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  1. Finally Found a Use!

    That's a great idea for narrow trailers behind a full size truck - I'll have to remember that... Sarge
  2. One listen to Knopfler's rendition of "Telegraph Road" will tell you he's a lot more than folks think - always been a fan of his work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1Wp2ASqyxI Sarge
  3. FEL Build for 520

    For those that are stuck with old-school AC buzz boxes - there is a solution - http://www.ahpwelds.com/catalog/stick Out of stock for now, but should be available again soon. Price is about $260 total via either AHP or Amazon. Will easily run 7018 3/32" rods all day long on 110v wall socket (20amp) @90amps. Very small and compact, tiny little bugger but welds so smooth it's ridiculous. Pretty embarrassing that it's as smooth as my $4000 Miller Dynasty 200DX. Bump it up to 220v power, runs 1/8" 7018 easily and very smooth starting. One very noteworthy warning - absolutely no cellulose rods, ever! No 6010, 6011, ect.. Be careful with the stinger handle, or just swap it out for a better one - they are about as Chinese cheap as it gets, but that's the only complaint I've had so far and it's trivial. I've intentionally beat on this thing trying to push its duty cycle or just plain hurt it, no dice other than causing the stinger handle to break apart at the hinge from heat. For the price, insane you can get a welder that works this well, very compact and honestly rivals the Miller Maxstar 150 minus some additional perks/settings at less than 1/4 the cost. Sarge
  4. C-195 help

    If you ever decide to turn loose of it (gravel does/can move), I'm only about 45 miles north of you. Always have hunted for a Super C, but they are pretty thin in our neck of the country. Sarge
  5. 1277??

    The larger diameter 2-spoke wheels, if left outside too much would crack from the sun. Once cracked, pieces fall off,cut your hands up and they aren't any fun to repair - seems most that ever had a bent/broken steering wheel ended up with a later model, smaller 3-spoke version. I put it on the previous owners being at fault - most times this stuff is from neglect, misuse or just plain not greasing the thing properly. Sarge
  6. High octane gasoline

    One thing to know about modern fuels - ethanol is not only corrosive to parts but is mainly used to boost the octane level of very crappy gasoline. Higher octane or not, non-ethanol fuels are a better quality base fuel which is always better at keeping deposits and damage at bay. Want proof? Try storing ethanol boosted fuels for long periods of time and enjoy the results of changing parts. I've used non-ethanol for a very long time after seeing mowers and other small engines come here with a lot of corrosion damage in the fuel system - not to mention valve damage. The higher octane will normally have zero effect on a low compression engine - other than maybe the possibility of harder starting due to spark plug heat range and lack of cylinder pressure. I bring this up since there is a slight difference in how you should adjust your carb settings on fuel mixture, staying away from running rich if possible to avoid cylinder carbon buildup and spark plug fouling. The engine in the Cat-branded generator looks to be a Subaru/Robin or a clone - I see no reason 91 octane non-ethanol fuel would hurt it in any way possible. Sarge
  7. Best model for parts availability

    One thing I haven't seen mention of is the one drawback to the single cylinder Kohler engines when used for mowing - they do have a lot of brute force torque but are limited to side angles of no more than 25*maximum. Splash lube engines have that one drawback, but they are very strong and simple in comparison with later engines. If ditches are not a factor, I'd just keep it simple and use a C-160 - otherwise, any of the later model pressure lube twin cylinder engines are fine. Sarge
  8. Lathe advice needed

