs - you're better off using their guide books directly from NGK to get the right plug for that specific engine . I switched to NGK and Denso plugs years ago and they have been far more consistent than Champion or anyone else for that matter and seem to be a lot better overall quality . Thread fit especially which on certain head designs is really critical . Champion , AC Delco , Autolite and others are worthless in comparison to NGK , Denso is even better in certain engines when you get into really fine tuning on a dyno . Sarge
  15. I have heard of something in a can that is a purified inert gas - never knew what it was nor pursued it since I have the tig welder here , that's good to know . Yeah , filters for booths can be pretty dangerous - years ago when I worked in a cabinet shop we had built a filter wall bank ahead of the 5hp fan system that evacuated a small building where I stained and coated a lot of cabinet parts/sections for homes . The sealer we used was pretty nasty and everything was flammable . I had used a hammer to knock the head loose on the gun after running almost 5 gallons of sealer through it - that made one lousy spark and the fan sucked it into that wall - had to drag sections of it outside while on fire to save the building and all the products I was working on that day , not good . Once that stuff was outside it really took off and it burned completely up - almost no ash left . After that day we started changing out the material a lot more often to prevent building up too much residue - always wondered if the stuff could ignite on it's own but I think the sheer volume of area kept that from happening . Frankly , if you want to use a welding gas such as argon or CO2 mix to store paint - your safest way is to take it directly off the cylinder's regulator and leave the welder out of the equation as nearly all coatings are highly flammable . I can't imagine what a spark or arc start from a welder would do inside a can of paint - the results would be pretty spectacular but deadly.. Sarge