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  1. Iso a fuel pump for a 1964 854

    You May have better luck finding your fuel pump by placing a wanted ad in the classifieds section... http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/classifieds/wanted/
  2. Happy Birthday WHX12

    Happy Birthday , Jim !! Nice Truck too !!!
  3. Bleached hood

    If thats the actual paint that turned white and it doesn't sand or rub off....I'm thinking it will need new paint.
  4. Hung my new sign up

  5. Happy Birthday Glen!

    Happy Birthday Glen...Hope its a great one!
  6. Merged them together....
  7. A Few of the Carts & Such.

    Cool Craig.....looks like a back yard parade Very Nice stuff!!
  8. New toy in the barn

  9. 10 Cars You May Not Know About

    The last time I was in Moscow, Russia...the American cars were really taking over. And it was expensive to get them there( from what I was told..)
  10. RJ 35 Completed

    Looks Nice!! If it were me i'd stick with the Black seat...
  11. Salvaged an original paint job

    Looks Nice ,Mike.
  12. Tecumseh C-160, Opinion

    yep, Bob....I believe you are correct.
  13. Tecumseh C-160, Opinion

    I could be wrong, but I thought there was a slight hood modification on the c-160s equipped with the OHV Tecumseh engine. Just a thought.....
  14. I've seen someone use a smaller motorcycle battery in place of the normal size L&G one.... might be something to check out
  15. 656 or Lawn Ranger?

    Lawn Ranger...