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  1. Needle Scalers

    Ingersoll Rand also sells an add-on head with some good quality needles that will fit almost any air chisel gun made on it's external nose threads . I use mine to clean slag and rust removal for welding pretty often in places a stringer bead brush can't penetrate . Be aware - it will peen down your welds quite a lot in a hurry , especially when still hot ... https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ingersoll-rand-needle-scaler-attachment Sarge
  2. The whole gate is in pieces right now - need to finish a bunch of little things on it today and focus on the D for a few days until the weather clears enough to blast the trailer/gate and start painting it . To fold the gate flat you'll need to offset the hinge to the frame at the rear a bit - the way I did this one it can allow the gate to lay folded in half flat on the rear deck , only taking up 24" of the end of the decking . Bullet hinges can be used between the two gate halves but the hinges between the gate and the frame have to be on the outside edge only - otherwise it can't fold all the way down . For full length loads I leave the gate folded in half and can pin it in the upright position , lesser loads it lays flat for less air drag going down the highway . 1"x2" rectangle tubing was used to divide the gate in half - make sure it's welded fully and sound as that hinge point has to stop the gate from collapsing in half under weight . I've loaded over 1,000lbs on this one with no issues of bending yet . If you plan to use bullet hinges I'd go no less than 5/8" pin size , 3/4" would be a better choice . Lot of folks selling cnc milled sets on the auction site cheap - you can't build them for their price using good steel . Maybe I can grab a couple pics and dimensions of the rear frame hinge points - it would be a good starting point . The lift springs use a pulley to allow everything to pivot over center for folding the gate flat . It looks odd at the upright position but makes sense once it's folded all the way down - hence the use of aircraft cable instead of connecting the springs directly . Think of how the old bi-fold doors worked on garages , closets and some rear truck/camper hatches - that's the best way to describe how this gate works . Sarge
  3. Preferred snow plow blade edge?

    There's a couple folks selling 1055HC in 42" on the popular auction site - no holes but the stuff can be drilled with cobalt bits . For the price , it should last the life of the blade unless you're constantly using it on concrete . I replaced the edge on the big D's 56" with the stuff in 1/2" thick - it comes pre-beveled nicely and will cut nearly anything it hits easily . Sarge
  4. Not a problem , glad you got it figured out . I just finally found a 3/8" T style 1/4"NPT plug to go into my 3/8" Snap On impact after all this time , performs as it should now instead of being so weak . Now I need to change the pump oil in the Speed Air and get the system cleaned of any moisture before the weather breaks this weekend so I can sand blast that stupid trailer . Finishing the small welding tasks today if I'm not called out for work , hope it doesn't rain again . Trying to get this stuff done before fall and finding a few days when the humidity is low enough to paint with low wind speeds around here is pretty tough . Meanwhile , the big D sits there in pieces yet too...ugh . Sarge
  5. C-160 PTO manual clutch repair

    I'm not too far away from you in Ohio south of Dixon if you need help . These things are pretty simple and very tough , download the manual for yours in the manual section and go at it .... Sarge
  6. If you want to lower or eliminate the wind drag off the ramp , cut it in half and add in a 1x*x1/8" piece of tubing to each half and a pair of bullet weld on hinges . This turns the gate into a bi-fold and if done right it can lay flat on the deck in it's half folded position . Took me awhile to figure out the geometry on this but a lot of utility trailer manufactures have gone this route - sure helps with drag and fuel mileage , not to mention you don't risk the gate ripping out the pins that hold it up as I've seen many do over time . I can try to get some pics of the hinge details if you need them . Sarge
  7. Welds are done - had the local guy next door come over and burn them in for me , I really need new glasses again , ugh . Doing overhead on 7018 isn't a problem until I get to structural tubing with rounded corners - no depth perception left on one eye and the other one is closely gone as well - first time in 40yrs I've had to ask someone else to weld for me - not a happy day . He's got 10yrs on me , a lot better health and still has a decent set of eyes - the guy is disgustingly smooth to boot , lol . Anyhow , he finished up the rounded edge structural tubing joints , I got everything else done and realized last night I forgot the safety chain hoops , ugh . Will do that today and need to work on the gate's hinges anyway so I'll drag out the Dynasty again . Weather looks like 1 more day and it goes to crap , I'd like to get the dumb thing at least blasted and primed before that happens . Got called out for work tomorrow , Tuesday's forecast doesn't look promising - just can't win . At least I'll have time to work on getting the D back together , finally . I had used an engine hoist to get the trailer that high on the big jack stands - much nicer to sit upright than laying on your back in the gravel . Sarge
  8. Needle scalers can remove some serious stuff , but be aware they leave a pretty rough surface . Almost all air hammers use the same threaded nose on them and Ingersoll Rand makes an add-on needle scaler - some TSC stores carry it in stock , I think around $40 . I use one on mine for cleaning old crusty welds and rusted metal prior to welding , they work wonders but if you want a smooth paint finish you'll have to follow up with some metal sanding or build up a heck of a lot of primer . https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/ingersoll-rand-needle-scaler-attachment Biggest use around here is cleaning slag off large diameter (5/32") 6011 welds in tight spots . Sarge
  9. Yeah , pretty crap design if you ask me and a problem waiting to happen . I am glad to discover that someone other than the regular "welder" that did the main frame and cross members knew what they were doing - it was welded very solidly and a pain to cut through those welds to remove it . New tongue is in place and hope to start sand blasting it today for new paint . I'm about wore out , hate trying to work under stuff anymore as my health is really made a change - too many years of doing this stuff and my joints are just shot . Trying to decide if I want to go to IH Red on it or just go back to the stock black...ugh . Sarge
  10. My C81

