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  1. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    Last year set up a plow machine, tender on battery, staged read to go! Never used it! LOL I am sure that was the extreme. Going to get ready again, next week.
  2. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    I have one, I went to this page and it was fairly easy to process a replacement.
  3. Anyone recognize this Work Horse?

    I always ask how many purses she has. Things quiet down there after.
  4. I use motor oil to winterize hydraulic systems and transmissions. I buy the cheap stuff in gallon jugs.
  5. LED Headlight Solution on C-195

    Now that is creative!
  6. After back surgery last November, I installed a 1000 lbs chain hoist to the rafters. I purchased a better brand from Grainger about $200. Now, I disconnect and raise the front of the tractor and roll out the deck. Lower the tractor, roll it back and raise the deck. Pricey, but I wish I have done this years ago.
  7. 16hp Vanguard wiring help

    Yeah, they are a little different. Some things I found out. I found it best to get the wiring diagram form the machine the engine came from, if you can. Something that happened to me was, when testing I got the carburetor wire and magneto wires crossed. That burned up the diodes the machine would only run on one cylinder. Also, after time, the carb solenoid would stick and the engine would not start. It can be eliminated with a plug. Briggs & Stratton part #807723 PLUG-CARBURETOR. one other item is when using the carb solenoid the ignition switch (kohler) would not work. Hope this helps.
  8. Need some advice

    I used a purple degreaser on my kubota, it even dulled the plastic hood and powder coated stuff. I used nufinish car polish, came back 90 percent.
  9. Deere deck on 520xi

    I would go for it! looks like a cool project. Slider under the tractor and check the fit. I had a JD 48 edge and it cut fine.
  10. I have about 200 foot of frontage on a state road, Same problem with trash.........and it really ticks me. Once I was picking up the trash and came upon a case of long neck buds. About half were broke, I washed the rest off, chilled them and enjoyed. My wife said that was the only time I was happy about picking up the trash!
  11. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    I had a B100 auto, it used a 10Hp. It ran pretty good on flat ground but was real tired on the hills. The 10hp finally gave out and replaced it with a new 12hp. It was much better but at times was in the governor hard on the hills when grass was higher.
  12. C120 8 speed

    For Sale: Wheel Horse C120 8 speed This strong running garden tractor features an 8 speed high/low range transmission, newer 12 horse; powered by Kohler engine, and a mule driven 42” rear discharge deck in fair conditon. I bought this machine with a thrown rod summer before last. Installed a newer magnum engine and found the transmission was howling. Changed that and used the machine to till the garden and some grass cutting. Runs good. Don’t let the patina of this machine fool you. It is a blend of American engineering, cast iron, steel and power. A beast! Price $450 cash. Local pick up only (zip 15357), sold as is.
  13. Looking for a K301 oil pan

    what one do you need, shaker or frame mount?
  14. Backhoe Project Parts

    For Sale; a project I started a few years ago. I wanted to make a mini hoe for my 520 but my friend bought a track hoe and the project stopped. Includes; 1 CHIEF Directional Control Valves (22 Series): SAE 10 Inlet/Outlet, 1500-3625 PSI, SAE 8 Work Port SKU: #220951 Misc. burn outs for the swing section and bucket arms. I also have some other square tubing that is not pictured. The price includes one set of plans from PF engineering. Cash price, Pick up only.