    Nice score - that's something that will last far longer than that lawn mower and frankly is more useful. Take some time to get to know the guts of the machine first and address any wear items now - once you have it in service it's harder to put it down for a time to do any work on a machine. I missed a later model Logan awhile back that was a little larger than my Enco - still mad about it too as it was it very good condition with little to no wear, ugh. Sarge
  9. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Video embedding works fine, great job with the loader. The whine in the hydraulic pump is just a bit of wear, not uncommon and some pumps do it when they are even new. Looks like it could use some more weight in the box for sure - that is some very heavy snow. Sarge
  10. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    Are you certain there is no interference in the needle's travel as the float moves up and down? Some of those needles and their wire clips that keep them against the float tab can be a problem. If the wire clip has been bent down too tightly, it can bind in the arc of the float as it moves with the tab where the needle rests against it. Not uncommon to see these get bent up as folks try to adjust the float height. Do not trust those imported carburetors to be perfect when they arrive - very common to see metal fragments in them as well as float settings being way off. Genuine Kohler carbs are a much higher quality casting and when fully rebuilt properly will perform like new. Hold the carb in it's installed position and cycle the float/needle through its movement - at no point should that needle bind and not close off the inlet in a very positive manner. Just fyi - common automotive vacuum/pressure testing gauges are cheap and can show up to 8-10psi of fuel pressure being they are a dual type gauge - might want to pick one up. Keep in mind, the float height and resulting fuel level in the bowl can also affect the engine's fuel curve. If it's set far too low, it can create a flat spot coming off idle. If you don't have the Kohler book for carburetors, there is a free pdf copy here in our files section - it would be a good idea to read through the section associated with this carb so you can fully understand it's operation and settings. With the flooding, it's amazing that the oil hasn't become diluted with gasoline - you must have a very good set of rings in that engine. Personally, I'd still change it often until you can figure out the issue. Sarge
  11. Ready For Spraying Season

    I'd be paying real close attention to that seat/fender latch - have you tried filling that tank yet ? Sarge
  12. Thanks for the info on the Predator - I like options later when things can fail. My interest in generators north of 10,000 watts is driven by power tools and welders - almost would rather go that route than buying a very expensive engine drive and having a dedicated welding rig truck or pulling a trailer for one. One of these days I need to finish my welding trailer and compressor build, but that is a separate unit. Besides, the generator would come in handy for small portable jobs and when our power goes out. Beats freezing to death in Northern Illinois... Sarge
  13. That cart's whole design was driven to be portable - it lives in the basement most of the time and must be able to be loaded with ramps, crane or whatever to get it where it's needed as well as doorways down to 28". Stability on stairs is good - as long as the tires are inflated equally. Keep in mind, if you build something like that you'll need a means to anchor your welder down solidly - or risk dumping it. If in the market for a mig, go look at some of the offerings from Everlast - they are doing some great things for the cost and their line is proven to last. If you need any further details on the cart - ask in the tools and equipment section, I'd be glad to help. Full Metal Jacket sure brought back a lot of memories of our beloved Marine Corps Drill Instructors - they are a force unlike any other. Ermey's barking basically hit the nail on the head with some of the old school phrases - sharp, witty and to the point, you'd never forget it. Sarge
  14. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    Exactly my thoughts - leaking floats will show the problems you describe and no change in float height settings will fix it. That float has to, well, float... If you want to test it, either shake it or heat it up in hot water and hold it submerged for a while with a stick and watch for bubbles. Some leaking floats are very tough to diagnose, the issue only comes up at certain temperatures when immersed in gasoline. The solder joints can have micro cracks you cannot detect - if nothing else it's a common and easily replaced float. Not unusual to find a brand new carb with a bad float, either. It would be really tough for that tiny fuel pump to push enough pressure to overrun the float on a Kohler, but it is possible. One way to test is to run the line to the carb into a container and spin the engine over for 15 seconds with the spark plug disconnected - should only be a few ounces of fuel. You could also use a fuel pressure gauge on that line, should be around 3psi max if everything is in order. As mentioned above, get the oil out of that engine. Flooding to that level will destroy the lubrication properties of the oil and in turn destroy the internal moving parts quickly. Hopefully, it hasn't already done any major damage. Sarge
  15. It"s Florida, what the ****

    I'd be happy @38*F, we were at 24*F this morning with snow on the ground - middle of April. Some folks around here have mowed once or twice already, that's just so wrong... Sarge