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  1. Rebuilt my last tecky carb.....predator the answer?

    I think the predator engines are great I've had good luck with them. I have a friend who is really into gocarting and says the fly wheels are rated above 3600rpm but I can't remember what the max was 4500?
  2. Set the bead on an ATV tire

    When I worked at a tire shop we would put a tube in the tires and air it up to stretch the tire back out. We also had a bead blaster that would shoot a large shot of air into the tire at once.
  3. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    Have a 310-8 that shows around 16 to 17v at wide open throttle with a good battery. I've just kept using it and nothing has expired yet.
  4. 417A-II

    I've had two 417's one would barely run after getting wet and the other wouldn't run unless i took the points cover off and dried it out.
  5. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    On the two campers I've had the furnace burners will turn on and heat up for a bit then the blower kicks on. The 06 keystone and the 05 Gulfstream I currently have are this way and yes dirt dobbers can cause problems with camper furnaces.
  6. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    Most I've seen the thermostat for the ac is for the furnace too.
  7. unleaded gas

    I live in a small town the only gas station here only sales one grade of gas 87. I use seafoam in the fall seems to work well.
  8. Two NOS WH belts scored for free

    Have you checked the belts for part numbers stamped on the back side of them
  9. K341 VS K321 VS P216G

    Most air cooled engines have alittle knock or rattle thinks its the nature of the beast.
  10. Farewell old friend!

    My step mom has a silver extended cab 7 lug 4.6 engine think its a 97. She runs her own landscaping business. She loves it. We have always called them heavy 1/2 tons.
  11. 520XI won't go up hill

    They do have the same setup. All of the above thing are were I would start.
  12. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    I've been using a small hand crank winch on my small trailer its very handy. I never thought about adding a idle pulley like you have.
  13. steering clicking-416

    Sounds like the steering gear and fan gear are not meshing properly or teeth are worn on one or both.
  14. D200 W/ loader BIG project

    Looks great! I also like the winch setup on ur trailer.
  15. Deere deck on 520xi

    You probably already know this but I will throw it out there anyway just in case you didn't know. The New Holland gt22 and gt20 decks are the same as xi decks just blue. Good luck.