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  1. I mounted my 42" sd deck under the 1077 and I think there must be a spring on the pto belt tensioner. maybe up to the frame or foot rest shaft. Could someone please help by taking a picture or two of that area. Thanks
  2. Sorekiwi, you guys ought to make repro WH wheels. Does your work have a website? Btw there is a slower onyx available I think. I'll look in the catalog tonight. Vacuum degassing capability is what stopped me from getting further into making steering wheels.
  3. Diesel B-80

    Perkins Shibaura - 2 cylinder apr. $600 surplus center http://www.surpluscenter.com/sort.asp?catname=engines&keyword=NED1 Wow, prices have gone up in the last couple years.
  4. Just looked at the 1057 manual and it has the same wheel as my 1077's, which are larger than the one your working with.
  5. Here's one of my projects that has stagnated. I need some motervation (or just more time and money)
  6. Hey Martin, I'm pretty sure you're right that that's a short frame wheel. I sure would like to be able to cast these old wheels. I wish there was more info on the web about it. Here is a link on the topic, but that wheel doesn't have a frame http://www.alumilite.com/howtos/MoldingSteeringWheel.cfm If I wasn't tied down, I'd go work for this place awhile, then we'd be good to go.http://minnkotarepair.com/steeringwheel.html
  7. WOW Would this methood of filling be compatable with the powder cote?
  8. Cheap, Durable, Plastic Plow Wear Edge

    it gets brittle when cold so it needs to be backed up with steel. UHMW is good stuff, and cheep. I get and endless supply from a place nearby that installs it in semi trailers.
  9. Ditch embankment mower

    Here are a couple of photos of my ditch mower. The state thinks I need a canyon for a ditch, so after a year of weed eater tourture, I decided that there had to be a better way. I just took an old lawnboy and made a new aluminum deck with open ends, then made a frame and arms from square tubing. A harbor freight winch raises and lowers the arms with the control switch incorporated into the tractors motion lever. On the right side of the tractor, there is a car battery, onboard charger, and 200 pounds of steel which all serves as a counterweight. This was the sixth year I've used it and have had really good luck so far. The only thing I want to change is to make the unit quick tach so the tractor could be used for other things.
  10. Muffler Silencer

    Golf cart mufflers work great. Also, I use A.O. safety ear phones with a radio built in, love em.
  11. The cat dragged in another one

    Hi folks, I live in central IL and have grown up on WH tractors. Got some 1077 vinyl from Terry at Midwest Custom Graphics Saturday and found out about the forum from him. What a privilege to meet such a talented artist. I am always building things for my tractors for gardening and yard work, so I'll probably be hanging out on the custom and modification board the most. I've already been eyeing the narrow front on there, I made a narrow front 110 Deere a couple years ago, and I'm thinkin there needs to be some red to go with the green! Well, I look forward to meeting you all and wish everyone a merry Christmas!