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  1. Well, it's mowing season once again... definitely my favorite time of the year as I get more seat time. I got my two worker horses out last week for maintenance and first round of mowing. Mowed again today for their second round of mowing duty this year. The grass always seems to be greener on my side of the fence. When I get my horses out, all of my neighbors' deeres and cubs run back into their sheds and hide. Just can't say enough about these old Wheel Horse garden tractors... still run great after all these years. My primary worker 1995 314-8... I stole this one about six years ago, local craigslist find... only paid $500 for this tractor with mowing deck and single stage snow blower. This is my really nice 1967 model 857 that I bought from Bob Maynard three years ago.
  2. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    I will be looking to buy a 48" side discharge mower deck with a mule drive to mount onto my 1990 520-H. Dave Trump York, PA
  3. 60" deck for 520-H

    Any possibility you could have this deck available for pick up at the WHCC Big Show in Arendtsville, PA in June? I would be interested.
  4. What are your other interests?

    Yes, we do. Chad Trout is a real nice guy.
  5. What are your other interests?

    I owned and drove this early 1960's era modified race car from 2004 until I sold it in 2016. This was some of the most exiting fun that I have ever had in my life. I have loved dirt track racing all my life. In recent years, I have been helping sponsor one of my buddies and his sprint car racing team. He even put my name on his race car and lets me put a Wheel Horse sticker on the top wing side panels.
  6. Here are a few more pics from a few days ago the last week of September...I recently put a first coat of Rust-o-leum metallic speck red paint on the sheet metal parts. These pictures do not do justice to metallic red paint. The sparkle in the red is pretty cool in the sunlight. I also mounted the Predator motor. This hot rod tractor build is still a work in progress, but now that I am finally back on it, I like where this is going.
  7. Just curious at this point... Have any Redsquare members ever tried or actually created a Wheel Horse adult pedal tractor? I have an idea how to do one. Just wondered if it's been done before.
  8. A couple years ago, I bought a new 6hp Predator engine at Harbor Freight. It's still in the box unopened. But since then, I had the framed stretched about 4". And now that I'm in the roller/assembly stage, I think there is plenty of space for a larger/higher hp engine. Still thinking about that 🤔
  9. I previously had another thread going when I started my hot rod project. But here now is an updated thread. I pulled what was left of a 1961 model 551 Wheel Horse out of a wooded lot about five years ago, May 2012... Craigslist find about 30 miles from my home... Since then, I been working off and on rebuilding this tractor into a hot rod project. This past year, I completely disassembled the transaxle and replaced all internal bearings and seals. Anyway, this is where I am now... The frame and transaxle are now painted metallic black. The frame was "stretched" about 4". Custom items mounted so far include a go-kart racing steering wheel, quarter midget front wheels/tires, and aluminum rear wheel spacers for mounting Cragar rear wheels. Just yesterday, I temporarily bolted on the seat, fenders and hood to check for fit and clearance before those items get a final coat of metallic red paint... So, this project is now on the front burner and I am hoping to get more done to it in the coming weeks. Stay tuned...
  10. Who will make the big show?

    I am expecting to be there again, Thursday through Saturday.
  11. RJ35s

    I don't know how I missed this thread from last year, but if y'all will allow me, I would like to add another RJ-35 to the mix. Here's my '55 RJ-35 that I bought from Fireman about three years ago. She still shows up at some of the tractor shows in south central PA.
  12. Steam-O-Rama wash out

    With the rain forecast Wednesday through Saturday, I figured it was going to be a wash out so I kept my horses in the barn. Missed this show two years in a row now. Gotta be better weather next year... hopefully.
  13. Rustling from New York to VA MAYBE !!!

    Well now, seems I was in the middle of this rustle rampage between VA and NY (York, PA). I'm going to have check out my sheds in the morning and take a roll call of all my horses. I've rustled some of mine out of MD and MA into PA, so I not only have to keep an eye out for the "authorities" but also those out of PA state rustlers.
  14. Hey RedHorse54, I'm the guy looking for an RJ-59 frame and hood stand. Were you the one who had one on CList last week? I inquired about it and was told it was sold. If you are going to have one available shortly, yes I am interested. I picked up an RJ-59 tractor less motor for practically free at a local tractor show last month. The frame and hood stand was altered beyond repair apparently so someone could install a larger engine. The good thing about that was the hood was not cut up. Everything else on this tractor is in excellent condition which is why I think I can restore this RJ-59 at minimal cost. 



    Dave T. from York, PA