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  1. Would make a nice project.. IMO..
  2. I guess I will be a "Copy-Cat" ....I vote for the 1276..
  3. I'd have to flip a coin.....too hard to decide.
  4. Ashton, read the eBay ad above carefully because there is a lot of information in that ad to help you out. You will need to do some measuring to obtain the correct rebuild parts. Also, "search" info on this site as there is tons of helpful info right at your fingertips .
  5. I sure like those tires, Steve.....Might do that with my 857 someday...
  6. Lane,I agree with Steve...looks very nice. By the way, Steve...rain here today and the snow is 99% gone. Pretty sure the last 1% will go quick too. Bummer.
  7. I know I'm a little late in the game here, But I'd leave it alone too...maybe just clean it up and find some closer matching parts Like Shynon said. Why?...I just like the way it looks. That Tractor , IMO, has a lot of character in the way it looks. Well worth keeping original.
  8. Really nice looking Machine!
  9. I always liked the round fender Deeres.....Looks like a nice one!!
  10. That's a really nice ride there, Steve. I didn't know they made those all electric. I too am curious what the range would be on something like that..
  11. Knowing SHYNON's luck.....He'll probably have three of those (754's) by Spring....
  12. That would be a model 5046 uni-drive. I will check my stash , and if I find anything I will send you a pm. Terry
  13. OUCH!! , Jim..... Take it easy and I hope you mend-up fast....
  14. Saw this one a couple years ago.....Word was from this guy that Wheel horse ran short of Kohlers, so Tecumsehs were used to fill the void.