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  1. Ceramic cylinder heads

    On a stock governed engine I see no advantages, but lots of disadvantages. My guess is he did it because he could....
  2. Rear PTO coupler?

    John Deere used the same coupler as the D series on some of their larger garden tractors. You might want to check for a John Deere coupler, I'll bet they're still available..
  3. Yard Sale Return

    If you're willing to ship it, I'll buy it.
  4. Portland Tractor Show

  5. I have gone from a high of 42 Wheel Horse tractors and tons of attachments and parts down to one 520Xi with a 52" mower deck. I still have a closet full of original manuals though. I find the manuals much cheaper to maintain.
  6. Yes, you'll be fine. There's always kids there.
  7. "Beware Trains!!"

    That'll buff out.
  8. My Wheel Horse Raider 10 New Puller Project

    Get a copy of your local club's rules and build it from there. Remember to look for the gray areas in the rules and use them to your advantage because I can guarantee you everyone else is.
  9. Mosquito Sucker -- Cub Cadet

    I wonder if it would work for the land mines the dog leaves hidden in the yard.
  10. I'll be there but not pulling just helping a couple friends who want to pull.
  11. Motorized Chute Deflector

    Aren't those snow blower starter motors 120 volt motors?
  12. Motorized Chute Deflector

    Simple, relatively cheap and it didn't take you 144 posts to show it to us. I like it.
  13. Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    Sheet metal from a model t would be way too small but model a sheet metal would be a direct bolt on fit.
  14. Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    Here are 3 excellent sources for parts. Snyders has a pretty good selection of AA parts. I've used them all in the past, they all have good service. http://www.gaslightauto.com/ http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/ http://www.macsautoparts.com/store/
  15. Dragging home this 1930's Doodlebug this Sunday!

    That's a model A engine, AA transmission and front axle. I can't really see the rear end but judging from the wheels, it's an AA rear end too. It probably started life as a Model AA truck on somebody's farm.