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  1. Ignition Switch Help

    Thanks Garry,John and Pacer. I really love this site. I'm always able to find the answers to my wheel horse questions. I really appreciate all of the help you guys! Thank you, Anthony
  2. Ignition Switch Help

    Can anyone tell me the Wheel Horse number for this Ignition Switch. Attached is the switch and tractor it came out of. The tractor is 8 Speed, Kohler 14HP. Thank you, Anthony
  3. Drive Belt tension Problems

    Thank you sir, I will check them out to see if they need replacing. I am pretty confident the belt I have is incorrect. Thanks, Anthony
  4. Drive Belt tension Problems

    Thank you all. Garry, once again I think you are correct. You have helped answer questions of mine in the past and I really believe you are correct on this one as well. You have confirmed what I suspected. The 7478 belt is too long and I need the 7473. Thanks Garry and to all that replied. Anthony
  5. Drive Belt tension Problems

    I wish I knew what the shaker engine mount is. Is it the mounting plate or bolts for the engine? Thanks, Anthony
  6. Drive Belt tension Problems

    The belt that is currently on is worn. I also tried a new WH7478 belt and got the same results. I could barely get the belt on and was really tight going on. I'm pretty sure that is the right belt. Even with the new belt on, its still slips and seems to have a lot of slack. Thanks, Anthony
  7. I have a 8 speed 14HP Wheel Horse and can't get the drive belt tight. When the tractor peddle is released, the tractor moves really slow. I have a new belt and tried to install it but it has the same results as the old belt. Hopefully someone can look at the attached pictures and send me in the right direction. Thank you, Anthony
  8. Wheel Horse 48" Mower Drive belt

    Thank you Garry for your help. I have from now till spring to find the belt. Should have no problem with that. Take care, Anthony
  9. Wheel Horse 48" Mower Drive belt

    Thanks Garry. My mower would be the 5-1010. Thanks for tip on the size of the mower. It would the 42 inch model. Do you know what the correct belt for the 42 inch deck.? Thanks, Anthony
  10. I have wheel horse side discharge mower deck and unsure what belt to use for the drive belt. The mower is on a 14hp 8 speed Automatic from the mid 70's. The belt look to be around 3/8 wide and 96 inches in length. I cant read the original numbers. Can anyone help? Thanks, Anthony
  11. Transmission Gear Lube Change

    Wow! Thanks you guys. The first Quart took 1 1/2 hours, The 2nd Quart took 1 1/2 Min. I pulled out one of the seat mounting bolts and it worked like a champ. The dipstick tube idea is another great idea that I didn't think of. I love this site! A dummy like me can get all the answers I need ! Thanks you guys very much. Take care, Anthony
  12. I have a Wheelhorse 14 Tractor and just got finished flushing the transmission. It has 8 speed Auto Transmission. I then tried to refill with 2 Qrts of gear lube and it took me 1 1/2 hours to put in the first qrt. I'm slowly putting it in where the dipstick goes. I keeps on trying to overflow no matter how slow I pour it in. Is there a quicker way? I really dont want to stand there for another 1 1/2 hours to put in the next Qrt. Thanks!
  13. Wheel Horse 14 Transmission Fluid

    Thanks Neighbor, Found the boot for 5 bucks + shipping Appreciate the help! Thanks, Anthony
  14. Wheel Horse 14 Transmission Fluid

    Thank you very much guys! I greatly appreciate your help. I'm going to get on this done tomorrow. I hope with a few years experience on these machines maybe I can help others like you guys have helped me. Thanks, Anthony
  15. Wheel Horse 14 Transmission Fluid

    Once I fill with it a qrt of kero and a qrt of ATF to start my flush, is it safe to run it around for a short while and get it warm to help loosen up the gunk? Thanks, Anthony