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  1. C160 Transmission oil

    bought the 141 about 5 years ago and was anexcellent tractor till the trans let go got another trans used will flip the cover and let you know thanks again
  2. C160 Transmission oil

    as much of a dingbat this makes me ive been saying its a 161 hydro its actually a 141 hydro bought a used trans for it from a 121 like you sad it goes like a bat out of hell backwards with the handle forward but barely and i mean barely moves forward with the wheels in the air i thought there were set screws on that shaft but its a pin so ill have to assume and we all know about that that that cover is on upside down wont think that was possible but then again i also was thinking it was a 161 as always thanks in advance for any and all help embarrassly kyle
  3. C160 Transmission oil

    thanks for the info once again am gonna try that tonight and will let you know
  4. C160 Transmission oil

    if anyone has any idea how to adjust the set screws on a 161 hydro i would appreciate the help got it up and running but engaged it forward and it went backward almost killed my nephew not really but was funny id appreciate the help
  5. C160 Transmission oil

    i have a 161 hydro and it takes 5.5 quarts to fill the trans
  6. C-160 Transmission Question

    the valve was the culprit but now the trans engages forward and goes backward so im assuming the set screws are the culprit on this one
  7. got the trans to move with the adjustment of the valve but now it goes backward when engaged forward so now it those set screws we hope am working on this weekend will let you know how it goes
  8. C-160 Transmission Question

    thanks for the info really starting to supect that valve will try tonight
  9. thanks will try that this evening will let you know
  10. C-160 Transmission Question

    yes installed a new filter will check the release valve had a heck of a time getting oil in the trans added the prescribed 5.5 quarts does this system need to be primed?
  11. i have a similar problem with a 161 its hooked up and filled with oil but wont move
  12. C-160 Transmission Question

    im hving the same problem as discussed. got a used trans from a reliable source installed it and added with some difficulty the 5.5 quarts of 10w30 as prescribed. wheels will move just slightly but not much. am stuck at that any suggestions thanks in advance