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  1. replacement fuse holder

    http://www.wheelhorsestables.com/ The store is located on the upper right side.of the website, click on it and it will show you a fuse holder for a 520. i believe that to be the same one for the 400 series I am sure that there are many other places to purchase this but this one comes up quickly on the search
  2. New Deck

    New Haven Power equipment 42 or 48 inch side discharge deck is 1299.99 plus shipping
  3. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year and a Good Bye to 2016
  4. It's Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas to all
  5. Wheelhorse 314-8

    That gas strut is expensive to buy. It was put on the newer tractors to stop from doing a "wheely" if you would let the clutch out too quickly. Wheel horse used to use a spring from the back of transmission to the clutch linkage. The part number is 108035.I think i paid about 7.00 dollars for one at my local Wheel Horse dealer. The only downfall to this is that you better be careful when letting out the clutch.
  6. My "New" 520-H

    It sure seems that this 520 was taken care of. You should enjoy many hours of seat time .
  7. Old Red & Old Yeller

    Nice looking tractors!
  8. New sign for the stable door

    My wife has caught on to that way of thinking. I caught her out in the garage counting my tractors.
  9. WH Decorating

    The Wheel Horse 314 is one of my favorite tractors! The Christmas decorations just add a sense of the holidays. I wonder if my wife would allow me to decorate one of ours and place it out front of our house ? We all know the answer!
  10. New sign for the stable door

    Every Wheel Horse I own has its own attachment assigned to it. You can't have just one
  11. Onan P220 Fuel Pump

    You mention that the tractor has not run for a year or so. Before you buy a fuel pump, take the gas line off at the fuel tank and make sure that the screen in the tank is not full of crud blocking free flow of gasoline. I know it sounds a little simplistic but there are times when it is just that easy.
  12. Onan 520 H 20HP Issues

    Did you do any kind of compression check / At the very least, pull the front head and take a look.

    Inspect and clean your fuse holder. It corrodes with grass and debris. Look for a 9-pin connector, which is white in color. Make sure that none of the contacts are burnt.
  14. trans out of a wheel horse 1057

    I got in a hurry to post and did not proof read it. It should be a 1057 which has three forward gears and one reverse. Sorry about that
  15. I am parting out one of my raider 12 tractors to make room in my garage. This tractor has sat for a few years waiting for me to renew it to like new. I have too many projects and not enough time so it must go.It has a solid running Kohler 12 with the hard to find electronic ignition. This tractor starts right up with no smoke or odd sounds. I have the whole tractor if you wish with deck.