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  1. Pretty lucky score on those parts - hope the rest of it goes that well . Makes you wonder why previous owners spent so much money on something to just neglect and ruin it - never have figured out why some do that . Sarge
  2. Why am I so careless?

    I've turned one tractor over in my lifetime - it's been wheel weights and fluid in those tires ever since and never even come close to happening again . Now , the old Samurai I used to own - we flipped that thing so many times it was almost just a routine - never damaged it too bad due to the light weight but quite a few Sunday afternoon repairs so it could get me to work on Monday....lol . Between being an off-roader for so many years and working Construction I've seen the results of not thinking things through or not using the right equipment to do the job - have seen quite a few people get hurt as well as myself pretty badly in '06 . To this day I won't work around chains that are holding a load , lol . My ex-brother in law's sister flipped a JD lawn tractor a few years ago and lost most of her right arm when the mower blades got her - the safety switch in the seat failed to shut the engine off and when it blew up she got burned from some of the hot engine oil . Her neighbor saw it happen thankfully and got her an ambulance as well as got the hot tractor off her . Lawyers are still trying to work that one out and she's mostly back in one piece , although quite different looking now . If you're having to deal with slopes and conditions that are making it dangerous to mow - might want to consider adding chains as well - I run them on mine due to a bad hill and some ditches - never slip and no damage to the turf . A lot of folks fear tearing up the grass but it's better to have the traction versus being under a tractor....and damage to the grass is so minimal it's worth it . Sarge
  3. I think most of the replacement Kohlers were a dark blue - I have an Allis-Chalmers/Simplicity 916H here with a replacement K-341 - low hours too . Trying to decide if I want to put it in the old '74 C-160 or do an "upgrade" on the old 1277 when I do the frame rebuild for a broken (read - shattered) transmission mounting plate ... I've always wondered why they thought those model/serial decals were a good idea back in the day - what a lousy spot and material ...! Sarge
  4. A rude awakening.

    I saw that forecast on the The Weather Channel - a hurricane heading into Ireland/UK is sure odd to see . Hope everything turns out ok - lot of folks have taken such a hard hit this season with all those big ones . Very interesting roofing - how heavy are those pre-cast pieces ? They look fairly thick , too...? Sarge
  5. Tree’s down

    It's all good until one of the outriggers on the truck sinks into the ground - I took a ride years ago from 45' up on a heavy 2 axle D series truck . Wasn't too fast , but fast enough to crack the bucket and fubar an ankle pretty good . It took two of our cable plows and a lot of chains to right the truck again , then back up that pole to finish hanging strand . I did climb some , burned a few poles too but the worst one was a pole that had a rotten spot where my gaff kicked out - I started down but managed to kick away from it to avoid looking like a creosote porcupine , and landed on someone's mailbox . That put a really deep bruise on my lower back and destroyed their box as well as driving the pole in almost a foot deeper . I didn't work with the aerial crew too often , most times it was just helping a run through heavily wooded areas and climbing trees to run the strand - my main work was on the underground crew doing bores and plowing in cables - riding a vibratory plow is really tough on everything , especially the human in the seat . When it came time to set the towers for the head-in building I did quite a few of those - most of ours were 80' free-standing units erected by hand in 10' sections - rigging those upper antennas was no fun since they are so long but back then I could wrap my legs into the tower frame so I could reach it . You really had to have a young and Gumby-like body to do that stuff - back in the day was fine but no way I could do nearly any of it now . You got a pretty smoking deal on getting those down despite having to do your own cleanup - most contractors around here would have been at least double that . Sarge
  6. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    I'd have to say that took some serious pressure washing and maybe abrasive blasting . What's up with the governor ? Sarge
  7. C160

    I've ran the C-160 against a single stage snow blower - that Kohler loves to kill chains/sprockets/idlers/belts if you push the blower too hard into a snow bank or frozen material , the engine just doesn't stop pulling at full torque nor does it care what it breaks . Operator stupidity for sure , but I was having carb issues and finally got it to run right when the governor opened the throttle fully - the blower took the wrath of the engine in a bad way . I've never had one instance where I could load that engine beyond it's pulling range without damaging whatever accessory was on it - which is why I love that K-341 so much and the overall simplicity of the C-series . Sort of reminds me of the short wheel base big block cars of the past - forget using the wheel to steer it , the throttle worked better anyway ... Sarge
  8. Parts that fall off aside , the later model Yugo with the 1800cc Fiat engine was a hoot to drive - burn the tires off the in first 3 gears easily , mostly due to lack of weight . Shop my Dad worked at had one for a parts runner - I regularly volunteered for runs to the suppliers , think we put 4 used sets of front tires on it , lol.... This summer , while working on I-80 there was a whole parade of vintage , like new looking Pacers in a group that went by - I though for sure it was a sign of the impending Apocalypse .... Sarge
  9. 1276 Sundstrand Hydro filters?

