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  1. 8 speed

    Hello al i found a used 8 speed trans that has been put together from two units it still needs the axle bearings and seals the guy wants a hundred bucks for it i think its a bit much i need some opions or does some one have a good used one to make a stock puller with for my daughter i have a 1974 c120 hydro with a bad hydro i will be putting it in
  2. Turbo blue??

    you can use the fuel if you get the right head temperature ensuring good combustion and a bit more power . in order to do this you need a head temp monitor and duct tape to put over the air intake screen on the flywheel ideal running temp for turbo blue is 325 deg farenheit at the spark plug to acheive this temp you will need to start putting tape over the screen run it under a full load and monitor the head temp once it reaches this temp the fuel will burn hot and clean. but the more air you block the hotter you will run so on hot days less tape cooler days more tape once you get good temp and the right ammount of tape make sure to start your engine and let it start warming up before you pull i used this trick on racing carts for years even when i ran alcohol it worked well and never had much trouble with deposits in cylinder. and yes unless this is the way you want to do run blue the other guys are correct it will be pointlees and potentialy fatal. also after you are done pulling you may want to put a fan on the engine or remove the tape and idle the engine to properly cool it down . i suggest a fan so yo dont have to keep puttin the tape on and off :)
  3. want to build a puller

    heres the idea when building a puller i always follow build it nqs legal and all most all clubs will have a spot for your tractor it may cost abit more to do it this way but you have the freedom to pull with other clubs . with that said i would still check with your club to see if nqs rules apply like terry said. and if you use nqs rules you will have a good safe tractor...
  4. 1975 C-120 Automatic

    i would also check your points adjustment if they sliped a bit it wil run warm and sound muffled or tight kinda like it wants to make rpm and power but just cant do it but this only takes place at full rpm . the 10 hp k series in the 100 cubs were very bad at this during the last year of production. this might not be your problem but it sure sound familliar to me took four days of pulling my hair out and a few tears but finnaly figured it out.
  5. Kohler 16 hp engine question

    i used to work in a cub dealer and used pices of old conveyor belt cut in circles to make the isolators they worked well and were easy to make they added a tiny bit more vibration but hardly noticed it at all it holds up twice as long as oem iso mounts you can get the old belt from a stone quarry just go ask for a piece they may or may not charge a small amount just place a fender washer on the top and bottom of the stack .
  6. dash towers

    my c120 is a 74 thanks for the replies
  7. hitches and wheelie bars

    thanks jon and welcome to red square i agree with the wheels the skid plates create to much drag when you get up on them but the wheels will keep turning and as we all know it just may very well be that one inch that makes or breakes the season ill put my points on the wheels any day the pics are very helpfull :)
  8. new tiller tines

    they kinda look like troy bilt horse model tines cant quite tell by the pic above
  9. RJ Belt Idea

    i caution you that a dual belt set up or a wider belt set up will place a lot of strain on your input shaft due to the extra pull on the outer end of the pulley :scared-ghostface:
  10. Belt slipping

    i sell the stens true blue belts in my shop my dad had trouble blowing gates and wheel horse belts on his snow blower on his 312-8 horse an i convinced him to try one and this is his 4 th season on it they contain kevlar and are very well built made by thermoid industries. let me know if you cant find one and ill hook you up with a price that you wont find anywhere else
  11. dash towers

    And yet another question comes to mind will the dash tower on my c120 hdyro need changed if i install an 8 speed trans or can i do small mods if necessary
  12. hitches and wheelie bars

    thanks for the pics guys this helps quite a bit im sure ill have more questions the further in i get :)
  13. Some more on my NQS Altered

    your altered tractor is sweet but no offense you should of called it a bear horse :laughing-rofl:
  14. hitches and wheelie bars

    Hey folks i have traditionaly pulled cubs but have a c120 hydro that i am doing a rear end swap in . my oldest daughter just graduated from the kiddie pedal pullers and is now ready for some horse power wheel horse power that is not sure how to set up a hitch and wheelie bar system. any pics or info would be great thanks
  15. Are Hydro's Good Pullers?

    i havent found many wheel horse hydros tha thold up under severe duty for very long especialy while pulling 10 foot 30 inch logs from the woods :eusa-think: