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  1. 1968 Lawn Ranger, Model 1-2631, with 5-3322 32" RD Mower Deck. Buy whole 150$ or parts, just let me know what you want and make an offer. The hood is not available. the machine looks to have a 5 HP Briggs updraft transplant. It ran last fall but rough. The 5053 transmission drive seemed real good. Looks like the steering wheel is not OEM, the electrical wiring is missing, the rear wheels show a lot of rust, the seat pan has been notched and I do not have the original engine. I plan on coming to the show.
  2. SW corner about 50 due south of Pittsburgh.
  3. Changed Status to Pending
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  6. I ll change it to pending if your sure,pm me a cell numbr so we can get together at show. Let me know Joe
  7. Duke here is one of my 520 undercarriages used on the FEL I built. It worked pretty good. The tubing is 1 1/2" x 1/8" thick except the cross bar is 3" x 1 1/2" x 1/8". I ran the tube out the back to attach the oil tank and some plates for weight. I used the attach a matic on the front, but for some reason I didn't trust it will all the down force exerted by the frame, so I added a couple angles from the frame to the cross tube. The frame width worked out just so the pump could be mounted on the side with adjustment. I think the ARK Loaders are just a hair wider than mine but you got that unit to measure from. Any Q write. Joe
  8. I apologize, the deck is a 42, I am not sure if the spindles are the same like the newer ones? I got it from a guy empting out a storage shed. I have no Idea what machine it came from only that it is pre attach a matic, What parts do you need?
  9. Other consideration is if your using a hydro transmission. I spin up the RPM to 3000 to keep the hydro running good and cool. The flow restrictor will work, but keep in mind, your using a positive displacement gear pump. The excess oil is going to be dumping across the relief, can make a lot of heat in a small system.
  10. Never measured it, looks like a 48", I can measure tomorrow and let you know.
  11. I've used both 4 gpm and 8 gpm pumps on loader builds. The 8 was to fast for me, okay if your just throwing dirt around but when I have fine work I have to almost idle. The 4 is slow but sure, but I would lean toward the 6 gpm unit if building another. Model# G1224C5A300N00. Not to much difference in speed using 1 1/2" or 2" cylinders. I did use #6 hoses with #4 JIC nuts on the hoses for the cylinders. #8 nut JIC on the pump.
  12. PM sent
  13. So many times we see products change / cheapen up for the sake of making money. Most of my experience in this area was persons ruling a world they don't live in. I am sure Toro engineering would rather see the company make slightly less money in place of being known for failures. On the other hand, purchasing and accounting, (the folks that don't live in the real world), most are very naïve to where the rubber meets the road. One memory that stands out was the great oil and lubrication sourcing switch-a-rue. Over the years we migrated to new and better oils working with our supplier at the ground level. I received an email from purchasing saying within 30 days we were switching vendors, due to cost savings, and there should be no problems. The vendor reviewed the items we use and all the new products would be an exact match. Not true. After about six weeks we began to see temperature increases in critical gear case trends. Investigation shown the new gear oils were a semi synthetic and the previous oil was a full synthetic. Not to mention, all the containers used were black. Our old vendor color coded the lids to reduce using the wrong oils. When it washed out, the cost was actually higher for the correct oils and can identification. Yeah baby now that is saving money!
  14. Filter people are like snake oil salesman. They all promote the best but will not tell you what's the ingredients. When I managed a maintenance program for a large mining company, I was lucky enough to draw the short straw and get assigned to a sourcing team for filters. What an education. As we interviewed and researched "the best filters", It become very clear our choices we limited. The heart of the filter is the quality of the media, as it turned up, there we only about two manufactures of media. That is were all the filter manufactures got their media. Of course, there were specifications for the media, but mostly that was pretty much dictated by micron and number of pleats. (dirt holding capacity). Of the dozen or so managers on the team, housing quality or failures with all manufactures were not evident. It was amazing how many of us were using different manufactures filters, all with good results. Most of what we learned was the filter manufacture had contributed less to equipment failure then a poor maintenance schedule. As pfredri pointed out, the PO maintenance schedule was the crime. On the WH 1100 trans, If I remember correctly, that filter supplies all the oil to the hydro, so flow characteristics are most important. If you run in a very dusty, dirty conditions, change outs should be come more frequent. If not, I follow the OEM guidelines. Oil sampling was abut the only way to test filter performance and a key ingredient in the change cycle. Not going to sample WH oil, but if you want to, I guess you can! When choosing, I pretty much go back to using OEM filters because I know whomever they (OEM) buy their filters from, the filter are manufactured to specification. The other good choice would be like Mike said, NAPA/Wix, they make an honest effort to duplicate OEM specs. (Might even find out these guys supply TORO?) I went through this same exercise looking filters for my SRT dodge and the results once again were confusing. (I did have a spare hemi engine filter and screwed it on a Eaton 1100, ran good). As it ended up, my service intervals we so frequent, the filter manufacture became less of an issue. I found this pic and it pretty much shows the difference of three high quality filters, acceptable for the application. Choices Choices
  15. For Sale; one KT17s engine. The engine has a hole in the block, (looks like someone used JB weld on the side) this assembly come with carb, starter, exhaust, and tins. The crank is not frozen. I do not have any other info, I got this engine with a C175 machine I bought for parts. Pick up only other then I maybe able to bring it to the show in June. Joe