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  1. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    That is definitely the wrong seal. This is the correct seal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281192492884?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
  2. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    I believe the new seal is flush with the axle housing I will have to check when i get home. What concerns me is the lack of the old seal i pulled out. There just wasn't much there and as mentioned above if there wasn't that much seal left it should have been leaking at a faster rate.
  3. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    I am guessing i still have some of the original metal seal behind the new seal i put in. I think i need to dig it out then re try with a new seal. any tips on removing the old seal? I was using a pick and various other tools to pull on the old seal but was only able to scrape the rubber away.
  4. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    Will the old seal have metal in it? When i was removing the old seal i picked out very little rubber material before running into metal. I assumed this was the bearing. Is it possible that i do not have the old seal fully removed?
  5. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    I will give it a shot, thanks!
  6. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    I checked the axle movement and it was very little, i did tape the keyway and axle end before putting the new on on.
  7. 8 spd axle seal leaking

    So I finally got around to doing this job. Removing the hub was very easy as it seems oil had seeped onto the axle. But when i went to dig out the old seal it didnt seem like there was really much of a seal to remove. I dig bits and pieces of what seemed to be a seal out and eventually was just hitting metal with my pick which i assume was the needle bearing for the axle. I then installed the new seal and tapped it into place. It didnt leak at first when just sitting still the first couple nights, but then i used it a few days later and after that it is leaking again. Any ideas?
  8. Rear Grader Blade Heavy to lift

    Thank you for all the suggestions, I did find that my lift cable was connected to the wrong hole on the rock shaft. I raised it to the top and adjusted the slack out of it at the hitch and now it works much better. Thanks again!
  9. I got a Brinly rear grader blade with another tractor last week and added it to my 12-8. It fits great and should work good too, but the only issue is its so darn heavy to lift with the manual lift? Im thinking about adding a spring to help pull it up, has anyone done this? Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Where to find Kohler k241 carb parts

    I just picked up a pair of C101s. One of them has been used for parts and I am trying to replace the ones robbed off of it. I took the carb off hoping i would only need a rebuild kit, but found that the main jet and high speed adjustment needle were both missing. I have been able to find some high speed adjustment needles on ebay, but for the life of me can not seem to find a main jet anywhere. This is for the size "26" carburetor with the screw in main jet with 3/8 thread size. Does anyone know where i can find this part? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have a 73 12hp 8 speed that has developed a slow leak out of the left rear axle seal. Does anyone have a guide to replacing these and a part number for the seal? Thanks!
  12. Yes Carlisle Super Lug on front and rear.
  13. Thanks, I have probably only ran it 2 hours in the past year since the restoration but i just picked up a snow plow and restored it (as you can see in the last picture) so it will get some hours this winter we will see how the decals hold up.
  14. Here are some pictures of before and after. I think it turned out pretty well.
  15. Looking for a Snow Blade