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  1. 25th, 50th and 60th
  2. Steve stopped by for dinner Friday night visited awhile at the show tent Brian
  3. Sams club group 27 marine deep cycle Duracell 12V $90.00 each Brian
  4. we will have some seat covers for early sixties tractors square and round $45.00 each Brian
  5. the bearings are NLA should be "NICE" bearing company if remember correctly I have had good luck cleaning these in solvent and blowing them out with compressed air then if you have a needle tip for a grease gun you should be able to inject some new grease inside the bearing and save it Brian
  6. the bearing and pulley are the same thing if I am remembering correctly the outer race of the bearing is the pulley Brian
  7. the .020 point gap is just a reference static timing is the correct method also point push rod length does not mean anything ( does not matter if the push rod is worn .050 it will only push what the camshaft lobe height is ground at) Normally what happens is the camshaft wears and this shortens the stoke for the point rod so you end up with a smaller point gap like .018 . sounds to me that the engine has been apart before or assembled at the factory with the timing marks off one tooth or ether the crankshaft or camshaft were incorrectly orientated when they were machined originally With that being said how you are getting a larger point gap is because you are starting farther down on the shallow side of the camshaft points lobe when you static time if the timing marks are off . this increases the length of stroke for the points push rod. increasing the point gap Brian
  10. also look over a 310-8 Brian
  11. tractor supply sells black diamond blasting media in two different grits for around $8. a 50lb bag Brian
  12. all the newer tractors were welded Brian
  13. I managed to get most of the old wheelhorse only parts there was a lot more toro parts which was all the newer toro tractors mostly pulleys and blades/cables etc. there was a lot of stuff Brian
  14. I soldered a new filler neck on a tank in this thread
  15. Dicks Wheel horse in Towanda ,Pa had a closing auction today I managed to get some nos parts and two lighted signs Brian