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  1. Tried Carb cleaner, didn't touch it. I was out of lacquer thinner. I took my sander with 180 grit and started to work on it. It seem like they primed over the original paint. I am going for old patina, I may just sand and clear over unless I come up with a matching hood.
  2. Trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck

    PM sent
  3. thanks, I'm going to give that thinner a try. I will post some results in a few days.
  4. I recently acquired a C160A and the PO repainted over the factory finish on the hood. The rest of the machine looks to be pretty much original and I like the used look. My question, has anyone taking off a coat of paint to machine the old finish? Tips welcome. Joe +
  5. Slot Hitch

    For Sale; one wheel horse slot hitch, good condition, $40 shipped to lower 48 PM for purchase. Joe
  6. Axle Differential Breakage

    About the only 1 inch axle issue, a keyway chucked out and ruined the hub. This was on a B100 Automatic. I think my teenage kids may have help that one along!
  7. FEL Build for 520

    There is going to be trial and success! Yes these projects are satisfying. Especially when completed and you start to use the machine. I use my loader at least a couple times a month. It is a real back saver. I have even curled the bucket back and use it as a saw horse.
  8. WH 518-H questions

    I picked one up a couple years back with the same issues. $150 with rough RD 42" deck. The one lung engine ran pretty good, good enough to test the transmission. I pulled the engine, (made video), and put it on E-bay. I got $150 for the complete motor to a guy in MI. I had and old 12 horse K engine, installed it is still running today. My daughter mows her grass. $400 way to much, If deck is good $200 is a fair price. To much risk at $400.
  9. looks like you need number #4-16 seals 6449 1 1/8 axle 100607 1 inch axle looks like the OEM seals are pretty thick. I take it the old seals were thinner when you removed them?
  10. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    Sounds like the magnetic heaters are the ticket. I looked at a 200 watt and the tractor engine. I might be able to place on the flat spot near the bottom of the front??
  11. Went out in the middle of the week, temperatures in the teens, tried to start my C145 plow machine.......no go! Seems like the ACR is stuck, backfires through the carburetor. Using 10w-30 oil. The machine always started pretty good. I was thinking I may need a block heater. Anyone using the heaters? If so what type? wattage etc. I see pad style, drain plug styles. Joe
  12. Another 520 that won't start

    Sure does sound like a ground problem. If you have a set of jumper cables try running from the battery negative directly to the engine as a supplemental ground. Could try turning on the lights and trying to start the machine, If the lights stay on you have a control issue, If they die lack of power, bad ground, or main wiring issue.
  13. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    Already got a name, "441"! Those kind of finds can be a challenge, It sounds like you got a fighting chance having engine compression.
  14. Snow Thrower, Short Chute Single Stage

    Changed Status to Closed
  15. WH Snow Pusher Blade

    Changed Status to Closed