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  1. 1950's? Swisher Ride King

    I ran across this swisher ride king earlier in the week and couldn't pass it up! Was able to buy it from a small shop here in Warrensburg, MO where all the swisher frames were welded before being sent to the factory for final assembly. Neat piece of local history that will get a full restoration! Anyone know the year of this unit, it has a Clinton VS1200 engine...and a tiny 24" cutting deck!
  2. road trip

    Glad to see you guys are enjoying them! Nice meeting both of you, great guys to do business with!
  3. Not quite a horse, but still a classic!

    The hood in the original photo was a replacement off of a same year bolens 2 wheel walk behind tractor. I re-applied the correct decals when I painted it.
  4. Not quite a horse, but still a classic!

    Thought I should update this thread, after just short of a year of on and off tinkering, here is the finished product! Runs and drives great!
  5. nothing above idle....

    fuel supply is good, float is good....
  6. nothing above idle....

    Well after dealing with crankshaft issues yesterday, today I have more engine issues! I have assembled a rebuilt h60 for my suburban 550 with the carb from the original h55. I can get the engine going no problems, and it will idle smoothly, but the second I attempt to throttle up, the engine sputters and wants to die. I've tried choking while throttling up with no success. I'm not quite sure what the stock settings are for the h55 updraft carb...or what screw does what on it....any advice? could this be a timing issue??? :notworthy:
  7. crankshaft thread repair

    Thanks guys, chased the threads with a file and finished them off with a die....works great!
  8. crankshaft thread repair

    anyone know what size the h60 crank thread is off the top of their head? I"ll try the tap and die tomorrow, I am going to look into the filed. Any advice of getting the die started squarely?
  9. crankshaft thread repair

    I'm in the process of reassembling my H60, but have come to find that the threads on the end of the crank are a bit messed up....cant get the nut to thread onto it! Is there an easy way to repair these threads?
  10. I've got the opportunity to buy a blade like this....but will it fit my suburban 550??? I also cant seem to find a picture of one fitted to a tractor, anyone have one mounted up to their tractor with a picture??? Pro's or Con's to this blade as opposed to the HD-42 front mounted blade?
  11. 550 Progress....

    Yep...I started working on this thanksgiving night! Its all about the process in which you work, but it also helps having a commercial shop to work out of with access to lots of tools and space!
  12. I picked this 550 up from a fellow redsquare member a few days ago...needless to say I had a little free time this holiday weekend, here is my progress. Now I just need to get the engine put together and back on the tractor! Before: After (progress as of today):
  13. Homemade weed killer

    We use water softener salt mixed with water...about a handful per 5 gallon bucket....I've been using this mix for a while on my gravel driveway to keep weeds down and its works great. Look at a bottle of round-up next time you see one, its mostly made of sodium aka: salt!
  14. k90 service manual

    Thanks, that's the holy grail of the k90 engine that I've been looking for! If you send me the .pdf file I can host a link to it on my web server for everyone to enjoy! Thanks again!
  15. k90 service manual

    I'm getting ready to rebuild a K90 kohler, I searched high and low for a service manual...heck, even an owners manual, but have yet to find either....any one have one, or know where I can get one? Also, any one know the difference between a k90 and a k91?