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    Raider 16/Cub NQS Stock Altered. C-101 Puller.

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    New York
  1. Ready for the Keystone Nationals

    I finished 18th I believe! WOO HOOOOOOO! LOL, Destroyed the Ring and Pinion, and half the fender is crunched, so it resulted into a more than usual pricey weekend, still had fun though!! Photo's are on Zuillphotography.com
  2. Ready for the Keystone Nationals

    Nope Duane!! Pisses me off that it's not, but whatever, should've been done months ago! See ya there!
  3. Ready for the Keystone Nationals

    Ready to play this week!

    Wow, now that's cool...
  5. NQS Columbus this weekend

    Daune, Mike will be at the D&M both for a majority of the weekend.
  6. NQS Columbus this weekend

    Mike will be there, I don't think Bill is going.
  7. NQS Columbus this weekend

    I'll be there, pulling too.
  8. digital dash

    Oh wow! I like it!
  9. digital dash

    Really Nice, what's the whole tractor look like?
  10. New twin

    Sport stock class, 20 hp onan.
  11. New twin

    Almost done, exhaust, fuel pump and some more chrome and it'll be set.
  12. NQS Stock Altered

    16 Horse Aftermarket block, built to NQS Stock Altered maximum.
  13. NQS Stock Altered

    I believe it is a 102 Cub Chassis.
  14. NQS Stock Altered

    Just thought I'd post this picture of me, I like it a lot.
  15. Need Tire Advice

    I have tried Firestones, VM TT's, Tru Powers, Carlises Super Lugs (26's), and a couple other brands over the years... Firestones were my favorite, go for Firestones.