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  1. 1960 Suburban 400 w/ Attachments

    sorry for no pics yet, my pics must be too large to display, can send pics thru cell phone
  2. Im selling my restored 1960 suburban 400. This tractor was COMPLETELY disassembled , sandblasted, primed & painted. The hood was painted by a local automotive shop for a Professional finish. All model #'s are matching [ engine , transmission & ID tag are all original ] I even have the ORIGINAL purchase receipt from 1960 !!, It comes with the front mount sicklebar, mower deck, plow blade, and a set of tow behind discs, I don't have time to finish this project, mower deck is primed and needs painting, Engine was completely rebuilt, rings ,valve job, points & cond, This is a very nice unit !! LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY, I can answer all questions thru cell phone, text or call, 518-610-5546 Dave G
  3. 1054 Tail light Pic ???

    looks similar to the factory tailight
  4. 1054 Tail light Pic ???

    Thank you very much for the detailed pics, very helpful, So one of my assemblies is deffinetely a tail light, I will try to include a pic of my other one to see if anyone can identify, Thanks for the feedback everyone !!!
  5. 1054 Tail light Pic ???

    I actually need to see the pics of the whole light assembly, I have 2, but the are a little different from each other and was wondering if one was a gen light or not, I should of been more descriptive, my fault, but thanks for your input
  6. can anyone show me the difference between the tail light image and the generator light image of the 1054 model, Pictures would be so much help, Thanks Dave G
  7. suburban 400 axle bushings?

    thank you very much !!! you have been a big help, thanks again !!!!!!!!
  8. suburban 400 axle bushings?

    can you get me the pt#'s for the bushings,need to order them this week
  9. where can I purchase new front tires for my 1960 400, I'm looking for a tire that looks just like the orig or very close,any sugg??? 4.80/-8
  10. suburban 400 axle bushings?

    would you be able to set me up with the ID & OD of these bushings , i'm going to change the differential bushings while i'm here. thanks Dave.
  11. where can I get the rear axle bushings for my 1960 suburban 400, the wheelhorse part is discontinued
  12. axle seals ??

  13. axle seals ??

    wher can I get axle seals for my 1960 suburban 400 ??
  14. suburban 400 fenders?

    just got nice 1960 suburban 400 w/ org sales recpt [cool !!!] was wondering if this tractor is supose to have rear fenders on it? when I look it up on the parts computer at my job it doesn't show any fenders or toolbox, but have seen litature showing it with fenders,any info may help,thanks Dave
  15. model?????

    found a wheelhorse with a #38465 and also had 62-17216 , says lawnranger on belt cover but not sure if orginal,also has 4.10/ 4 tires on frt and 4.80/-8 on the rear , can anyone tell me the year and if these tires are org?