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  1. If you have one, tee in a pressure gauge on the inlet side of the valve unit. Might tell a story. On the loader I have, the applied horse power to operate the pump is not all that much. I use Dextron III ATF in the loaders I built and have had great results, hot and cold. At 32 degrees dynamic viscosity of ATF is around 220, 10w40 oil would be 740.
  2. Changed Status to Closed
  3. I think I got one of those pedals, I will make sure tomorrow and if you want to pay shipping it will be yours. Let me know. Joe
  4. Looking closer, you could use both. Just need to flip over the plate?
  5. jgoodshell, I just swapped out a 7 for an 11 on a 518H. After I swapped it out I got to looking and I thought the 1100 hydro pump might bolt up the 7 transaxle??? Maybe some one out there can shed some light on this matter? My 7 trans axle was good the hydro was not working. I do know you need to make sure you get the control cam with the 11 they are different. I enclosed some pic. As far as the gasket, I just used the gasket in the past and have had no issues. I like to use new keys and set screws when I have a hub off for any reason. It highly unlikely that you will need bearings. these parts are for a 1995 520H with 1100 hydro 108312 GASKET-TRANSMISSION Both 518 and 520 use this same gasket. 6449 SEAL-OIL (2 each) 937108 KEY-WOODRUFF (2 each) 3243-5 SCREW-SET, SQH (2 each) Hope this helps.
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  7. Tip. use a piece of cloth between the magnet and paint. keeps the scratches down. I mounted a winch switch on a magnet and it still sticks pretty well. I like the light idea. Just might copy.
  8. put a note in one hand says "I should have got a wheel horse"!
  9. good spot, looks like it was always there!
  10. Don't figure they made to many of those B100-A. $50.....great price if is all there.
  11. Looks good, nothing to lose. Probably last a good while. I know when I drilled an axle to center a hub puller the axle metal did not seem very hard. One time I had a 1 1/8 axle that was under sized, The keyway was good. The only thing that keep the hub on was the keyway in the hub deformed and it would not let the hub slide off. The previous owner must have ran it a good while to wear the axle. I had a local shop bore a 1" hub .002 tight, warmed it up and installed it. It has been running on a FEL now for two years no issue.
  12. Nice machine! Should make a great project, metal looks good etc. I started out with a B100A back in the 80's. Ran and mowed great. My daughter still used it to mow her place up until a couple years back. Welcome and enjoy your new project.
  13. A few years back I worked for a large mining company and they wanted to put together a sourcing agreement for filtration. A "filtration team" was assembled and I got a short straw and was on the team. It ended up being a lot of work, taking close to a year to figure out the what and who's. Filter manufactures, field service personal, accounting, warehousing, and of course purchasing we all involved. One thing that was noted; most filter manufactures do not make their own media, I believe there was only 3 media manufactures in the world. Of course, they all tell you the media is manufactured to their spec. Sometimes I felt like I was dealing with "snake oil salesman". The most important thing is the filter must confirm to the equipment spec. You would not want to use a filter that is designed for non sensitive hydraulics and use it on a system that has close tolerances, pilot systems or servos. It quickly became an issue of matching application with quality, rater than quantity. The equipment manufactures do a lot of work and have the best history when it come to filter selection. What was learned, I use OEM filters when available. Chances are they are the best fit for the application. One other item, that is not part of the filter, was looking closer at the equipment and eliminating external contamination best as possible. (I guess we can call that pre-filtering).
  14. Price changed to $150
  15. Yep, sickle bar, and there was at least one other! Wouldn't even shoot me an unreasonable price. Is that panel truck considered a "wood-e" ?