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  1. Round hood package

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Round hood package

    Changed Status to Pending
  3. New Horse Hauler

    I bought a dodge durango for the wife to drive been using it as the horse hauler too best of both worlds family wagon and tow rig. The hemi loves the fuel though.
  4. Round hood package

    I have 3 round hood WH's that I would like to go to good homes. L156,633,502 you can message me or text for pics and details. Would like to sell together.
  5. Buying New Garden Tractor

    I like my 520xi just fine. But if i were to buy something new it would be a compact tractor.
  6. 308-8 42” deck

    My dad and i both have tried running 42'' decks on 8hp horses. I went back to 36'' deck
  7. New Horse Hauler

    Looking good!
  8. Looking at a 522xi

    I've removed the covers around the spark plug area and pull starter off and was able to give a pretty good cleaning. If It was one I have just bought I like to pull the motor and make sure it's good and clean then after that I do above way.
  9. Looking at a 522xi

    My first 520xi would run in the red on the temp gauge. It ended up ruining both crank shaft seals. I had to pull the engine twice once to clean and another to replace seals.
  10. Looking at a 522xi

    I heated them up with hair dryer. They came off without leaving any adeisve behind.
  11. Looking at a 522xi

    You may want to check out redoyourhorse.com they have nice repo decals I went with the American series decals on two of my xi's. My xi seems to run around 3/4 on temp gauge. On a really hot day maybe even a little higher I try to stop often and let it cool.
  12. Looking at a 522xi

    The 26x12x12 may hit deck wheels
  13. Looking at a 522xi

    Very nice looking xi. I've bought 3xi's over the last couple years. I always remove the deck and clean and inspect and pull the engine covers off and wash down the cooling fins. It can be a bit intimidating at first but once you do it once the next time is a breeze.
  14. It is a foot pedal for engaging the deck on alot of 60's model WH.
  15. 48" rear discharge deck

    None that i know of. 42'' is the biggest ive seen