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  1. Wheel Horse 520 hc

    I would like to see pictures too please.
  2. 520H hydraulic line repair?

    I am going thru this same thing right now. Not an easy task!
  3. swept front axle 520H

    Does anyone know when Wheel Horse started using the swept forward front axles in the 520H?
  4. Wheel Horse 78-1450 shaft

    It is the shaft for the steering mounted on the frame for a 1996 520H.
  5. Wheel Horse 78-1450 shaft

    Any one have one in great condition they want to sell? Rick
  6. What is a good replacement seat for the 520H? Looking for the best one to use, any suggestions? Thanks, Rick
  7. 520-HC Won't stay running

    Definetly clean the carb., they are prone to problems with dirt in the bowl of the carb. i have cleaned mine sevral times and after cleaning it runs great! Good luck!