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  1. New Horse Hauler

    Looking good!
  2. Looking at a 522xi

    I've removed the covers around the spark plug area and pull starter off and was able to give a pretty good cleaning. If It was one I have just bought I like to pull the motor and make sure it's good and clean then after that I do above way.
  3. Looking at a 522xi

    My first 520xi would run in the red on the temp gauge. It ended up ruining both crank shaft seals. I had to pull the engine twice once to clean and another to replace seals.
  4. Looking at a 522xi

    I heated them up with hair dryer. They came off without leaving any adeisve behind.
  5. Looking at a 522xi

    You may want to check out redoyourhorse.com they have nice repo decals I went with the American series decals on two of my xi's. My xi seems to run around 3/4 on temp gauge. On a really hot day maybe even a little higher I try to stop often and let it cool.
  6. Looking at a 522xi

    The 26x12x12 may hit deck wheels
  7. Looking at a 522xi

    Very nice looking xi. I've bought 3xi's over the last couple years. I always remove the deck and clean and inspect and pull the engine covers off and wash down the cooling fins. It can be a bit intimidating at first but once you do it once the next time is a breeze.
  8. It is a foot pedal for engaging the deck on alot of 60's model WH.
  9. 48" rear discharge deck

    None that i know of. 42'' is the biggest ive seen
  10. Rebuilt my last tecky carb.....predator the answer?

    I think the predator engines are great I've had good luck with them. I have a friend who is really into gocarting and says the fly wheels are rated above 3600rpm but I can't remember what the max was 4500?
  11. Set the bead on an ATV tire

    When I worked at a tire shop we would put a tube in the tires and air it up to stretch the tire back out. We also had a bead blaster that would shoot a large shot of air into the tire at once.
  12. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    Have a 310-8 that shows around 16 to 17v at wide open throttle with a good battery. I've just kept using it and nothing has expired yet.
  13. 417A-II

    I've had two 417's one would barely run after getting wet and the other wouldn't run unless i took the points cover off and dried it out.
  14. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    On the two campers I've had the furnace burners will turn on and heat up for a bit then the blower kicks on. The 06 keystone and the 05 Gulfstream I currently have are this way and yes dirt dobbers can cause problems with camper furnaces.
  15. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    Most I've seen the thermostat for the ac is for the furnace too.