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  1. Weird surging problems with 520H

    This may not be entirely on point of this post but is related. I worked on my 1995 520H snow machine once (don't remember why though) and took the governor linkage off. When I put it back together it would not run correctly (over revved) no matter what I did. So with close inspection I found the linkage rod end with the u-shaped end was ever so lightly worn. Looked at my other Onan P220's (1990-1992) and the linkage had a 90 degree bend on that end, so swapped one out and it ran like it supposed to. The over all length from the connection ends were exactly the same. I figured the worn area wasn't seating exactly the same when reassembled causing some type of miniscule binding. Bought another linkage off Ebay to replace the one I had pilfered from the donor machine. Sorry no picture of the original problem linkage. Craig
  2. Snowblower

    The limit switches are the same as the 3 wire pto switches with a roller on the arm. They cut the power for that direction and makes connection so you can still go back. I don't remember what I used for idlers, I would have take it apart to find out. If I get time tomorrow I'll take a look. Craig
  3. Snowblower

    That part was a lot more work than I had expected. It's a drivers side power window motor from my 2001 Chevy truck. I bought the smallest cogged belt and pulley from McMaster-Carr I could find. The belt is wrapped around the chute and fastened in the front. A couple of idlers, limit switches and homemade brackets is about all. I'm not an electrical person but managed to get it right. A simple two wire 12 volt motor which meant it had to switch polarity to reverse direction, it's all in getting the right toggle switch. Any high torque 12 volt motor will work, the mounting and wiring would be different. Craig
  4. Snowblower

    It is a lot of work, did one back in 2010 only because of the challenge. Started with a brand new unit still in the box. As stated above, made a new shaft and moved bearing outboard. 2 idler sprockets added to reverse rotation and made a sprocket cover. Made mounting bracket and tensioner assembly. Still have never used it, its my back up for the 2-stage which hasn't failed me yet. Craig
  5. Swung a little too hard today ...

    I also have repaired two of these, cut out the broken area, weld in a new piece with a nut and add a gusset for strength. Craig
  6. 520 Switch

    I had almost the same problem 3 months ago, couldn't find an exact switch(discontinued). There are 2 wire switches that will work,Toro interlock switch #103480, connect the light blue and purple wires. It will start as it should with the pedal depressed, the warning light on the dash will not come on though when trying to start with the pedal out. With mine the switch worked, it wouldn't stay in mounting hole. The locking tab had about 3/16" snapped off. I made a T-shaped "key" that fit between the hoodstand and under the tab to hold it in place out of a piece of nylon sled runner.

    I believe it was 2012, from Greenville, Michigan to north of Bristol, Connecticut (can't remember exactly where) for a 520-8. And last year from home to between Staunton and Greenville, VA for another 520-8. .
  8. I did this conversion about 6 or 7 years ago. Similar model 06-36SL01, made for the 200 series tractors with vertical shaft engines. Attached some pictures. I bought the upper mounting arm (at the time about $80, now $117) The rest I made, added angle supports to upper arm, tension idler pulley assembly, made a longer drive pulley shaft, moved the bearing out on the drive pulley shaft, chain cover, as mentioned above added an idler sprocket to reverse the rotation and longer chain. In the photos I added power window motor and belt for chute rotation. Everything works on it but I purchased a two stage before it was ever used. I bought this brand new still in the box just for the auger for $300.. At the time the auger was going for $360, now almost $900 from Toro. I had another single stage that the auger was beat up. The new one was to nice to install on the old one, so I did this project. Craig
  9. If you're talking about the anti-sway bumper bracket, I have 1995 520, with the same problem. The belt guard bracket fit fine but the bumper bracket doesn't fit around the engine plate. I installed the two stage for the 2010-11 season and have been running it since without any issues. The photos are the two pieces I mentioned. Craig
  10. machine shops

    I used Renew Performance machine shop in Greenville, Michigan for two Onan engines. Bore, valve seats and misc. Very reasonable rates and top notch work.
  11. 2 Stage Gear Box

    The gearbox is a Peerless, the odref.com website (Outdoor Distributors Reference) has drawings and part numbers. PartsTree and Jacks Small Engines both have some parts available. I have only had the cover off to check the gears and change the gear oil on my '98 2 stage.
  12. I mounted a LED auto running light to the seat pan.(520H) When the lights are turned on power is supplied to a WH safety switch I mounted inside the hoodstand. When the motion linkage moves to reverse it trips the switch to turn on the backup lights.
  13. Wheelhorse lighted sign

    Me too...
  14. chain tensioner 2-stage blower

    I installed the smallest chain idler I could find for a dirt bike. I believe it was for a Kawasaki or Honda 80cc. 32 or 34 millimeters in diameter. Nylon, sealed ball bearing, mounted on the original bracket with washers/spacers to line up on center. Has worked great for the last two seasons.

    I repaired two of the four I currently have. My pins were fine, the nylon bushings were gone. I bored and reamed the bracket holes to 1/2" and put in a shouldered sintered bronze bushing. The hardest part was cutting the bushing to approximately 1/4" long. I like your idea also, should last at least 40 or 50 years. Nice job.