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  1. I've spent many hours in this garage participating in horse talk......and it never gets tiring...
  2. ....Glad to have you here!!!
  3. Very Nice Steve!!! And thanks for all the pictures too!!
  4. Happy Birthday , Ed...Hope it's a Great one!! and also thanks for all of your shared expertise here on the forum..
  5. Rosemount , Minnesota that is...
  6. For some reason... safari on my computer won't download it....
  7. I like that 417...looks like it could really pump some snow.
  8. Jim , are you referring to the wheels of a snow blower? Just curious as I don't see any picture..
  9. Saw this Kohler powered generator on display up at the Split rock light house just north of Duluth Mn. I thought they said maybe late 1940's vintage...
  10. Whenever you get some pics posted, I'd like to see your generator/ air compressor set-up..
  11. back!!
  12. Wish I had the skills to do this....Nice work Cleat
  13. Steve, are you getting the "itch" to buy one?