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  1. C-120 upper steering shaft

    The damaged shaft is still on the tractor. I think its about 18 inches.
  2. C-120 upper steering shaft

    The previous owner couldn't get the steering wheel removed. He attached a large nut and steered the tractor with a wrench - like a tiller lever.
  3. What other models can I use the upper steering shaft for my C-120? Are there aftermarket steering wheels for this tractor?
  4. C-120 upper steering shaft

    C-120 upper steering shaft wanted I believe this is # 104887 or 92-4987
  5. Allis Chalmers garden tractor - $2295

    The G was built in Gadsden Alabama, some owners of small farms admired them for cultivating, truck farming etc. Many of the surviving G's need to be repowered, some have been converted to electric power. The Tuff-Bilt is an attempt to reproduce a very similar tractor.. I like them, but I don't know what I'd do with one. https://www.tuff-bilt.com/
  6. Why are GT's fading away?

    If you want a garden tractor maybe you really need a used Kubota. Classic garden tractors are capable of serious work, but can be traction challenged for many projects. Four wheel drive is what you need.
  7. Its 2 wheel drive, but I'd like to take my chances with getting it to run as lots of worse tractors are repaired.
  8. The big box lawn tractors aren't that bad considering the price. Many of these vertical shaft machines have decent ergonomics and more comfortable steering than the older garden tractors. There are plastic body parts and the hydro might not be serviceable, but you can get a decade of use from them. A 7 HP garden tractor in 1967 might have then cost $700. which would be about $5,000 in 2014. The heavy duty garden tractor market split, the ZT entered the scene - totally revolutionized the lawn care market. Some of the former garden tractor market was oriented to estate grass cutting machines, others migrated to the compact tractors like the Kubota. Several of the families on my street have four wheel drive compact diesel tractors. Toro is primarily a lawn care company, but better built small tractors didn't disappear from the market, but if you were to spend the Wheel Horse price today you might be looking at a compact tractor.
  9. I don't think Toro was able to significantly expand the dealer network of Wheel Horse at the time when the garden tractor market was maturing. The WH tractors are not well known here in south Texas. But I have also never seen a snow blower in south Texas. The lower cost lawn tractors flooded the market, although often criticized on this forum these lower priced machines met a significant residential market demand, which is largely focused on cutting grass. And believe it or not, many aren't looking for a lawn tractor that might last forty years.
  10. A cultivator is a scenario where ground clearance can benefit. Before herbicdes farmers might have cultivated corn four times each year. Horses had good ground clearance. One of the features of the so called row crop tractor was it was narrow with high ground clearance so as to pass between the rows. Many years ago it was popular to cross plant with check-row planters where the rows intersected at right angles in a checkerboard pattern. Planting equipment laid at the pattern so that cultivators might cultivate beteen hills of corn as well as between the rows. If you have an opportunity a visit to an agriculture museum can educate on the development of the types of equipment. Garden tractors are relatively close to the ground so as to not be as useful for cultivating taller crops like corn. As herbicides can be so effective today you might not see any weeds in much of a large field, but some weeds have gained resistence to the chemicals and can choke the crops. Years ago a farmer might pay local kids to hoe by hand the weeds in his bean field.
  11. Bigger toy, but it's Ford, not WH red

    My 90 year old uncle said his 641 was the best tractor that he ever had. When he sold the others he kept the 641 until a few years after he quit farming. The 641 never needed many repairs. The 661 is harder to find in the 601 series, with the five speed and live PTO. The 641 is like a Jubilee NNA, updated with the Red Tiger overhead valve motor, a great classic tractor.
  12. C-160 Automatic

    Looks like a good tractor! I got a C-160 Auto a few days ago that I would like to restore. The K341 has a broken rod from running low on oil. The paperwork that came with the tractor indicates that the motor was rebuilt once. The tractor came with manuals and service receipts in a folder. The C-160 is a benchmark tractor that represents years of improvement of the same basic design. IMO, any of the newer belt drive models is just a refinement of the C-160.
  13. I got a non running C-160 auto with tiller in Austin Texas. It had been used last year for lawn mowing but the K341 broke a rod. Hopefully the block is okay and I can fix the motor. I already have a 16 Magnum which I think should work if I swap the oil pan. Sheet metal on the tractor is good, needs seat and tires and usual cosmetics. I have not seen many Wheel Horses in South Texas, so I bought this one to fix up. The mowing deck is in good shape but likely won't use it as my lawn is pretty rocky. I couldn't pass up the tiller, I might eventually create a small food plot. I see tractors like this one listed now and then, sure is a lot of money. I'd probably get an larger utility tractor before I paid that much. http://austin.craigslist.org/grd/4378485546.html
  14. What tractor to buy??

    Other than the Peerless transmission and electric PTO clutch I don't think there is anything that is particularly hard to find for the 800 Special. A Honda motor with 1-inch shaft will work. I think the 36-inxh deck is common with other Wheel Horses. I suppose the Peerless transmission was used for models of other manufacturers, don't know about that for certain. I think I could convert my 800 Special to use a frame from another tractor, then I could use an 8 speed, The frame isn't wide enough to accept a Uni-Drive and I didn't want to modify the frame. I think many "800" parts cross reference to other models. The Special mostly means it uses some left over parts, nothing much is new other than the frame. I believe the wheel base is 45 inches. Some others know more about this than I do, But other than the rear part of the frame, the four speed transmission and the alloy Briggs and Stratton the 800 Specal is similar to other models. I considered a frame swap and the 16 HP Kohler then I'd have a 1600 Special. Tim
  15. Sears GT-18

    I got a Sears GT-18 with 18 HP Briggs and Stratton opposed twin model 422447. Has belt drive 8 speed manual transmission: 3 forward, 1 reverse with high and low range. I am not certain that it is GT-18, but appears to be a '78 or a '79 model. Tractor has three point hitch with box blade with electric lift. runs well. It is missing the PTO clutch mule drive and lacks a mowing deck.