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  1. Comes with snow plow, mower deck, and a set of chains. It has a new old stock 4 hp Briggs on it that has a half hour running time on it. Still has paint on the exhaust. Needs drive belt. Nice little tractor. Thanks John
  2. whats it worth?

    whats a nice rj 58 belt guard worth if u can find one any help would be nice thank just need to know price
  3. need help with my 400 suburban

    thanks for all the help
  4. need help with my 400 suburban

    good deal thanks a lot does the pulley have a bushing or a bearing?
  5. need to know the length of the brake/clutch rod and the size of the idler pulley for my 400. does the idler pulley lift the belt or does it push it down like my rj 58 if you have any pics it would be great thanks john I think the pulley lifts the belt up and need the length of the spring to thanks again
  6. nice find there sean lol might have some more to get rid of I will let you know
  7. My new find

    I will after work tomorrow!
  8. My new find

    going to use it to plow alittle snow got to put the plow on I already have a redone 400
  9. My new find

    thanks guys I got the motor for it got to go tomorrow to get it plus more parts and more little round hoods found a honey hole lol
  10. My new find

    Picked this 400 Suburban up this week. Just wanted to show you guys some pics. Thanks for looking.JPG]
  11. Need help with Raider 12 wiring

    Thanks a lot Geno. That's what I needed.
  12. I have a 1969 Raider wheel horse that needs wired up. Can someone please point me in the right direction to where I can find a wiring diagram? Thanks
  13. Untitled Album

  14. What model is this?

    welcome we need pics to help