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  1. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    I do have the pulley you need. I have them in red and black. If interested, I will sell for $15.00 which includes shipping. This is a new pulley. Please reply to summittrees@excel.net
  2. Hi Greenbushtrees- Hope all is well!  Looking for a pulley assembly for a 6-2211 WH Snow Thrower.  Hoping you might have the complete assembly? 

    assembly 2.JPG


  3. Hello! I emailed you in regards to a part you have listed for sale. The part number is 116906 and its a lift part for the two stage snowblower. 

    I also emailed your picture of it with it circled. 


    Thank you for your time!


    Dave Portenier

  4. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    I do not have the cast iron pulleys you need. However, they have been x ref. the 101763 x ref to 92-7103 and the 101762 x ref to 104975. These are steel pulleys with bearings. I do have these and will sell for $20.00 each plus shipping. these have never been used. Let me know. thanks. Wayne
  5. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Don't think you got my message from yesterday. I need the number of your mower deck. If you go to Toro Master Parts View. Enter your deck number and you will be able to get a part # and a diagram. Please reply to summittrees@excel.net. Thanks Wayne
  6. Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    Hi - From the information you gave me I found the V pulley which I think you need. It was considered part of the mower deck. Part #4974. It is made out of cast iron. It is 4" in diameter and it needs to have a bearing in the center with a snap ring. I do not have the bracket it mounts to. You can check this out on Toro Master Parts Viewer. Wayne
  7. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Shipping for all three would be $7.00. I do take paypal if you want to purchase. total for the three with shipping would be $62.00. paypal to summittrees@excel.net. If needed, I can send an invoice if you giveme your email. thanks
  8. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    I do have a lot of pulleys that do not have part numbers and can't identify. If you could give me some dimensions, I might have one for you. I would need - cast iron or steel O.D. I.D. Thickness Belt size Thanks. Wayne
  9. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Hi - I do have the pulleys. I do not have the spindle #112674. Pulleys #110146 are $15.00 each and the #110147 is $25.00 plus shipping. Let me know if interested, I can give me shipping if you give your zip code. Thanks
  10. Hi, I need both end pullys 110146 and the middle pully 110147.

    Also do you have spindles? 112674

    1. bo dawg

      bo dawg

      Zip is 47341

  11. Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    Hi - I have the right and left hand ball joints, the 109733 support, 6472 bearing. These parts have never been used. If interested, reply to summittrees@excel.net Thanks
  12. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    I don't know if you got my message yesterday. I do have a 107439 double center pulley. It has never been used but has a little rust. I will sell for $20.00 plus shipping. If interested respond to summittrees@excel.net. thanks
  13. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    Can you give me more information like a part number, model of tractor or dimensions of the pulley
  14. My old pulley is 4" across, 3/4 across belt a 1" shaft.

  15. Wheelhorse Pulleys

    The #8158 has a new number which is 88-2190. I did some research and came up with one with these dimensions: 5-1/2" OD: 5/8" belt and 3/4" keyed ID. If these dimensions match, I do have one. Can you give me more information like a part number, model of tractor or dimensions of the pulley