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    Norlett Commander 1972
    Wheel Horse B-111 1978
    raider 10 1972
    c105 1982
    c105 1982 (another one)
    lawn ranger 1970

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    Any thing with wheels.Engines.gear boxes.
    Just love tinkering about.

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  1. hello from Huddersfield uk

    My Norlett is based on a the 8hp Wheel horse model...I bought it in a rough condition a few years ago at a show. Then got the bug.Yes we show them at a few shows over the year. Just at the moment we have at home only two Lawn Rangers..A Raider 10.And the Norlett. One of my sons got several Horses (Meadowfield) look him up..Hes made a Four wheel drive one..And a bendy..(click on youtube) Any stickers you might require hes the man. We have a big Wheel horse round up at Newby Hall Ripon.11/12 June..Might be twenty or thirty there...Well worth visit.. Good luck with your project.
  2. hello from Huddersfield uk

    Wish you luck with your restoration. Looking OK at the moment..Not far from us in Keighley.
  3. Hello from Spain

  4. What are you bringing to the show?

    Will be bringing my c105,and one of meadowfields? Hoping to bring some proper yorkshire sunshine down with us. See you there with mark (meadowfield)
  5. Euro Wheel Horse Register

    Hi there George. Welcome aboard. You will be able to pick most items up.we buy tyres off E..y Bearings seals Etc from local bearing dealer.Weve not been stuck yet. We have got several wheel horses on the mend.Painting.Welding.Electrics.Tyres.Etc Taking Ten wheel horses to our Local Vintage rally in a fortnight. Any body interested its the Bronte Vintage Gathering.Cullingworth,Near Bradford.
  6. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    got mine.this morning.thanks.see you there.
  7. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    Not got mine (wed pm) but will wait a bit longer.Will blame it on the snow. Our post men dont deliver in snow.(Cant see white envelopes) :banana-skier:
  8. Euro Wheel Horse Register

    I clicked on.seems to work with me. Will talk to you later.
  9. Hi from Hertfordshire

    :greetings-wavegreen: Welcome to red square, A bit of filler.Might be lots of weld but you will get there. We all do it.(Must be mad).But blooming good fun.Theres some great guys out there ready to help. Wish you luck. Frank.. :greetings-wavegreen:
  10. Feeling left out.... my turn....

    :banana-skier: :banana-skier: Have you noticed,he's making sure brewery wagon can get to the club next door. :banana-skier:
  11. Feeling left out.... my turn....

    Think you all ought to know.That mark keeps his lads in there.when they are bad. Some people have a naughty step.Marks gone one better.(Joking behind those bars is marks local drinking house) How near can you get to a beer house.Its joined on to marks house.He will be on free beer now for clearing snow. :banana-skier:
  12. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    We could all fit flotation tyres on The horses.Might look good. But then if it rains dont know where we would finish up. Would float away. :text-merryxmas:
  13. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    :text-merryxmas: Just thinking.do I ask santa to bring me some wellies for christmas.In case we make it to Ardingly. Short wellies,Knee high wellies,Or waders,Thought of snorkel and Flippers,But every body would take the **** :banana-skier: Yep its a little cold here.
  14. 2nd UK Wheelhorse Round-Up

    got it pencilled in for the weekend wont be fetching the norlett (if it was red and stickered.it would look good) could be marks g14 and a lawn ranger or C105 or what ever we decide on. we should get entry form from last years showing? hoping to come down for the week.
  15. 'Ow do!

    Hi there again norm. Its about the same distance for you to the cumbrian steam rally 60/70 miles as it is for us. Mark {meadowfield.my son) and Ian (raider10 my son) and marks lads all go to the Cumbrian rally. one of our best steam rallies.we go for about four days.camping and showing w/h's We had four on show this year. Frank......... .