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  1. My Dad bought everything at Montgomery Wards for 30+ years (the 60's ,70's and 80's)...Tractors, tillers, mowers , chainsaws and most everything else.. he also had a Wheel Horse, believe it or not..
  2. Nothing wrong with that!!! Very Nice Tractor
  3. Any Damage to the Charger?? looks like the gas filter is detached and dangling ...
  4. We had a little clean-up too from that storm system.....not as bad as that though..
  5. I enjoy seeing the Tecumseh powered Horses still in service....
  6. I Agree...Looking good James...
  7. Welcome to
  8. Changed Status to Closed
  9. I'll bet though that in the last Ten years, Red Square has had a Big part in keeping these tractors going..
  10. Very Nice! Original Lauson engine?
  11. Well, we'll plan on seeing you guys there...Looks like it could be a wet one...
  12. I'm planning on being there .
  13. Engine or Motor ? ...I think it's a fair question. But Please, lets keep comments and answers on track and positive. Thanks, Terry
  14. Have a Happy Birthday Karl !!!
  15. Cutting back on Tractors did you tell me ??