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  1. Question about our log splitter engine.

    EB if I am thinking right, there are a couple of small ports in the in the bowl nut. I've had to stick a fine wire through them to correct the same problem. I tried just spraying, but that didn't work. Now, I make using that wire as a practice on all the ports. ???
  2. C 161 For Sale

    is the hood fiberglass?
  3. C160A

    75 and no mower deck.
  4. 1990 416H

    Tom, looks like a decent machine. We have a couple hydro machines here with more than 1300 hours running strong. Like Ed says, see if you can test that hydro. Also, one thing I do is start the engine cold. I don't care much when I show up and the thing is warmed up or running. A cold start can tell you a lot about the engine cause they tend to smoke. Of course pull the dip sticks and check oil quality. See if there is excess grease around the steering gears, that might tell if the last owner greased and serviced. Almost anything you need for that machine is available. The price is to high, don't be afraid to walk away.
  5. Yo Mamma was a Snowblower!

    Hey that's cool. If those guides were removable, you could tip down flat and mow! Call it a "Snow or Mow"!
  6. Thursday Night

    I ate at CJ's and it was great. Real Bar-b-Q. And cocktails!
  7. If your spending that kind of money, 11ga steel. I think you can order an 5 x 8 one piece. 2 cents!
  8. FEL Build for 520

    Another item, if using an AC Stick Welder, Lincoln manufactures a 7018AC rod that really runs great. I used these in 3/32 and 1/8" sizes, works well.
  9. High octane gasoline

    I pretty much use fuel stabilizer and hope for the best. Especially in my generator that may run once a year. I do turn off the fuel and run it dry. Not sure how good this is either. Seems to work fine. Won't worry to much about octane at 91 ish.
  10. C120 8 speed

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. 48" side discharge deck, model 78361

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. 48" side discharge deck, model 78361

    I have a guy that says he is coming this weekend to buy. I'll let you know either way. Joe
  13. Fitting the cutting deck

    Not knowing what you have to work with, but I have a small chain hoist mounted to the rafters of my building. I take the mule drive belt loose then hook into the mule drive and raise the front of the machine high enough to roll the deck out the front. I then lower the tractor, push it back and hook the hoist to the front of the deck and use it stand the deck on end for cleaning. Sure made this job a lot easer.
  14. Trade 42" SD deck for 42" RD deck

    The rear discharge deck that I had offed for the trade is sold and no longer available. joe
  15. Lawn Ranger Foot Rest #4421

    Changed Status to Closed
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