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  1. Looking nice , Denny!! Those front wheel hub caps really set it off!!! 👍
  2. Another Kohler K91 restoration

    Very Nice!! That engine is from a "Eska" brand snowblower.
  3. Portage Wi. Garden Tractor Daze July 12,13,14,15

    Kind of looks like your running a dealership or something...
  4. Those Lug nuts look Nice, Denny..
  5. Gift Horse

    Nice Denny!

    Don't forget the Low Humidity!!!! It makes the above even nicer!!
  7. Lawn Ranger rear fender pan

    Changed Status to Closed
  8. Lawn Ranger rear fender pan

  9. Portage Wi. Garden Tractor Daze July 12,13,14,15

    Looking better for you than me , Steve. Looks like I won't make this show again....Bummer!!!
  10. Lawn Ranger rear fender pan

    Changed Status to Pending
  11. 4th of july plans

  12. Lawn Ranger rear fender pan

    This was repaired/welded and Painted by P.O. Some small pitting, but overall nice condition. Fits 65-68 Lawn Rangers
  13. Coming along nice , Denny !!
  14. Spark plug

    These work Nice in all of my Tecumseh H/HH 60 ‘s and simalar engines
  15. Added a ranger to the collection

    Looks like a nice mostly original Lawn Ranger!! Steering wheel and seat are not original, but the rest looks nice and straight... ( the seat can just be bolted directly to the fender pan)