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  1. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    I got lucky, mine matched the Onan. Not sure how to help in your situation, but I imagine someone has done a right up on it. Best of luck with your swap.
  2. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    I know there's no bearings on the pto side of the engine, so that is a problem. It's a risk I'm willing to take for the circumstances. I'll keep updates coming if I see any premature wear. I'm not sure because I haven't tried it yet, but I think I would have to cut the hood more to accommodate the heat shield. Here's the black hood swap:
  3. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    V61 16x6.5-8's on the front, easily the best purchase for the tractor I've made so far. The tires plus the gear reduction makes it like power steering at half the cost. Even with the loader steering was a breeze.
  4. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    Thanks for all the compliments. I thought if nothing else I could save someone a bit of time on their swap.
  5. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    Not really sure what your referring to, but that bit on top of the muffler is just a heat shield. If I wanted to get away with out cutting the hood I could have cut that off instead.
  6. Kohler 25hp Command Pro swap into 520-H

    Yup, just waiting for the next big snow storm to give it a real test. Has as anyone heard of a break in procedure for these engines? Google didn't seem to know.
  7. I thought I would do a quick, but thorough, right up on my recent engine swap on my 520-H. The Onan has served me well for the past three year with the exception of the manifold leaking and having to run it at half choke to smooth out the idle. Currently this machine is used for my snowblower in the winter and loader in the summer. Knowing that the Onan had life left, but not wanting to risk catastrophic failure on a necessary piece of equipment I decided to look for a replacement. With shear luck I found a brand new 2001 Kohler 25hp on Craigslist for $450 and wasted no time getting it. The Onan will have a new home on a second 520 I was given in desperate need of attention, making it a good candidate for a restomod tower/ hood swap donated from a black hood model. The swap isn't to terrible but more time consuming than I had originally thought. The worst of which was a wiring gremlin that I created running a wire to an accessory power source instead of a full time one. The engine is wider than an Onan making placement a challenge. An inch froward of where the engine is currently bolted you can see two holes. The one to the left side of the tractor is a factory whole that I used for the first round placement of the motor. This left the engine to far forward for the clutch engagement to work properly, but was a good medium for the belt alignment. After moving the wholes back a little over an inch everything worked out great, with exception of the belt guard which I have spaced out with washers for the time being. Next came the wiring. With the diagrams I was able to find I discovered that the Kohler came with a similar setup to the Onan. This includes the oil pressure switch, starter solenoid, a place for the tach. wire. The Kohler has a fuel shut off solenoid that needs constant 12v while the engine is running and is tied into the starter solenoid. On the back of the engine plug there is a post with a red and a blue wire, the red one I connected to the yellow ( coil 12v ) wire and the blue one to the light blue ( starter solenoid ) wire. The fuel shut off is currently my only engine kill as the 520 key switch does not have a post that provides grounding in the off position. Here is the Basic layout: Tractor Kohler CH25S Oil Pressure - Dark Blue Oil Pressure - Green Starter Solenoid - Light Blue Starter Solenoid - Blue Tachometer - Gray Rectifier - AC Post Coil Positive - Yellow Carburator Solenoid - Red - formally connectedt to blue Battery + - Red Battery + - Heavy Red Ground - Black Ground - Black Cylinder Temperature - White Temperature Sensor Kill Switch - White The cylinder temperature probe needs a whole with 1/4 - 20 threads but the Kohler uses fine thread 1/4 so I had to tap one of the throttle bracket bolt wholes for it. this was the best location for a good reading while keeping it away from the exhaust port. The throttle cables worked good, just had to shorten the choke a bit. The oil drain from the Onan was the perfect fit for the Kohler also. As for the pto I needed to bend the top bracket to allow the muffler to line up properly. Last to be modded was the hood. Luckily the hood just clears the filter cover, but I had to notch for the muffler. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  8. 520H Front lug tires

    16x6.50-8 V61 HD 5-Rib 170/60-8 6 ply I got a pair of these from Millers and they are awesome for loader tractors
  9. K241 Is it timing or a valve problem?

    Well I solved the mystery. When I brought it home I had to put a starter generator on it, so I grabbed one off a 10hp from 1054. What I didn't think about was that since it ran off the flywheel it turns clockwise. The cubs have a setup that runs off the pto pulley and requires a counter clockwise rotation. The hole problem was as simple as the fact that I was trying start the engine while spinning it backwards.
  10. K241 Is it timing or a valve problem?

    I'm not sure on how to check the gaps, but the valves opened and closed at the appropriate times. Tonight I'll have to check and see if there's play when I turn the crank back and forth.
  11. K241 Is it timing or a valve problem?

    Over the weekend I picked up a couple Cadets to fix up and sell. The one I've been focusing on has a 10hp Kohler with a starter generator. Spent the day checking the basics, spark, carburator cleaned, and compression. I poored a little gas down the cylinder, put the plug in and cranked it over. Immediately it starts blowing out through the carb, so I pulled the head to check the valves. Everything was in working order, cleaned around the vlalves and made sure they were seating properly. Put back together, tried it again, and it was still blowing out through the carb. The craziest thing is that when I hold the throttle flap shut it sounds like its gonna start. I've checked and double checked everything, and I'm 90% sure the engine has never been apart leaving me to believe the cam shaft is in proper timing. Any and all help appreciated. P.S. I know its biggest problem is that it's yellow, but it's still a kohler.
  12. I almost called on that, only a $100 right? Guess I lost my chance, oh well.
  13. 73 GT14 Puller Resto.

    First time I've seen someone pull with ag tires on back words. Was it because of the track conditions?
  14. Snow cab fitment question.

    I managed to find a cab that someone had removed from a 520-H for $100 in fair condition 10 minutes from home. I don't think it was OEM for that tractor because it has the added room for a manual lift. Has anyone ever lengthend the auger turn lever? I'm going to add on to mine since it's impossible to use while the blower is down.
  15. Snow cab fitment question.

    I'll have to call on them today and get the numbers. I tried loading the pictures, but the thing keeps telling me "You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments".