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  1. 3 1/2 hours west
  2. So far so should be there Friday at noon
  3. will do
  4. before I go crazy on any wheel I lock the steering shaft with a pipe wench and steer the wheel trying to get the wheel to turn on the shaft. I try both directions, when that fails bring out the big gun puller.
  5. Okay, so far so good for me.
  6. Nice machine Duke! Power steering is the berries!
  7. I have a old inlet hose from a washing machine that I made up. I connect it up and pour windshield washer fluid through it to keep it from freezing.
  8. I had the same problem a few years ago with a similar unit, I got a replacement on evil bay for less than $90. Bolted right on and ran fine. I did have a problem with the un loader on the unit several months later and the people that sold it to me we great and supported their product. Might be worth a try???
  9. 1968 Lawn Ranger, Model 1-2631, with 5-3322 32" RD Mower Deck. Buy whole 150$ or parts, just let me know what you want and make an offer. The hood is not available. the machine looks to have a 5 HP Briggs updraft transplant. It ran last fall but rough. The 5053 transmission drive seemed real good. Looks like the steering wheel is not OEM, the electrical wiring is missing, the rear wheels show a lot of rust, the seat pan has been notched and I do not have the original engine. I plan on coming to the show.
  10. SW corner about 50 due south of Pittsburgh.
  11. Changed Status to Pending
  12. Okay
  13. I ll change it to pending if your sure,pm me a cell numbr so we can get together at show. Let me know Joe
  14. Duke here is one of my 520 undercarriages used on the FEL I built. It worked pretty good. The tubing is 1 1/2" x 1/8" thick except the cross bar is 3" x 1 1/2" x 1/8". I ran the tube out the back to attach the oil tank and some plates for weight. I used the attach a matic on the front, but for some reason I didn't trust it will all the down force exerted by the frame, so I added a couple angles from the frame to the cross tube. The frame width worked out just so the pump could be mounted on the side with adjustment. I think the ARK Loaders are just a hair wider than mine but you got that unit to measure from. Any Q write. Joe
  15. I apologize, the deck is a 42, I am not sure if the spindles are the same like the newer ones? I got it from a guy empting out a storage shed. I have no Idea what machine it came from only that it is pre attach a matic, What parts do you need?