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  1. Great deal on abrasive discs I found on fleabay

    We call em cat paws/tiger paws.They last a long time too
  2. 4th of July photo opp

    They girls all got out to the driveway in the sun for their annual flag waving event
  3. GT 1848 312-8

    I'm not too far away from you in Binghamton and when you get better soon give me a shout cause I would give these horses a good home for the right price
  4. 953 Deck Attachment

    So I'm wondering why the 953-first of it's kind for wheel horse,would stay from it's already tach a matic design for the rotary deck?After all the models through the years the 953 and 1054 just had to be different.Anybody know why?
  5. Been Propositioned

    I think beautiful.Mismatched and missing goods.
  6. 953 saved in NY

    I have bought many a good part from Glen.I have been away for a couple years and didnt realize the health troubles.Hes a saint.
  7. 953 saved in NY

    Thanks for your help so far.It gives me a great time saving start.
  8. 953 saved in NY

    I have the steering wheel pictured above,correct seat back and recessed early headlights but I have a Ross steering gear.My last 953 and 1054 had the fan gear.I am in search of the hy-2 spring though.Would you have a lead on one?
  9. 953 saved in NY

    A couple he says!!Looks more like a herd!!I went through a 1054 and a gt14 a few years back and I swore I wouldn't do it again.When you strip these unibodys down they are in the way for a while lol.You
  10. 953 saved in NY

    The Finish is really what made me rescue it.Can you believe the lights all worked looking at it.Its a first for me.The headlight-gen light and tail light worked when it got juice!My son and I proudly paraded it up the street last night in all its smoking glory.I believe its gonna need rings or at least valve seals or attention but it runs and operates so sweet.We are glad to put a roof over its head!
  11. 953 saved in NY

    I was happy to rescue this barn find from Watkins Glen NY yesterday.Hadnt seen the light of day in 20+ years.Fuel system treatment,points,new fluids and battery and we relocated the chipmunks under the deck covers and with a puff of smoke it came to life.Serial #62-798 has a place to stay.Its gonna get a new seat and oil run down cause this patina only happens once!
  12. Wheel Horse B-80 Original unmolested, with deck.

  13. So sexy

    After 26 years in these "new" models get me all the time
  14. Name this part

    Snowblower was used once.Paint isn't scratched on the pulley.
  15. Name this part