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  1. Quality electric motor brands?

    If you want to go "old school", check out CL. From time to time older motors show up for sale.
  2. Slot Hitch

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Sure Joe I will take it.  Do you use PayPal?

  4. Slot Hitch

    Dan I have it, send me a pm if you want it. Joe
  5. Slot Hitch

    I think so, I will check the barn today. I forgot I had this up for sale. Joe
  6. How to use a Tiller?

    It can take several passes. We try to bust the top grass off first then go lower on the second pass. Used both a gear drive and hydro prefer the hydro. Wheel weights help a lot to control bounce. The video is my neighbor using a 312-8 several years ago.
  7. I like it! I've done some really dumb stuff with mine. Never had any problems. Just lucky. Does anyone know of some one that broke their case on the tow hitch?
  8. For Sale; One Set, used, 50-lb John Deere plastic-shell rear wheel weights. Installs on each rear wheel to provide extra traction and stability. The outer shell is molded of tough polyethylene plastic filled with a heavy granular material that contains a high iron percentage. A bonding substance is added to hold the material together so that it will remain intact, even if the shell is damaged. Overall width of the tractor will be increased by approximately 2 in. (51 mm) when weights are installed. These weights only stick out from the rim 1 inch. Removed from a 416-8 wheel horse 23x9.5-12 I can drop off at Fastenal if buyer makes shipping arrangements.
  9. OEM fuel pump, or Aftermarket ?

    I've used both with no issues. The after market one is running 2 years now. I've also installed electric, but only the Mr. Gasket brand. works good too.
  10. Grumpy, Jealous and a little irritated

    This has been going on for years, it's just a bit easyer to know it now. There are folks the turn spending money this way, or make their living. I had a guy call me and offer two machines for just above scrap price. Just wanted them taken away, he did not care what I wanted to with them. Like Andy said, be patient and diligent!
  11. Front tire replacement.

    If you got the beads broke your golden. After breaking the beads, I take a utility razor knife and cut just above the bead (about an inch) and remove the tread part of the tire. Then I lube up those remaining bead rings with soapy dishwashing mix and roll the beads up off the rim, keeping the part of the bead ring on the rim in the center groove while popping the other side up off the rim.
  12. Big Show Tractor Winners

    All smiles! That is so great. Thanks for the pics pullstart!
  13. I had to leave Friday. I may have missed a post but anyone know who were the tractor winners? thanks
  14. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    Replacing worn points, you can't go wrong. It can be the difference. Recheck that main jet screw to make sure end is not damaged. Sometimes people screw them in to tight and cause deformation.