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  1. 855 for benchtop mill

    Looking to trade a nice 855 wheelhorse for a benchtop vertical milling machine. Shoot me an email if you have one you would like to trade. Comes with snow blade. I live in kansas.
  2. Picked up this 115 today with the cart...

    Here is a big you suck!
  3. Wheel Horse C-195 for todays haul

    I bet you will have that working in no time!
  4. Is this a good buy?

    In true Redsquare fashion, I say get both!
  5. Help with id

    Can someone help me and tell me what model and year this is please.
  6. Slot hitch adapter

    I am looking for a slot to sleeve hitch adapter. Live in hutchinson, ks. Thanks!
  7. Vendor

    Mods if this isn't appropriate for this section feel free to move it. I wanted to give Glen Pettit a big thumbs up for recent purchase I made from him. I bought 6 wheel horse koozies from him so that I could pass a few out for Christmas presents, of course I ordered enough to keep one for myself. You all know beer will taste better drinking out of a wheel horse koozie. Anway, they are top notch product and he even through a couple freebies! Good guy to do business with.
  8. 1054 snow blade

    St. Clairsville ohio... I'm originally from byesville, ohio. Ever been there jbird?
  9. Newbie - C-81

    What are you waiting for? I'd be all over that for free!
  10. Reconditioned My Wheel Weights

    I think those looks sharp man! You've got some skills!
  11. Is it worth it?

    Being from Indiana, I'm sure you can find all kinds of wheel horses. I can tell you they are hard to find in kansas but if it was close to me I'd buy it in a heartbeat especially since it comes with a snow blade!
  12. 1973 10HP 8-Speed Coming Full-Circle

    What a great story! Thank you for sharing!
  13. Leaving now on a BIG road trip....

    pics or it didnt happen! hahahaha
  14. Nice looking ride man! I wonder how many garden tractors you buy today will last 20 years? hahaha we all know the answer
  15. Thanks for the pics! Looks like he was having a blast!