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  1. put your glass on Eric the baffle is in the deck
  2. NYS Pageant of Steam

    good seeing you Mike Brian&Jo
  3. use polishing compound and by hand slowly buff it out you may not get all of it but 98% will be gone I have done this to a tractor I purchased that looked as yours Brian
  4. Still no spark

    check continuity of the spark plug wire installed on engine
  5. 701 Parts Needed

    yes they are different the 1/4" roll pin holes are at different angles off 90 degrees I will look and see if I have any Brian
  6. NYS Pageant of Steam

    should be there wed.
  7. have used berrymans but lacquer thinner works way better I have a ultra sonic machine also
  8. Happy Birthday Neil!

  9. 520-8 vs 418-8

    the only real problem with the 520 wiring is you need to keep the fuse block clean and what I mean by that is blow the fuse block out with a air gun after you mow each time or put one of the covers glen petit makes to keep dust and chaff out what happens is the fuse block gets full of dirt and then gets wet or damp and presto burnt up wiring and block if you keep it clean no problems Brian
  10. Jacktown Show

    we hope to be there also
  11. Engine stops while mowing

    have you checked the seat switch?
  12. Help identifying this machine?

    c series what size ?
  13. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    Hard core
  14. It’s Scrap Pile Saturday!!!