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  1. Most I've seen for sale are around $300 to $350.
  2. I had one not too long ago. They do pop up for sale but are expensive. Look for 417-8's they almost always had one on them.
  3. I like the newer reinforced decks better my self. As they got better the price on them did go up also.
  4. Is it a 3 wire flat plug? If it's a Kohler engine the regulator should look like this the two wires from the engine plug into the two outside terminals and the middle one goes to the positive. Hope this helps
  5. Ive used a couple aftermarket carbs that seemed to work well. I had a h60 with a carb off a Kohler k181 on it seems to bolt up directly if you remove the adapter plate that teckys use also had to make the linkage myself.
  6. If you look behind the pulley the numbers are normally stamped there.
  7. Looks like it would be great for mowing duty.
  8. Looks great for 100$ I see your MO. If you get tired of it send me a message.
  9. They should just say the mower won't last till the first oil change. So don't worry about it. Lol
  10. I work on push mowers for a few people around town and i've started noticing push mowers don't have drain plugs anymore guess that explains it.
  11. It may go on the adjustment rod in the back of the deck in the center. Does the front of the deck ride on the ground or is it up 3/8" or so?
  12. I believe the k181 on a b-80 is 1" B-60 also 7hp Kohler
  13. I have a set on a commando 8 which i believe originally had the same size tire urs had.