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  1. I was reminiscing the other day with a WH friend about some of the trips we have taken to pick up Horses. It made me wonder how far some of us have traveled to buy a Wheel Horse. I am sure I have not went the farthest and would guess I would land in the middle of the road trip pack. I picked up a 520 once in Indiana 5 1/2 hours one way. (that is probably my limit!). Anybody else?
  2. 520 h hydro trans

    Both of my 1100's make that sound. They both run fine. Might be the oil dumping though the checks, I'm sure someone here will know the exact answer.
  3. 518 Restoraton

    300, Looks Good!
  4. You notice they didn't have the balls to paint over the "Wheel Horse" logo on the hood! Rescue is in order!
  5. Regretted Projects

    I have several but what sticks out are the ones my wife reminds me of! Like the 70 something Power Wagon that I told her I got a good deal on, and I worked on it all..... the...... time. Now when I say I am going to look at something to buy, she says, "remember the good deal truck?" yeah
  6. C120 Frank-n-Tractor Picked up this 74 C120 for parts. When I got it to the shop I started to take a closer look and under all the rust there was some good bones. I also picked up a fake M12 Kohler, (one of those marked 301 that has a 10hp bore), that needed some love. Working on the engine and ready to test run, I decided to put the engine on the C120 and maybe, at the same time, see if the hydro transmission was good. The M10 was a carburetor nightmare. It had a Walbo fixed jet that would flood at will, sometimes run perfect then the float would stick open and the smoke rolled. New float components just lessened the problem slightly. Ended up changing the carb using one from a Kohler K301. Ran fine and the test of the hydro proved it was in great shape. With all that, I decided to fixer up a bit, kind of a tinker project. Changed the broken steering wheel, change left rear tire, (all tires hold air now), install a Briggs wiring harness, cabbaged some seat supports from the junk pile and added a newer seat pan from a GT1100. The old seat pan was BER. One of the owners had installed slide latches and mounted wooden blocks on foot rest to support the old seat pan. Creative! The dawg gone thing runs good! Not sure what I am going to do with it but it is a hobby. I’ll post more photos as I get more time to tinker with it.
  7. 518 Restoration

    Not sure this will help, but you may want to drill and tap the sleeve (part #19) for a grease fitting. Put some transmission fluid in your grease gun and try to pump it through the sleeve.
  8. Nice Rear

  9. Will not turn mover

    My wheel horse buddy called one day and was telling me about his snow plow machine being down. He went out to test run a day before it snowed and it did the same thing. Thinking the battery was old he changed it.........then the solenoid........nothing..........then he called me super frustrated. I ask him about the PTO lever and the phone went silent. I ask are you there? He said I'll call you back. called back and sure enough the lever was in the on position. He felt pretty bad but I told him one got me once but lucky I troubleshot it and caught it before I changed parts. I am sure there is a lot of others in the same boat.
  10. New rear tire recommendation ...

    there you go, those AG tire look good. ticked around on the net trying to see if there are any tips or ticks to the topic. wow didn't think it was so complicated. I did see a few threads where they said using higher rated tires with less air pressure are more puncture resistant. makes a little sense. I ran a UTV pretty hard for several years in the back woods. high rated tires and low pressure, The flats didn't slow until I treated the tires. Still yet nothing scientific. Sometimes just Lucky.
  11. Case 224 allmost

    sweet! that power steering got to be awesome. good old buddy tractor!
  12. Nice Rear

    Pretty nice 16g on CL, pricey, cool looking rear picture. If I could justify the cost I might take a shot of having one.
  13. New rear tire recommendation ...

    We used Slime sealant in our UTV's. Seemed to help. The brush hog guys in this area use foam, mostly to guard against multiflora rose thorns.
  14. New rear tire recommendation ...

    10.50's should be mounted on 8.5 inch wide rims. Not sure what's on your 486, 7.5"? I suppose people put them on 7.5" but the I imagine the tread might not lay flat.
  15. Bore x Stroke of Kohler 10/12/14

    Measuring the bore is the only absolute way. I picked up a magnum two weeks ago marked "301" on the crank output shaft side of the casting and it had a 10HP bore. 10hp bore 3.250", 12hp bore 3.375" Model BxS K241 (10) 3.251 x 2.875.............K301 (12) 3.375 x 3.250.............. K321 (14) 3.500 x 3.250........... K341 (16) 3.750 x 3.250 12, 14 and 16 show same stroke