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  1. These Beautys are in good working condition.They are 5 1/2 foot wide put together.Restore to new or hook up and mow,they are all there with striper kit attached.
  2. Wild Horse

    I been Horse rustled by gawd.My last steed has been hoisted
  3. Wheel horse 312-8

  4. Minimum required HP for sunstrand hydro

    Well I guess I will just go do it.
  5. Minimum required HP for sunstrand hydro

    Its just a driver.No work.It wont resemble a tractor anymore.Just a hydro driver.
  6. Minimum required HP for sunstrand hydro

    Im thinking so?Its just a hydro driver. I have plenty of available power sources,just trying to save on size/design.I have the perfect little 2 horse briggs that will fit the spot perfect and it will just be a driver when finished. I have left it all at work before and everyone was happy
  7. Im considering a hydro buggy project and was wondering if a 2 hp heart would be enough to power a sundstrand hydro drive.I have always heard that you lose a couple of horses on the tractor if you have a hydro so a couple horses should drive it ok?
  8. mystery plugs on k341

    For some reason I am unable to post any pictures from any device here any longer.
  9. mystery plugs on k341

    I wish as there is no threads in any three.
  10. mystery plugs on k341

    I picked up a complete k341 today and noticed on the pto side it has three pencil sized holes with plugs in them,well two do and the other lets daylight in the case.I have never seen this before.It came of a D160,the only year a one lung came on it.I am having difficulty loading pics here lately so any help would be appreciated.Thanks in advance
  11. My love for the short chassis squares has led me to begin a new hybrid.With TTs advice I have all but given up on stuffing a big block under the hood.I have taken on a frame up Hybrid and I have it nearly to fruition except work called and I disassembled my progress.I took a commando frame,set a raider riser upon it.I engineered the different steering configuration and fab'd that up.I then cut off a raider hood mount from the donor and added it to the commando chassis.That's as far as I got.I didn't get to sit on it or take a pic before I stowed it all away til winter.My question is has anyone done this?I have a K341 to stuff in there but I am concerned about the overall look.Is there a photo of one done?
  12. 867 is joining the barn!

    Can't load pics today for some reason?
  13. 867 is joining the barn!

    I find myself saying no more frivolous WH purchases,no more just cause it's red buys.So Again I narrowed it down to one model,you know-if this one comes up and is complete I will pick it up,but only this one!lol Well I was dreaming of it and day dreaming of it at work and I woke up this morning and viola,Here is an 867complete with deck.Oh boy.I text the owner and he's even willing to meet me halfway.It's not a bargain but you just don't see these timid survivors anymore.Because he was willing to shave two hours off my Saturday I'm giving him 300 clams.Pics when I return.
  14. I am the new caretaker of a one owner 1075! :)

    The PO found a NOS deck at an old Toro dealer a few years ago and paid a hefty fee so the deck is like New!It does have the HL-5 accessory with factory wiring and switch.I went there hoping it was junk and didn't want to part with the cash but such was not the case! :)I'm glad I had the cash and couldn't hand it to him quick enough!The tiller was used once,the snowblower a couple times and had nice dry homes in the garage all their life.The overall condition of the tractor is great.Only one problem,He didn't know there was a filter on the tranny!It works well but never had a change,Hope it didn't hurt it!