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  1. Farewell old friend!

    White is popular with fords...many ford fleet vehicles are/were made in the standard white color , too.
  2. Farewell old friend!

    Could be....I thought that's what I remember hearing.
  3. Farewell old friend!

    I remember those trucks....Only made them one year (F-250 in that body style). Looks to still be in good shape.
  4. Rusted relics of the farm

    Love those old Cockshutts...
  5. Hello from Maryland

  6. Winter prep

    The Onan powered unit?
  7. New here from Greencastle IN

    Welcome !!!
  8. just saying hi

  9. The time has come.

    Hoping all goes well and Wishing you a Speedy recovery .
  10. New to the herd

    Won't be long before he grows into that one , Tom..
  11. Recoil help k90

    Yes, recoil cup is what I call it too....Does your k-90 have mounting holes on the shroud for a recoil? My old rope pull k-90 didn't..Just curious.
  12. New snowplow

    My local Hardware store had those for sale last year....and I'm curious how well these shovels work. Keep us posted..
  13. 633 Square Pan Seat

    My 2 cents is try the internet " for sale" places , Tractor shows with flea markets , auctions , or try this >>>> http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/
  14. Yuck! Overdue for a change

    Like Steve said ...doesn't look terrible. I've drained Brown pudding from a few of the many I've drained....
  15. Lawn Sweeper

    The smaller agri-fab works good...