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  1. Tecumseh H55D rebuild?

    I have not been able to find the correct crankshaft. I searched pretty hard for a few weeks, but no luck.
  2. 78 C-121

    Good to hear. I just finished a restoration of one just like it. Let me know if you have questions or need any pics of something. David
  3. I need a sanity check..... While I'm looking for a crankshaft for the Lauson 5.5, I bought a Kohler K91 to put in the Suburban 551. The oil pan has the same hole configuration so it should just bolt on to the frame... the problem is that I seem to be out of room. The governor shaft (where the governor arm bolts on) hits the framed out opening for the battery. See pic below: Now I could get the grinder out and cut off that framed out opening for the battery and then weld a support arm in there... It would be easy to go back to the original config if/when I get the Lauson finished.... I just hate to start cutting things when I thought I had read where several people had put a K91 in these with no problem.... Is there something I'm missing here? thanks, David
  4. Suburban 550

  5. Tecumseh H55D rebuild?

    I'm a newby to this engine rebuilding...... but how do you machine a rod undersized? I know with some engines you can buy an undersized rod, and that would allow you to take the journal down but that was not an option with these motors. Can you weld it up and then machine it undersized?
  6. Tecumseh H55D rebuild?

    I've got all the parts except a correct crankshaft. The one I found, ordered and received was mislabeled. The journal on mine is what is worn. I talked to a guy in St Louis the other day that told me about a machine shop that can weld up the jounal and then machine it down to spec size.... Anyone here have any experience with that process.... Is it a good solution?
  7. Well I guess I got lucky.... both seals had a slight leak so the hubs came off easily. Said a few choice words to the seals and they relented easily as well. All buttoned back up and ready to go!
  8. I just replaced the oil in the transmission a few months back in my '78 C-121 and now I'm realizing that I need to replace the axle seals. Do I have to drain the oil prior to removing these axle seals or is the level below the axles? thanks, David
  9. Rear plow mount?

    sounds good. I've been leaning towards making one rather than pay what folks are asking for these. Thanks!
  10. Rear plow mount?

    I'm in the same position as D Block. Once he gets one, if anyone has another they will part with, please send me a message. Thanks!
  11. Dipstick for Tecumseh H series motor

    The breather will get a nice cleanup and I think I'll just make a new gasket for the dipstick... Should fix it up. thanks
  12. Tecumseh H55D rebuild?

    I've located all of the parts and they on order... The crankshaft is a little suspect. I guess sitting in a warehouse for 50+ years would do it! It has some surface rust on it so I really won't know if it's useable until it gets here. I believe the only services I'll need from the machine shop is boring to .020 over and then redoing the valve seats. Any idea what I should expect this to cost? thanks
  13. Suburban 551 H55D Flywheel?

    Can't seem to find one for sale.... When I look at the parts list for the H55, it shows the magneto as part #29691 and also points to the flywheel...
  14. Suburban 551 H55D Flywheel?

    any help?
  15. I have an H55D I'm working on restoring.... One of the things it did while running is the dipstick kept popping out. It seems like the threads on the dipstick just can't grap the tube well enough. Maybe the gasket is too thick? The gasket is about 1/8" thick. If I take it off, it threads on down really tight. Any ideas? thanks