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  1. That 416 looks as amazing as always Martin, as do the new decals from Terry. I know what you mean about getting busy with other things. My poor tractors have been neglected, and I'm ashamed of myself. My son tries to keep me inline, as he's very good about washing, and taking care of his 52 Standard. He comes to me from time to time, as says "Dad, your tractors sure could use some love." He's a good kid! It was great to see some pics of your fine machines again Martin. Matt
  2. Wow, almost a year an a half later it done! Nice work Jake. Matt
  3. Yup, I remember when I joined here, your avatar was a pic of you sitting on the seat of your newly restored 1054. Matt
  4. Its always nice to see these great old threads pop back up. Especially ones as nice as this. Matt
  5. Thanks, I really enjoyed refurbishing it. Its actually out in the garden right now, as a friend of mine is using it to plow his garden. Its a fantastic machine, and a hard worker. Matt
  6. Very nice work indeed! Matt
  7. Thanks for all the encouraging words. This 444 has been a fantastic machine, and has logged quite a few hours in the garden already. So far so good, and I've really enjoyed its performance. Matt
  8. If the pics are any indicator, it looks like its working very well now! Its getting mixed signals from you right now, one minute your fixing it up, the next minute you hitting it in the face. I'd be careful, thats one Beast I wouldn't want to make mad! Matt
  9. I'm glad you linked it from Suburban International as well Lars. Fantastic Work! The harrow turned out great, and with it on the back of your Suburban, it looks even better! Matt
  10. Now there's a winner of an idea!! Matt
  11. That looks amazing Martin! Like others have said, I'm running out of things to say about this amazing machine, but I know for a fact that the Pond's never had a leave their assembly line looking that good! A job well done. Matt
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. It certainly has a very clean look. Matt
  13. Very interesting idea for removing some of the strain from your axles Ian. I will be curious to see how it works out for you. Its always good to see the Beast, even if she's in pieces. Matt
  14. Glad you got it running Martin!! Does that carburetor have a main jet adjustment needle? I don't have any experience with that model of Onan, but I've had plenty of engines that surged until air fuel mixture was set right. Matt
  15. I wouldn't have it any other way Martin! By the way, your the first person I've ever seen polish galvanized pipe! Thats just going to far! Matt