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  1. 5XI Max Weight for Back Axle

    I've read that you need weight BEHIND the rear axle to take weight OFF the front axle. Wheel weights and loaded tires won't accomplish this.
  2. Anyone have a Ford Flex ?

    My wife and I bought our 2010 Flex brand new. It is an SEL version with AWD. It is by far the best vehicle we have ever owned. (Between the two of us we've owned about 40 different vehicles over the past 40 years). Our Flex is about to hit 97,000 miles. With one exception, our Flex has always been serviced by the local Ford dealer we purchased it from. The car has needed no repairs other than brakes, tires, fluid changes. On trips we are able to get about 24 MPG at highway speeds. This week we had our third transmission fluid change. I discussed with the technician a driveline component called a PTU. As I understand it, this helps coordinate the AWD function of the car. On our car the PTU is considered sealed for life, however the fluid can be, with some difficulty, pumped out and replaced. It has a small capacity at about 18 oz. PTU failures may often be the result of aggressive driving and the the resultant increase in PTU fluid temperature which could "cook" the fluid making it very thick. Starting with 2013 models, the PTU was redesigned with a drain plug to facilitate fluid changes. The Flex did indeed benefit from some Volvo engineering. The car is considered safe and strong. It is quiet and smooth and the ride height is not too low or too high. A comfortable car to enter and exit. Much like the family station wagons of my youth, this car is well suited for day to day transport of things. It is also an easy vehicle for our 70 pound dog to hop in and out of. If you have not driven one yet, do so. One drive and my wife was sold!
  3. WH T 523dxi or 522xi

    Hello, PM sent.
  4. 520 lxi owners

    Make note of the ENGINE Model and Serial Number. Early LXI machines had a trouble prone PLASTIC CAM GEAR (premature wear/failure) Kawasaki engine which was upgraded to a steel cam gear in later builds. With the engine serial number you will be able to search the web to determine which version engine is in the machine you are looking at. Not the end of the world if it has a plastic cam gear, just factor in the cost of repair as as you evaluate the machine and its asking price. Other than the cam gear, the machines are virtually bullet proof and the liquid cooled Kawasaki is likely, with proper maintenance, a 2000 hour engine.
  5. 1996 520 H Photos....Really!

    Nice tractor. At the risk of sounding nit-picky, but wanting to be historically accurate, don't 1996 model 520h machines have gold themed decals, badging, and wheel covers? Again, you've got a great machine there.
  6. ct fellow members !

    Watching the Blizzard forecast for New England I thought of Rick_in_CT having sold his fine 522xi / Two-Stage snow fighting package last week. Rick will your remaining 5xi with the snow blade be your primary weapon for this big storm? Or have you already purchased the new equipment?
  7. NEW HORSE!!

    Congratulations Jared ! One of the best garden tractors of all time.
  8. 522xi's will need a new home soon

    U-Ship or Fastenal could get that tractor to Michigan at a pretty reasonable price I bet.
  9. Making Hay w/520H and Loader

    Great story and photos. Just another benefit of owning a Wheel Horse. When it comes time to sell one, the proceeds can be used to fund a new chapter in your passion for all things tractor related. Perhaps this thread or a new one can be expanded to share other member photos/stories of calendar year 2014 Wheel Horse related projects undertaken and or completed.
  10. New (to me) 523Dxi

    David, Welcome to the 5xi family here at Red Square. I've sent you a PM. - Challenger
  11. Moral decline

    Thanks for expressing this sentiment.
  12. XI - Heated Up

    Rob, I wish I could be of more help. The fact is, I have only basic mechanical abilities. This, coupled with a job that takes an extraordinary amount of time, dictates that I have our machines serviced by our two, local Wheel Horse dealers. I check the oil levels, grease them, wash them and watch the gauges. Then I write the checks to pay for all other services done at the dealer. - Challenger.
  13. Mowing, full throttle or half?

    Not to highjack this thread, but upon first start of the day how long and at what throttle setting do you "warm-up" the engine before moving to WOT for lawn cutting, snow blowing etc? I have a neighbor that upon start-up advances the throttle IMMEDIATELY to WOT. He believes that proper lubrication and cooling must be facilitated immediately. No warm-up needed. ! ?
  14. XI - Heated Up

    Its been about 3 years since we've done this level of service to one of our machines but we have one scheduled for this work in late October. Somewhere I have some 35mm photos of the first one we did many years ago. If I can locate them, I'll try to post them. Last I recall, the bill for a comprehensive service including pulling and cleaning the engine was over $600. This also included all fluids, filters, tune-up and blades, deck cleaning and leveling I think. This very first "super service" was prompted by higher than usual temp gauge readings. The concealed parts of the engine were chucked full of debris. The service tech. had never seen anything like it before and he asked that I come see it before the clean-up started. In that I had just bought this used machine, I photographed everything while it was apart and sent a friendly note and photos to the seller. This resulted in a voluntary $200 "rebate" from the previous owner. It helped salve my initial disappointment.
  15. XI - Heated Up

    Every 200 hours we do a comprehensive maintenance cycle on our XI mowers. As part of this, the Kohler powered machines always have their engines removed for a complete cleaning.