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  1. WHAT IS THIS??????

    Its a Jim Dandy.
  2. Tri-state gas engine and tractor association i

    Never miss the swap or the summer.
  3. March 2013 Tractor of the Month- Pond Branded Tractors

    First Photo is the day I picked up the 46 Pond and after picture, The other photo shows my two 55 ride away Seniors
  4. Harry Tractors

  5. Tractornut86's collection

    I see my brother has posted a few pics of our tractors.There shows quit a few tractors with hefty price tags.But dont get confused as to think we are rich or anything.We travel to about 10 shows and swap meets a summer and peddle parts there.And as some of you know sometimes u make a dollar or two.Thats how we have finaced most of these purchases.
  6. Tractornut86's collection

    I got them out of Alliance Ohio I bought 4 of them off the guy. We have had 6 total over the years. There a very interesting tractor. Just a little big for the average garden tractor collector, but they are fun to drive.
  7. Tractornut86's collection

    The second one from the top is a Speedex FG High Boy. The one with the bench seat and the David Bradely hood is a Brownie. The Brownie tractors were made by the Allen Hershel company, they were amusement park rides. Same basic design as a bantam tractor, but they only have one speed forward.The Speedex High boy utilizes a 1930 model A Ford motor and transmission. IT was made in Ravenna Ohio.
  8. Difference in collecters and collections.

    Seems this has turned out to be a pissin' contest.. anybody willing to come to Ohio is more than welcome and will be accomadated with getting to see the collection. As for my brother anything I own he has interest in it also.. There is no mine and yours in this pile. I dont know what he was thinking when he started this post but there has been a few comments that have aroused my attention.
  9. Difference in collecters and collections.

    My brother means no harm bye this topic or is he looking for attention. We realize that that most people dont know anything about the older tractors. We have 73 garden tractors in our collection,we dont look at it as a hobby anymore but more like our 401k plan.I realize there is a story behind every tractor we buy,we hear all kinds of dandy stories but for what we post we prefere the pictures to tell the story.I personally frequent the site dailybut very seldom comment to a post.So for all of you who have commented on our postor have viewed them we thank you.
  10. new RJs to the pile

    Yeap theres alot of rjs out there this makes 7 rj35s ive bought this summer and 4 rj58s
  11. Rj25

    Theres no sign of ever haven tank straps. It took us forever to dig out the other 3 rjs.all we could make out on this one was a briggs schroud.there is a massive amount of junk covering it
  12. Rj25

    I just found a Rj25 I believe. All I have right now is the hood but got to go back and dig out the rest of the tractor.
  13. new RJs to the pile

    Just picked these up today. furthest away is a 1957 rj35, Middle is a 1956 rj35, and last is a 1955 rj35.
  14. Look what followed me home Speedex FG

    Looken good
  15. I believe they were rated at 6 to 7hp depending on rpm.