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  1. Snow shot Sunday!

    Wish I had one of these this weekend!!
  2. AJ's Garden Tractor Jamboree May 19 , 2018

    I didn’t care for the weather last year...so I don’t want to do that again....get cold and wet that is.
  3. The kids and I are Planning on going to this show (weather permitting) ...anybody else???
  4. Just finished putting my decals on.

    Looks Nice!!....
  5. Lawn Ranger

    Looks Nice!!
  6. 33R Lawn Ranger

    Yes, the tires are mounted on the original rims that were sand blasted and powder coated. I can't remember the brands or sizes off the top of my head, But I believe the fronts are 3.00-4 size(vredestien brand) from millertire.com and I'd have to check later with the details the backs. I could look some time soon if you'd like. The rear tires I found at the local fleet farm store.
  7. 33R Lawn Ranger

    I put these tires on my 64 Lawn Ranger....Rear Ags with tri-ribs in the front.
  8. New (ish) truck!

  9. Carb kits for Tecumseh

    Just my 2 cents... A couple years ago I bought a NOS/ "OEM" carb (still in original box) off the shelf from my local small engine shop. Guy told me it was left over from the days just before Tecumseh folded. Couldn't tell the difference between it and the Chinese version (except for the higher price ).. Just saying..
  10. The old 1967 Lawn Ranger still doing the job!

    Thanks for the pics, Lane!! Always nice to see a Lawn Ranger earn it's keep.
  11. Loooked and looked I thought I saw a list of what transmissions/hydros were used in various models. Do you if there is one?


  12. New sign

    Nice Lowell!! I'm glad some of this Nice stuff is finding a home in Minnesota!!
  13. Great forum!

    I agree!! Looks Nice!!
  14. Terry,s 606 restoration

    Took these pics last October and as you can see, I junked the Tecumseh!! Warmer weather is coming and getting ready for a new project as this one just dragged on too many years.....So I'm calling this one done!!!
  15. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy Birthday Mike!!