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  1. 3 point hitch

    Bo, If you pull up a parts diagram of a C-195 3-point hitch you will need item #1, item 2 and item #11+ hardware to install a D 3-point hitch on a C-195. #1 109787 lift bar assembly #2 109786 block #11 109791 assay upper link pivo Hope this helps Ron
  2. Happy Birthday bowtieguy

    Happy Birthday Frank, hope you have a good one. Ron
  3. Kimball Hauler dimensions?

    You might check with Bowtieguy, he has a nice one. Ron
  4. New Farmall Cub Owner

    Nice tractor T-Mo, that will put you over in the big field at plow day this fall.
  5. Just retired

    Congrats on your retirement, it has been 1 year for me and I love it. Stay active.
  6. Treloar, Mo Plow Day, Oct. 30, 2016

    Thanks T-Mo for the information, I will try to make it. Ron
  7. Wheel horse collection for sale

    WHX7, Could you be thinking about a post from wh500special from O'Fallon Illinois? Ron
  8. I'm Back

    Welcome back T-Mo glad to have you, I am still interested in a plow day if you hear of any near Herman. Thanks Ron Whanger
  9. Super C... aka C195

    bds1984, If the hydraulics controls are down low on finder pan it is a 1982, if up high on finder pan it is a 1984, they made 502 1982's and only about 50 of the 1984. The biggest problem with the C-195's is they came with a KT-19 series I engine which only has about 5 lbs of oil pressure. They will last a long time if ran on level ground not so long if used in hill country. If it has a 3pt hitch that alone is worth about 300.00. Good luck, I like mine. Thanks Ron
  10. The new "steppin out" shirt.

    I will take a black XL. Thanks Ron
  11. Welcome to Red Square, nice job, just want to warn you there will be more in your future.
  12. Multi use products

    Toothpaste does a pretty good job of removing gasoline smell from your hands. Ron
  13. Just got my magazine today, great job Jake. Ron W
  14. I would say you should keep the round hood where it is and add a black hood for the coffee table/catch all. Notice I said ---you should. Ron
  15. Wheel Horse Weight Rack

    You might try jims repair http://www.jimsrepairjimstractors.com/ Ron