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  1. Yep, I have been there. My wife tells me I should let it go, not enough to get stressed about. It really forces you to not have any leeway. Also, I've drove out of my way only to find the other person didn't show or wanted the item and bothered to let me know.
  2. C160 Automatic engine mounts

    I had a B100A once that had bolts in these holes that were "J" shaped. They hooked under the angle frame and ran up through the holes with self locking nuts.
  3. Mower Deck Bearing Question

    For me the "proof is in the pudding". I ran one deck for 15 years, (75-80 hours a year), greasing the spindles twice a summer.....no issues. Couple shots of a good grade of lithium based grease. I have taken several spindles apart for salvage and never seen a seal popped. I think running those spindles full of grease can help keep out water and dirt. Looking at other applications, like the mule drive, it runs on sealed bearings. Lots of tension and load. They run a long time. If you like to grease machinery, pop the seals........if not, leave r B.
  4. Can't get the pin out

    looks like your trying to hammer it out using wood as a blocker??? Might want to use metal, gives a lot less. May even think of using a piece of pipe cut to length on a good solid floor.
  5. C-120 Automatic Shifting working very hard.

    A couple years ago a my friend experienced the same problem. One of the cam support socket head cap screws cam loose and backed out causing and was interfering with the hydro cam. Might pay to take a closer look there. One safety tip. Anytime I mess with those hydro adjustments I put the rear wheel up on jack stands for testing.
  6. Mower Deck, Older Style

    Okay, it's kubota orange cast lol
  7. Mower Deck, Older Style

    Couldn't tell you, I never had the cover off.
  8. 2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    Zeek, do you know where that seat come from on that Cub?
  9. Mower Deck, Older Style

  10. K321 Engine Block Assy.

    No, I used it on another engine. Sorry
  11. Mower Deck, Older Style

    I suppose they can be sharpened. I am planning on being there on Friday around noon. I have an issue with my ankle that is in a cast. Going to spend a few hours at the show then headed back home. If your there then that should work, or just tell me who I can leave it with and will catch up on the cash later. Joe
  12. Mower Deck, Older Style

    3 1/2 hours west
  13. Mower Deck, Older Style

    So far so should be there Friday at noon
  14. Mower Deck, Older Style

    will do
  15. 520 Steering wheel removal??

    before I go crazy on any wheel I lock the steering shaft with a pipe wench and steer the wheel trying to get the wheel to turn on the shaft. I try both directions, when that fails bring out the big gun puller.