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  1. Which Facet electric fuel pump is better the square types or the cylindrical types? I don't have a number for the starter motor. I had my local Toro dealer find it for me. I still wonder if the is one of those cheap China motors. I just seems that the starter gear is already worn down or is not the right diameter to engage the flywheel. Do you have a used starter motor the would fit and still works? Thank you
  2. Boomers_influence The solenoid is at 3:00 but I don't have a number for it. The pinion gear is missing the flywheel. Any help or advice? Jerry77 Which Facet pump the square ones or the cylindrical ones?
  3. Jerry 77 Thank you for that tip. I will look that up. Lablan
  4. I am asking for help from all the members in Red Square. I have a Wheel Horse 520-H with an ONAN P220G-I / 10955C. I bought a new starter motor and flywheel from my local Toro dealer whom I trust and has never steered me wrong yet. I installed the starter motor with the spacer bushing on the correct side of the engine block to get the starter motor gear out far enough to make contact with the flywheel. Now I see that the pinion gear in the starter motor is not a large enough diameter to fit with the teeth of the flywheel. HOW COULD THAT BE? There is no up or down adjustment on the starter motor mounting. The fly wheel is where it is going to be. Could the starter motor be the wrong one? The solenoid is at a right angle to the mounting bolt holes and that is the only way I could see to mount this starter motor. I had a starter motor that had the solenoid at 180 degree from the mounting bolts but that would not clear the tractor frame.. I have the ONAN P200G Service Manual but it does not cover this problem. It does not give the starter motor number either. I have attached pictures of the gear engaged showing the gap between the gear and flywheel (first picture slightly dark).. Second picture is of the gear disengaged. Third picture is gear disengaged from different angle. Fourth picture is of the spacer bushings in mounted starter motor and engine block. The last picture is of the electric fuel pump for the same engine that is not working. Does anyone have a replacement for that fuel pump?
  5. ONAN P220 on 520H won't start

    Well, I put the washers on the flywheel side of the engine and that seems to be working better as far as the starter to flywheel, but the engine won't start. I have a new coil, condenser, plug wires, plugs (not sure about the correct gap though), and a new electric fuel pump with filter. The mower ran one time and mowed the yard a month ago but has not started since then. It started one the first crank when I put all that in new. Is it possible the coil has failed? I even put the old plugs back in to see if that was the issue. The were not burnt. What should I check to test possible failures of the coil or fuel? I think the fuel is going to the carb but not sure if this is enough pressure? Not ready to give up yet...
  6. Thank You Slammer 302. I think I will have to pull off the blower shroud to be able to see the bolts to place the washers. Thanks again for all comments.
  7. On a 1992-1996 520H wheel horse lawn tractor, I have replaced the starter motor and flywheel. I also replaced the coil, condenser, plugs and wires. After all that was done, the tractor started first time cranked and I mowed the 1 acre yard one time. When I went back to mow again it would not start and I see the starter motor is now chewing up the flywheel gears. The new flywheel now has severe burring on the engine side. It looks like the starter is not fully engaging into the flywheel. The mounting bolts have a thick washer. Are those washers supposed to be spacers between the engine and the starter motor, thus moving the nose of the starter closer in toward the flywheel? Am I doing something else wrong?
  8. Haulin Help Requested

    Please disregard the call for haulin help. We have this worked out now. Lablan B)
  9. Haulin Help Requested

    B) I need to get a grader blade from York, PA to Waxhaw, NC (just southeast of Charlotte, NC). Anyone coming this way in the near future? Lablan