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  1. C160 with attachments

    Are you willing to sell the tiller separately? If so, price? thanks, John
  2. rototiller

    Are either of these tillers still for sale? I am interested, please let me know. thanks, John
  3. 312-8 with Tiller

    Hi, I am taking a shot at if you still have the tiller for sale, and if so would you sell it separately from the tractor? I’m in south Charlotte, would it be possible for you provide some pictures of the tiller? Do you have all attachments for this tiller, front mid mount idlers, assist springs, belts, and so forth? I have a C120 (1977), if price is right and tiller will fit and is in working order, I am interested. Please PM or call cell at 475-323-8981. Thanks for the help! John
  4. 1976 B60 with 36" deck and tiller for sale

    Marv, thanks for the response, but a little above my budget.
  5. WH tiller

    Would you know if this tiller would work with my C120 ? I am interested in it if it has all parts and is in working order? You are asking $150 for it and what would shipping be to Charlotte, NC area (28173) ? Please let me know, thanks for all the help and info. John
  6. 1976 B60 with 36" deck and tiller for sale

    Would you sell just the tiller? If so how much?
  7. WH tiller

    Is tiller still for sale and do you have all pulleys and parts for this? When was the last time used and working? Please let me know. Thanks
  8. Hello Red Square!   Looking for a  K series 18 hp or a 16 hp horzitonal shaft for my C120 WH.  Please PM me if you know of one for sale?




  9. Rich,

    do you still have any K-series 16 hp engines, for a C120 ?

    let me know, thanks


    1. richmondred01


      I have a 14 hp with 425 hours.

      all my 16 are gone and this is the last 14 I have. 


    Terry, Just a thought, do you offer or can you produce a magnetic Wheel Horse emblem to place on your car, like some folks have for their sports teams? That would be really neat and cool to have a WHEEL HORSE emblem on the back of my truck.. !! Hey Terry, if you dont offer them yet and you create them and it take off and your sales BOOM!!!.... I would hope I get my for free for the idea!! LOL !!! Thanks!! Let me know... :)
  11. Snow Blade Index

    snow blade index lever
  12. trying to post some shots... not sure how well this can be seen, my first time doing this. Sorry if its not too good.
  13. I have a 1977 C120 8 spd Wheel Horse which I just finished a light restortation this past spring. I am putting the 1974 Snow Blade (6-4112) aka (6-4114). The level index when I got the snow blade was the incorrect one. I needed the one with the 90 degree bend in it, part # 104340 according to the manual. I ordered from toro the new part (104340) and they sent me the replacement part (94-6686-01). Which they said when I called them it should fit and thats all they have. When I attached the blade to the tractor, the index lever seems to hit just slightly, when putting the blade on its angels, it touches the PTO pulleys on the main shaft and then slightly hits the brake pedal also. So I ask to all my Red Sqaure Guru's, is it me... ??? Did I put the lever on the wrong way, backwards or am I missing something. Any thoughts would be appricieated. I am trying to add some pictures so you can see what I am talking about. Maybe its something that I just live with......I dunno ??? Thanks John in CT.
  14. Okay Guys I gotta ask. I just put the weed trimmer line on my snow blower shoot and it seems to be okay, but what is the secret from keeping it from binding up and getting snarled around the spool. It is not staying taunt around the spool, anything help would be greatly appriecaited or is it something I need to correct and adjust???
  15. So any update on the plastic weed eater line for your snowblower? Just wondering how your results went? I have to replace my cable because its all "kinked up" around the spool on my snowblower and as you, we havent had much snow here in CT either, so I havent had to use the blower much but do want to replace the darn cable. Let me know if you use the weed eater line and what gauge thickness you're using. I have a whole spool of that stuff, but it is a pretty thick gauge of weed eater line. Thanks! Waiting patiently