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  1. Had the 1054 running.

    I would love one of those tractors one day.
  2. kents 875 rebuild

    I saw that. I am trying to talk myself out of it. too many projects right now !!!!!
  3. repower a b80

    how much for shipping + cost of motor ?
  4. kents 875 rebuild

    beautiful tractor love those narrow hood tractors. makes me sad i sold mine.
  5. 79 C-141 restro

    i really like you work stand .
  6. 3pt and double hyd spool

    i would like to see that. i have a c series roller with hydro trans and lift.
  7. great pictures guys. we havent had much snow here in nc since thie year.
  8. repower a b80

    all of that and more. i use it for yard work pulling my trailer and anything else i need it for. i am leaning towards rebuilding . it's been a really good little tractor and my dad gave it to me so i will be keeping it regardless of the motor problem. thanks for advise !!!!!!!
  9. repower a b80

    i think it's time to retire the old k181s. what would be a viable motor choice ? i was thinking of a k301 or k241. a vanguard 18 would be awesome but, the size and price scare me a little. what you think ?
  10. safety switches

    i hear what you are saying. i have a source for many different switches so i can get the correct switch.
  11. safety switches

    ok one switch is good and one is bad.my toro dealer in hickory wants $40.00 for one. i think i can find one at napa cheaper.i guess someone just took the switches out of the system because there was a wire straight from the ignition switch to the solenoid.
  12. safety switches

    thanks all. this will help me greatly !!!!!!
  13. safety switches

    sorry i should have said what i am working on. it's a 1974 b80 . i saw the two switches and it looks like they have two red wires coming from them. someone along the way has cut the wires .
  14. safety switches

    I am thinking about reconnecting my safety switches.i will have to fix some of the wiring and make sure the switches work.has anyone gone thru this and could give me some pointers?