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  1. Curious about the 418 ??

    The 418A that I have had the kohler mag 18 with alum heads and case. I think the axles are the same as the 417, but not fore sure. darg
  2. Curious about the 418 ??

    I think the 418 is the same as the117 except the engine name. very fine tractors darg
  3. new to wheel horse

    I have a c160, but have not taken the hubs off to see in what condition they are in, but just a suggestion , you might file the slot out somewhat and fit a larger key way , also you would have the do the hub also. Check and see if the correct hub is installed, shaft size. Sound like someone installed a smaller key and it sloped the keyway out. You might get lucky and file the old one out to make it work. Should hold unless you tend to pull some heavy loads, better than installing a new trans shaft.
  4. Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    Question, I have a 12 hp mag. engine. deep pan. The manual call for two qts of oil, you know the dip stick sot of lays down when fully inserted in the tube. The oil on the dip stick only shows oil up to the add mark. Is this correct. I do not want to over fill. One time I filled up to the full mark, and I noticed some foam on my did stick, I know when over filled the crank oil thrower will cause foam to form.
  5. Sleeve to 3 pt adapter?

    I tried to use mine yesterday, but it did not work. I used the two draw arms to attach to the rear wh plow bracket which worked. The problem was the upper depth adjustment was to close to the rear pan. I think you could get a rod and run it to the sears lift arm to the wh lift hitch. Only problem I had was the plow tries to tilt forward and hit the rear seat pan, which mine did and scratched it up. Mad, I repainted it. What guys have came up with sounds good also.
  6. Wheel Horse Rear Crane

    Can some give me a rough lb weight limit for the rear axel housing and what might be the limit for lifting with the hydraulic pump that operates the mower lift.
  7. Sleeve to 3 pt adapter?

    I would be interested in an adaptor also. I have two sears 3 pt. hitches , one had the electric motor , which went bad. I have plow, disk and cultivator . I would like to use on my 418. Seams like to me that you could use the WH. plow bracket to connect to the sears draw bar and use the upper sears lift bar to raise and lower the unit. When the weather gets better I will see what I can come up with. Being I retired my old custom 10.
  8. I have a 418 with gray wheels that needs painting, can some one tell me what color of gray or silver is correct .What was the reason WH went to the gray wheels?
  9. Taste of Spring

    nice looking 416 . How do you like the grader blade over the snow blade? I have a gravel drive way and use a snow blade, but it is a little hard to get it smooth.
  10. machine shop help

    I was told by that you could not get parts for the ***** made motors when they go bad. Might check with northern tools. I have bought very few things from H.F. one was a chain hoist. suppose to lift 500#, but gave away at 150#, took it back and they would not make exchange out of warranty for less than a week. but it broke way before that time , just forgot to take it back before hand. I know that money makes a difference . Might check craig list . Good luck
  11. machine shop help

    try Arthur's electric 804-264-2513 capital repair service 804-377-6230 B&E small engine repair 804-737-2140 burchetts small engine repair 804-745-3460 terry's small engine repair 804-7451168 All in Richmond area
  12. machine shop help

    They might can send it out to be machined , The one in Richmond on south lake, has a large machine shop connected to the parts dept. That one is the supplier for the other napa in Richmond. A good lawn mower shop might help also. There is a good toro repair shop located in Henrico co on the outskirts of Richmond, called authers electric.
  13. Help C160

    Make sure that the belt is in the right place inside the belt guard, there is a little tab/belt guide welded to the inside of the guard, right off my head I do not remember if the belt went on top or bottom of the tab.
  14. machine shop help

    Should be some in Richmond Va. Main NAPA store on south lake boulevard
  15. I have used clear lacquer spray after the finish is complete to protect finish