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  1. Nice seat

    For you guys that read my post "my first wheel horse", I'll stick to driving with no seat before I go and do that!
  2. First Wheel Horse

    I'll keep my eyes open for a steel fender pan. The plastic just doesn't do it for me!! Thanks for the very useful info!
  3. Plow day in Ohio

    Is that Merkle's place?
  4. First Wheel Horse

    Okay, I could have left that tid-bit out about no seat...however, I dd have the seat pan on...it was just a low rider, that's all.
  5. First Wheel Horse

    The fender deck is ok. It has some major cracks inside from the pressure of the seat, but I think I can remedy that. The visible aspects look good though. I do have a seat. However, there is a lot of foam and very little cover left. I jumped on the other day and drove it without the seat I couldn't resist.
  6. First Wheel Horse

    Finally took pics of the new Horse :horseplay: Needs an appointment with Mr. Powerwasher and Dr. Sandblaster. Hopefully I can get to that before winter hits, that way I can prime it for next spring. We'll see what happens.
  7. First Wheel Horse

    Sorry, I didn't get a chance today to take pics. However, I did take it for a spin. Running a bit rough, but the hydro is great. The engine definitely needs a cleaning. I figure I will pull the carb off and give it a once over, fuel filter, etc....probably even change the oil. What weight should I use for the oil change....SAE 30???? I don't have an owners manual so I need a bit of assistance from you guys. Seriously, I'll get pics on soon!
  8. B) Now I'm new, but only to wheel horse tractors....Last I checked Portland is the Gathering of the ORANGE . Hopefully I'll be there with an Allis or Simplicity. Still like my new (to me), freebie wheelhorse! B)
  9. First Wheel Horse

    Thanks Karl. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one.
  10. First Wheel Horse

    the ID is 01-14KS01-6444. Sparky, when my wife gets home from PA, I'll take a pic. She took the camera to her horse show (real horses). I was so excited...I got it off the truck, checked the gas, the oil, etc and it all lookied decent. I thought this tractor had been sitting a long time. I hooked up the jumper cables and botta-bing...It fired right up!!!!!!!!! Definitely needs some TLC, but come on! A free tractor that actually runs and drives....I love it.
  11. First Wheel Horse

    It acutally did have a push/tow valve located right on the transmission (left side). Only way I knew it was there was the decal on the fender pan down by the foot rest. Hopefully I can get it open to get it off my truck!!!!!!! As for the price...I can no longer say "I wish I could find tractors like that?" Normally I'm a day late and a dollar short!
  12. BIG Engine Horses

    My Onan 20 in the Allis 720 does well on gas
  13. First Wheel Horse

    Awesome! I normally work on the orange (Simp and Allis), but I've always wanted a Wheel horse. We had a heck of a time getting it on the truck. I could not turn the 5\16" valve for it to roll, so we had to lift and push....of course up hill. I even broke my wrench trying to open it...I guess PB Buster will need to be applied. Once I get it in the shop, clean it up a bit, we'll see what I really have as far as working condition. Fun stuff, that's all I got to say! I'll post a pic when my wife gets home from PA!
  14. First Wheel Horse

    Just picked up a free Wheel Horse C 145. No owners manual so I'm in for some treats. Does anyone know when these tractors were made or where I could locate info on it? It has a 14HP Kohler, Hrydro drive and lift. Would post a pic if my wife didn't have the camera. thanks I figure it is early 80's from other pics on the site.