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  1. Tall Shoot Blower

    PM sent
  2. Rear Wheels

    I'll take them. I'm in town. Send PM with address and I'll come pick them up. Thanks, Seve
  3. I would have likely bought it as well but you cant buy anything unless you get a response from the seller.
  4. Oh well. . . . . . I never got a response to my email and the seller didn't list a phone number. Hope someone here got it,
  5. Sent a message to owner but no response yet. I think I'm about 10 miles away but until \ unless he answers might as well be 1000 miles
  6. My New 310-8

    Saw that one on Craigslist and it looked nice enough. I think the guy was asking around $600 or something like that down Fairfield way. I thought about looking at it but I already have a 310, 2 312's & a B100. Just didn't needwant another machine in that HP range. Really nice one though. Enjoy!
  7. 416 H

    It will do everything the b100 will do and it will yawn while doing it. Yes all c series attachments will work just fine. Not sure if it has an Eaton 700 or 1100 but it is a good machine. Free is a rather large plus as well.