    Also , don't completely discount some of the off brands - I put a set of BKT ags on the front of the D , they were dead true to size and haven't worn one bit yet with excellent traction so far . Sarge
  11. Yeah - I heard that date come up this morning on the radio - had an interesting experience on that day in the diesel shop I used to work at ... Whole bus load of DeadHeads comes in , towed off the Interstate - transmission failed in the old '68 Chevy school bus they had , which of course , was totally decked out in a '60's paint scheme and mimicked one of Jerry's album covers . That job was a bear and they all had to stay in a local motel while we repaired the bus . Took a few days to get the parts and I was finishing up the trans work when they all walked in the door to check on the bus' progress . First thing that morning I had heard the announcement of Jerry's passing on the shop's radio and their enthusiasm about resuming their "chasing Jerry" tour it was obvious they had not heard the news .... So , I rolled out from under the bus and tried very gently to break the news to the nearly 30 period-dressed Hippies - that did not go well . You would have thought I killed a whole litter of their puppies or something , all sad and angry at the same time - got called names I've never heard before , too . Owner/boss/friend comes out of the office to see what the heck was going on and by that time the tears started flowing , prayers flying at full volume and some dancing of sorts in a big circle around the bus - he looks at me like I dropped an atom bomb on a nursery - "wtf did you do ??"....lol . I had to duck out of the crowd to let him know exactly what this meant to them and why they reacted so badly - these folks had been "chasing Jerry" for a lot of years - it was their life . We let them settle down a bit , finished their bus and sent them on their way to who knows where , the game was over . In the end I was their friend and even got a card sent to the shop thanking us for the work and understanding . I remember a few days later seeing the insanely painted bus on the news and even recognized a few at the ensuing gathering for Jerry's passing - it was a truly moving experience I'll never forget . It's amazing how a song artist can create such a following - only to be taken away at a young age and putting such an effect on their fans - Jerry was truly one of a kind . Sarge
  12. I feel your pain - the damage to my utility trailer was from the tongue failing under a load and supported by the jack - I had intended to add a tie-in member to prevent this - didn't get the time to get it done . It basically just fell over , loaded and sitting on the jack the day I broke the engine coupling in the D when I tried to hook it to the truck . Pretty crap design and far too light of materials from the manufacturer . Pre-built a new one out of 2x3x3/16" rectangle box tubing - gotta weld that up today if it doesn't rain . The new tongue should stop the exaggerated flex in the front half of this trailer - the way they make them now is trusting too much in the engineers and not enough in quality of materials ....ugh . Might sell this one and go hunt down a 77"x14" utility with a 5,000lb rating instead of these lightweight junk 3,500lb models . Wish steel was a bit more fairly priced right now , I'd just use the new tongue to build a new , and much heavier unit . Sarge
  13. I spray mine with Permatex High Tack , let it set a minute and install . Only one gasket each that I know of ...got an engine book ? Sarge
  14. I paid $300 for my last C-160 and ran it for 4yrs before the engine developed a knock - it had been previously overheated badly and has a cracked block . A C series that is more capable in both weight and power is what you're going to really need - a C-81 is going to come up pretty short . A 12-16hp Kohler single is going to be nearly double the torque output of the 8hp engine - the little small block 8hp is great but just not enough displacement to handle the level of work you need . Even pushing snow it will need front weights to make up for the lighter engine - I can throw an 8hp versus a trip to the chiropractor for picking up a big block Kohler . Rebuilds I quoted are full-on shop built with labor, genuine Kohler parts and a warranty - these guys are one the best shops in the entire Midwest and have been at the game for a very long time - no shortcuts taken , ever . That does bring up another thing about engine rebuilds . Most experienced mechanics can easily handle a rebuild after a machine shop does the technical work of boring , ect to prep the engine for new parts . Now , the quality of those parts (aftermarket has about 3 levels of quality , all are not as good as genuine Koher) is one thing - but who assembled and fitted the parts ?? If you don't take the time to properly fit the rings , check the valve land width , measure the rod and size it to the crank , ect the engine will not last near as long as it should . Very tiny mistakes can cause catastrophic problems later and can render a usable block worthless in short order . I've seen too many "rebuilds" fail in just a few short years of service and only a handful that work as well as when they were new - most will never hit their correct cylinder pressure and hp output just due to sloppy fitment of the rings alone . The price on the little C isn't bad - you're mostly paying for the implements versus the tractor . A heavier big block model with the same attachments would be a deal at the given price but the market has been ticking upward again lately and in my opinion most are highly overpriced . Just keep one thing in mind - no matter what - all these tractors have some age to them and nearly all will have an unknown history of owners . How they are cared for over time makes a difference and costs money to repair . I'd start with a basic , solid big block tractor with a blade and find a cheap cart - it will get you started and can do a lot more work than you'd ever imagine . Sarge
  15. My C81

    Carlisle seems to be a better tire , although some of the bigger rear sizes have moved to offshore manufacturing . The Deestone is known to run short in height . I run the Carlisle Tru Power ags on nearly all my Horses - very well made and great traction/wear rate . The true King of ag tires is the Firestone 23 degree agricultural tire - the tried and true original with the price tag to match . Sarge