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  1. Brillion GT 6

    Here's a little more information, at some point in 63 the tractors were built by Lantz manufacturing division in Greenville Ohio. here are a few brochures of the tractors, they were painted a light bronze color and white ,the ones made in Ohio were red . I think Brillion bought garden - all and began building tractors if you look at a Garden All Pup they share the same frame, and have other similar attributes such as their use of louvers and the big belt pulley and cable steering. Brillion built farm equipment but was also a producer of other heavy iron products. I will go out on a limb and say I think they Garden All and Brillion were in bed together before Brillion took over, why else would the first brochure exclaim New for 62 Brillion has a garden tractor I think the 59 I have was made by Garden All but badged Brillion iron works.
  2. Brillion GT 6

    I have been looking for a Brillion ever since I first set eyes on one 5 years ago at a show in Delaware, it was a 1963 last year built. Since then my search has been far and wide when an add popped up on CL in Iowa . BRILLION PARTS 50.00 read the add, I was on that phone at warp speed and speaking with seller in the hopes for a complete tractor in a box, but no... he had everything, but no frame, hood or steering tower, or engine how the hell do you have all the rest of the parts but no frame ? Its not as if your going find them any time this century, my hopes dashed I continued my quest when a month later I spied an add again in Iowa unrelated it seemed, Garden Tractors for sale as I looked over the machines in the picture something caught my eye, in the corner of the barn nearly covered with cardboard boxes sat a 1962 Brillion GT6 Explorer, can you imagine my excitement ! I called the seller and we chatted awhile trying to remain calm, I casually asked about the Brillion hoping no one else picked it out from its hiding spot, 250.00 he said and its yours, I immediately sent him a paypal the tractor was complete but missing its engine. I then called the other seller with the Brillion parts and bought them, also I asked him about the missing engine he said his father put it on a rototiller and they haven't used in a few years, yup I got that too. 100.00 dollars after getting everything from Fastenal I got the engine running and it ran great no smoke . Then I noticed something about the parts tractor its grille was different than the 62's along with its decal, OMG IT IS A 1959 THE FIRST YEAR BUILT since everything else is the same it can be shown as either by simply switching out the nose piece. I may be the only owner of a 59 and a 62, although I personally know of two other 62s in the U.S. one in Mass. one in KY. and two in Canada . As for the 63s one in Ohio and one in PA. and one in Indiana. They are quite rare nonetheless.
  3. 1958 Copar Panzer T55

    There is still a lawsuit pending, Chrysler sued panzer for using their rear's without permission true story. Even though they were purchased from bone yard's.
  4. 552

    So does the grounded one go to the rectifier to kill the engine
  5. 552

    Hi all need some help with ignition switch, the switch has 3 prongs a S a M and one that appears to be grounded to the housing which prong is the kill to the rectifier the schematic shows the switch having only one wire Thanks Henry.
  6. 1962 552 part ?

    Hi all, need help with identifying this part and where it goes, for a 552 I don't see it in the parts list and I'm quite baffled by it any help would be greatly appreciated thanks HenryG
  7. Rectifer cover

    Need the white plastic cover for the charging system on my 552 ht55c Lauson Tecumseh 5 1/2hp
  8. WH 62 552

    That's the answer I was seeking does that board have a cover looks a little scary
  9. WH 62 552

    Thank you for your help.
  10. WH 62 552

    Yes I'm aware of the GIANT starter switch I'm asking about the key switch I see only one wire going from it to a non descript component with three prongs in the wiring diagram ? Where does that wire go there's that component with the diode's does it screw to that somewhere ?
  11. WH 62 552

    Yes I'm aware of the starter switch, but the key switch is what I'm asking about it shows only one wire going to a non descript component on the wiring diagram ?
  12. WH 62 552

    Hey all, I've been given a 552 in pieces my only other WH's are pull start RJs . Can someone tell me if the 552 use's a solenoid for the key switch the manual shows a non descript three prong thinger with no name on it, and the parts list doesn't mention one but there are a few In the box of parts I was given . Thanks HenryG.
  13. Seat pan

    Looking for the square seat pan for either 502 552 or 702 732 299 5347 Thanks Henry
  14. special edition WH

    Has anyone ever heard of a special edition WH of the early sixty's maybe a 654 or 854 with a white grille or hood ?
  15. 1966 WH 1056

    1966 WH 1056 for sale throttle and choke need to be hooked up gas tank as well, carb will need to be cleaned or rebuilt, tractor has been media blasted primed and shot with automotive paint . The K241 will run nice after a little TLC 400.00
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