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  1. Happy birthday

    :) Wotcha bro! You old git! Happy birthday. Everyone has beaten me to it! Hope you've stocked up on the food and booze. Will be darn at 5ish. See you then. Ian.
  2. Flamin Heck!!!

    :) Its not the first time. Did it last year. Knocked an old tin can over which had brushes soaking in it. That ran all over bench. Trouble was the bench was an absolute s**t tip and i couldnt mop it up so i left it to evaporate. Then being rather stupid i put my hot air gun down in the middle of it whilst it was still glowing and whoosh, up it all went, setting most of the bench on fire. It started to burn and char everything on on the bench including my hand lamp and my electric drill, plus some stuff in the pigeon holes above the bench! I was starting to panic a little by this stage trying to put out the large barbecue i'd unintentionally started. tried damping down the flames with various sheety clothy things but to no avail! Ended up dashing from garage, down across the yard and dragging the hose pipe up. Luckily the hose is a retractable reel! The fire was soon extinguished, thankfully not causing too much damage. The main concern was my dinner was ready and was probably going cold! Rather ironically we were having a barbecue as well! I inspected the damage after feeding my face. The black smoke had gone and the smell of charred plastic etc filled the air. Luckily My electric drill was ok although a bit melted round the edges. lost my hand lamp and a few other unimportant bits and bobs. Still, dont suppose i'm the only one to have done this and certainly wont be the last. No doubt Meadowfield will start taking the mick, not mentioning that he set his garage on fire recently and also my dad Norlett who set his wooden, yes WOODEN! coal scuttle on fire! Luckily for all concerned no lasting harm was done. Just need to move all my containers of thinners. might aquire a new extinguisher at some point and perhaps a fire blanket. A tidy up would help too! Ta ta. Ian
  3. :eek: Oops! Had a wee accident with some thinners again tonight. Almost set garage on fire. I,m sure meadowfield will post a pic at some point. Stray spark set tub of thinners on fire which had paint brushes in. Had already moved one tub but didnt see the other lurking on the bench, hence a wee fire started. Almost carried it to the door but it got too hot so threw it on the floor just inside the door setting the floor and my shoe on fire. A hasty dash for the fire extinguisher and jobs a good un! Must stop leaving thinners all over the place though! It was all meadowfields fault though coz it was his stuff i was welding!
  4. Where do you buy Kohler Parts?

    :) Only place i could find on the bay was called The mans one stop shop. Had 2 engine refresh kits now and had no trouble at all, both shipped to the uk and far cheaper than any parts over here in the uk, even with the postage added on.
  5. :woohoo: awesome dude! Cant wait to see it in the flesh next week when all us crackpot horse nuts meet up. Still not lookin forward the monotonous (wow! that was a big word for a friday night!) journey down though. see ya. Ian
  6. :woohoo: Wow. That looks cool! Just on with a deck my self. Wont look like that though. its been home made at some point and im just adapting it to fit my little lawn ranger properly. Well done and happy projecting. Ian.
  7. New 1970 lawn ranger project

    :) Cheers for your comments guys, much appreciated. Wish i could find more time to come on the square but i,m just addicted to tinkering and fettling in the garage. Been messing till arf 8 tonight. Almost finished the cutter deck now. Just needs cleaning up and painting. Hoping to fit it for ardingly, just depends if the paint dries enough. Tractor is definately going though. Lets just hope the weather improves. Ian.
  8. New 1970 lawn ranger project

    :) Hello everyone. Not been on for a while. Too many horses to fettle and not enough hours in the day. Anyway heres a few pics of the little lawn ranger. If this bloomin computery thing doesnt lock up. Almost ready for Ardingly now. Just busy Fettling the cutter deck and all the lift and pto mechanism. fortunately the tractorcame with a tow behind mower deck made from most of the original components, apart from the deck shell, which is home made. Unfortunately there was no lift mechanism under the tractor and all the deck hanger brackets were different or missing, as was the main drive pulley bearing housing. fortunately my brother (meadowfield) has bought my youngest nephew another one as you may know, and that came with cutter deck and all its associated gubbins in remarkably good condition. so for the last two weeks ive been busy fabricating all the missing parts, copying them as accurately as i can. Will try and post some pics when i get chance. Trying to get it all finished for Ardingly but might not make it. sorry to here PJ cant go. Shame hes got to work. Any way folks, see you all a week on saturday,
  9. yet another....

    :) Ey up bro! did you get those tyres and tubes off fleabay? Got all the bits and bobs copied and manufactured off the cutter deck. Been busy making a drive pully housing bearing block thingy and putting new spinny roundy bearingy things in. Keep meaning to take some picturegraphs but keep for getting. Next thing i know ive almost finished. Just need to fettle the cutter deck now and spray it. Hopefully it will all work. Will bring your deck down at weekend. May be have a tinker wiv it and see wot the blade bearings are like. They are available from across the pond in Ohio. 25 squid a pop. I ordered one last sunday and it came on monday morn. Brill! See ya on sat.
  10. My new WH

    :) Hello from yorkshire, England. Looks to me like the muveve drive pulleys have been rubbing on the axle. maybe the mule has been bent at some point and spent some time rubbing on the axle, Or the axle bushes may be worn. Just a theory If it helps. Nice horse by the way.
  11. yet another....

    I think were all nuts! Its bloomin bloomin tractor mad up here. Just waitin for mum to ask for one!!!! Dont think that will happen though somehow. Apparently watchin coronation street and shopping is far more important.
  12. identifying this little tractor

    Welcome to the square dude! Tis an awesome place full of friendly folk! Enjoy.
  13. Hi from Yorkshire

    :woohoo: Ey up Ewan! feelin left out now! aint been on for ages been too busy fettling your bruvs Ranger. Good to see youve put some pics on. Probably know how to do it better than me! Yeehah!
  14. My name is Barry...

    :woohoo: Welcome to the square Barry. Another member from darn sarf! Do wheel horses actually exist in up here in yorkshire? Seems only me bruv (meadowfield) and me dad (Norlett) and me are the only ones who have one. Perhaps we own all the ones which were ever in or around yorkshire. Have fun. May meet at Ardingly, just look for another 3 fat ones holdin a pint. I,m the thinner baldy four eyed one. Meadowfield is shorter and fatter and Norlett is older greyer and even more muscular! Cheers, Ian