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  1. Wanted : 23 x 10.5 x 12 tire chains for 520-H
  2. P220 Onan

    some have installed a water mist system on air cooled motors that is directed at the cooling fan, not at the fins on the cylinder. The water evaporates and cools the air. This system also helps an oil cooler to be more efficient. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/150982-water-vapor-cooled-911-rubbermaid-solution.html
  3. 520H with 1750 hours

    Is it easy to access the spark plugs to do a compression test on the Onan? There can't be a loose exhaust valve when the compression is normal. I have a compression tester. Are the spark plug threads the same as an automobile ?
  4. K341 air cleaner screws

    The screws were 5mm, all I found were too long so I will grind them down to fit.
  5. 520H with 1750 hours

    I have only seen a video of the 520H running for a few seconds. The paint and seat looks good from the photos. Maybe it was care for. There are not many Wheelhorse where I live.
  6. K341 air cleaner screws

    I got some M4-8 screws and they are too small.
  7. K341 air cleaner screws

    I got a Chinese carb for my K341 and the air cleaner screws won't fit. I suppose I can re-tap the holes.
  8. 520H with 1750 hours

    With these motors are the valves a common failure? I know to not run the motor if it knocks but I think these Onans are okay when the valves are in good shape. Is that generally a correct assumption?
  9. C160

    Being a friend he'll let you try to start it. If he is close by that's what I'd do. There is no hurry to sell. Take your time and check it out. In the least you'd be helping him out.
  10. I've come across a 520H with 1750 hours on the Onan motor. Assuming it starts and runs okay, is it possible to know whether the motor has been overhauled? The asking price seems good to me, but a pricey rebuild could be a few months away if those are original hours. Also it creeps forward when it neutral.
  11. C-120 upper steering shaft

    The damaged shaft is still on the tractor. I think its about 18 inches.
  12. C-120 upper steering shaft

    The previous owner couldn't get the steering wheel removed. He attached a large nut and steered the tractor with a wrench - like a tiller lever.
  13. What other models can I use the upper steering shaft for my C-120? Are there aftermarket steering wheels for this tractor?
  14. C-120 upper steering shaft

    C-120 upper steering shaft wanted I believe this is # 104887 or 92-4987
  15. Allis Chalmers garden tractor - $2295

    The G was built in Gadsden Alabama, some owners of small farms admired them for cultivating, truck farming etc. Many of the surviving G's need to be repowered, some have been converted to electric power. The Tuff-Bilt is an attempt to reproduce a very similar tractor.. I like them, but I don't know what I'd do with one. https://www.tuff-bilt.com/