    That filter will work fine - there is also a WH/Toro filter that is a non bypass with possibly a better micron rating - somewhere around here we have a listing of the correct filters and what they do but can't find it at the moment . Be really careful with that pump/motor in that hydrogear transmission - keep it surgically clean inside and change oil once a year or several times if working it hard - takes very little dirt/particles to destroy it which is why they have a somewhat bad reputation compared to the piston to piston later versions . Good news is , if it ever blows up and can't be rebuilt the newer piston to piston C-series whole axle assembly will bolt right up - they were a direct replacement/upgrade on a dealer bulletin I've read somewhere - so that's good news as they are quite plentiful . Externally you'd barely be able to tell it was ever changed on your '66 as a bonus... That hydrogear is far tougher and stronger than most would ever give it credit for - if you can find one that wasn't totally neglected and abused , which most were - mine is more than strong enough to break the frame like yours and I suspect it will continue to live quite awhile longer if taken care of . Sarge
  10. I've discussed those spindles with several welding/fab shops and the consensus is the same - they are probably heat treated steel rod stock after bending the shape in a die press . Building new ones would be a real pain and require a lot of setup work to get the angles dead correct - if it were off even slightly it would show easily and wear the front tires in a hurry . They could be welded up and re-turned in a 4-jaw lathe chuck , but it would be a really tricky process since it's not a 90* angle . Other option to to use to separate pieces of round stock and a machined block in the middle with the correct calculated angles - but there are a lot of differences in the different models of tractors and their front axles . The D-180 I have , for instance , actually has a 2* negative rake to the rear stock and the 18* spindle angle - would be interesting to make a block like that on a mill but I don't have the knowledge/experience at mill work myself . If the blocks could be made and use 4140 round stock you'd have a seriously strong spindle - I'd also consider at the same time doing some upgrades to the axle for full length bushings and bottom support bearings for all the variations - that would make them last forever if they are kept greased even occasionally . The way I rebuilt the Ross steering box and front axle on my D made it steer as good or better than power steering - even with fairly sticky v-bar front tires on concrete you can spin the wheel with one finger - well worth the time and investment in tools . Someone really needs to take the reigns and get something in the works for new spindles - they are becoming quite limited in supply and some are nearly impossible to find even used for restoring these old machines . If someone could make the machined parts I can handle the welding of the exotic alloy here with the tig and required filler rod - I keep a pretty good assortment for those types of alloys . The truly hard part is figuring out the correct angles - almost every axle/tractor has a lot of wear on it from age and calculating those angles off the center pin in the axle isn't easy - at least with what I have here for tools . I suspect there are probably 20 different variations if you only go back to the early 60's - that's quite a task... Sarge
  11. Maybe nothing special , but they have a lot more character than 95% of what is on the road today - nice to see someone keeping them alive . I never was much of a Ford fan , but those series of cars sure had some good lines and were very well built . I hate how some of the old names from the past are being used on cars/trucks that are nowhere near what those names stood for back in the day...like , a 4-door Charger ?? Sarge
  12. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    Yes , those mufflers on the D's can be a real problem when they rust and collapse internally - both of mine barely flowed anything . It seemed to have almost too much torque at low to mid rpm , but at full revs lost power - that's why I built the new stacks/mufflers for mine . Pulls like an idiot now . Go through those governor settings closely as well as the the throttle limits and adjustments . Make certain that choke is opening all the way as well as the throttle valve with no slop in the shaft . If it can't breathe it can't pull right . The timing was off a bit when I first got mine - I chalk it up to wear over time but overall mine is in excellent condition . Also , look very closely behind the main engine cover tins and hope a rodent hasn't been busy packing it full of nesting material - mine had a 5-gallon bucket full as well as deep into the fins . The engine is pretty easy to pull and inspect - 4 bolts for the nose , a few wires and the 4 main bolts on the frame as well as the stator wiring . More work if it has the front pto , of course . You'll also want do download the parts list here - https://www.kohler-engine-parts.opeengines.com/index.php?main_page=document_general_info&products_id=12023 Very helpful knowing those original part numbers when trying to locate replacement parts . Without it , the shops have to look it up and that takes a lot of their time . Sarge
  13. Might want to check the axle itself , probably ground down pretty badly from the looks of that spindle wear . I generally sleeve all of mine - spreads the load out better and stops the wear issue . Sarge
  14. Do I Spy an older model Torino in the backround....nice pic , btw.. Sarge
  15. Dealer List

    I scored what the seller had claimed was an original coffee cup from the Wheel Horse factory in South Bend about 10yrs ago off the popular auction site - finally dropped it once too many times last winter and now it's badly cracked and leaks - would love to find another one . Only markings on it is USA on the bottom , nothing else so no real idea of who made it and when....very heavy weight and well made . If anyone knows anything about these - I'd love to hear about it and am actively looking for another one to replace the original . I've had one made but the red is badly washed out . Sarge